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2020 Fantasy Football Week 5 Trade Targets


Week 4 is officially behind us, and its time to chug on to Week 5. Week 4 was a great week for highlight touchdowns. If you haven’t had the chance to watch Odell Beckham‘s game-winner or Brandon Aiyuk‘s hurdle, catch the highlights.

As a reminder, this list isn’t a guarantee of value return, but these are players to put on your radar.

So let’s get going and talk about 2020 Fantasy Football Week 5 Trade Targets. I’ll cover buy-low, buy-high targets, as well as sell-high players. If you haven’t read last week’s article, I recommend looking at it as some of the items apply to this week.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 5 Trade Targets

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Buy Low Targets

Myles Gaskin, RB, Miami Dolphins

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Myles Gaskin is a buy-low target for me this week, Gaskin isn’t a must-have, but he is excellent depth. With injuries piling up every week, games canceled due to COVID-19,  and bye weeks, I can see Gaskin floating into your RB2 or flex position. Gaskin is currently averaging 14+ touches with approximately 70 plus yards per game. He hasn’t seen the end zone yet, but I find it unlikely that he will never see the end zone.

Gaskin will not be the player that wins you your championship, but he is a player that can put up a stable week to week production. Don’t overpay for Gaskin, but factor in positional scarcity and the fact that he will generally be more stable than most bench stash players.

Josh Jacobs, RB, Las Vegas Raiders

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Between Week 2 to Week 4, who do you believe is producing more points a week. Josh Jacobs or Myles Gaskin? It may be surprising, but Gaskin, who is averaging fewer touches, is outperforming Jacobs. Jacobs will be a hard person to buy as many owners hold out that he can repeat his Week 1 production.

I expect the Raiders to eventually figure out that they need to put Jacobs at 25 plus touches a week. If you are willing to play the waiting game, this would be the best time to buy Jacobs as he has put up three dud weeks. Just make sure to have a Week 6 stand-in for Jacobs as the Raiders are on a bye next week.

Buy High Targets

Stefon Diggs, WR, Buffalo Bills

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This is a buy high that I can’t believe I am recommending. Suppose you had asked me before the start of the season if I believe that Stefon Diggs could be a wide receiver one. I would have declared a confident “no way.” Now here we are going into Week 5, and I am recommending him as a buy high.

While I am recommending him, I would err on the side of caution on a purchase of Diggs. Josh Allen is playing at an MVP level. He is spreading the ball around and also getting it done on the ground. I do not consider Diggs a full-on WR1 due to Allen getting it done in more ways than one. I would be willing to pay for Diggs as a high-end WR2. He is getting a good amount of targets but is right beneath the level of hyper targets.

That being said, Diggs is already on pace for his best season yet. It’s going to be hard to argue that we don’t see a 1,200 yard season and eight touchdowns this year from Diggs at this current pace.

Keenan Allen, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

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This is an awkward buy high as Keenan Allen didn’t do fantastic last week, but at the same time, didn’t perform poorly. Allen has the potential to be a top-end PPR monster with Justin Herbert at the helm. Herbert, in three games, has targeted Allen 41 times. It is an exceedingly high number and tells us, fantasy managers, one thing. Herbert is leaning exceptionally hard on Allen, and through hell and high water, he’s going to throw him the ball.

Suppose Herbert continues to start for the Chargers and can officially piece the game together. We will get the Allen of before when he was catching passes for Philip Rivers. If you have forgotten what that stat line looks like, its 100 receptions, 1,200 yards, and six touchdowns by the end of the season.

Sell High Players

Brandon Aiyuk, WR, San Francisco 49ers

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Brandon Aiyuk is a very talented wide receiver, and his 57 rushing yard touchdown is probably one of the most athletic touchdowns we will see this year. Aiyuk is currently one of those players that is great for football but not necessarily fantasy football. Subtract that rushing touchdown,  and Aiyuk had two catches for 18 yards against the haphazard Philadelphia Eagles.

With Deebo Samuel being eased back and George Kittle catching 100% of his targets, I don’t see Aiyuk continuing to produce anything relevant beyond a bench stash this year. Let the people enamored with Aiyuk’s rushing touchdown and Week 3 performance pay for him.

Devante Parker, WR, Miami Dolphins

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Before you call me an idiot and click off this page, I am not saying that Devante Parker will go from great to terrible. Parker has been excellent this season and he is the primary target for Ryan Fitzpatrick, so I believe he will continue to be great all season long. That being said, there are three reasons to trade away Parker.

  1. He has been battling an injury since the season started and Parker has never been the epitome of health. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sits out a few games in the future.
  2. The second reason is Parker is doing incredibly well and will have substantial trade value. Whether its an upgrade or downgrades. He might be valued higher than his actual worth; this is a perfect player to test the waters with.
  3. The third reason I would consider trading Parker is because of the possibility of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa possibly taking over for Fitzpatrick at some point. A different signal-caller for any team generally changes fantasy production across the board. Tua could come in and favor Preston Williams or Mike Gesicki. Tua also could perform poorly, thus killing Parker’s value. It’s not a risk I am overly afraid of now, but maybe by week 12, things will be different.

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