2020 Fantasy Football Week 6 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

by Kyle Williams
2020 Fantasy Football Week 6 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 6 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down article.

We are at the crucial part of the NFL season. Fantasy team owners are deciding on their fate for the future and for the present. Do you buy? Do you sell? Or do you hold?

That question can only be answered by you and how you judge your team for the present and the future.

With fantasy teams buying and selling it's a great time to know the stocks of several players that are rising and falling currently. In this article, I'll be touching on a few fantasy players whose stocks are rising upwards and a few falling downward.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 6 Dynasty Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Chase Claypool, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

Welcome to the league, Mr. Claypool. What a showing it was on Sunday for Claypool. If you doubted him before or didn't know him, well you sure do now. On Sunday, Claypool burst onto the scene scoring 4 touchdowns to pair with 7 receptions for 110 yards receiving. Not a bad day for a rookie you likely invested a 2nd to 3rd round pick in.

The reasons are endless for the stock to up on Claypool. Starting with his role increase. Claypool has seen his snap percentage go up from week one and two and rise in weeks three and four. Here are the snap percentages for Claypool each week.

  • 31% Snap Percentage Week 1
  • 38% Snap Percentage Week 2
  • 76% Snap Percentage Week 3
  • Bye Week
  • 68% Snap Percentage Week 5

The snaps aren't the only thing on the rise each week for Claypool, the targets are gradually up ticking as well. He's gone from one-two-three targets in consecutive weeks to 11 in week 5.

With Diontae Johnsons inability to stay on the field in recent weeks and JuJu Smith-Schuster's possible departure this offseason, things could catapult for Claypool. He has a great long-term outlook as the teams WR1 or WR2. With the emergence and these factors, I believe Claypool can be a WR1 in fantasy in the future. For now, consider Claypool a flex option in dynasty leagues.

Henry Ruggs III, WR, Las Vegas Raiders

After snagging two long bombs and scoring one for a touchdown, Ruggs makes the list for dynasty stock up. On Sunday after battling injuries for the first few weeks, Ruggs showed that he's clearly got massive upside. His elite-level speed paired with sure hands was on full display.

Ruggs' long-term outlook is very bright even with Derek Carr. The Raiders offense has moved exceptionally well with Ruggs in the lineup. With Ruggs in the lineup, the Raiders are a combined 3-0 and have moved the ball on offense at an upper-echelon rate.

Ruggs' short-term value might be boom-or-bust but I believe the long-term outlook is great. His flash of speed was on full display this week which is an encouraging sign as Gruden and Carr are starting to go to him. Here is the clip or Ruggs and Carr connecting on a 70-yard touchdown reception on Sunday.

Ruggs is the real deal when it comes to on-field play. His 4.3 speed and his sure hands which he displayed in college make him an intriguing option. If Gruden can find a way to get Ruggs more targets in the open field he should be immediately elevated to a must-start. For now, Ruggs is a WR3 with boom-or-bust upside.

Deshaun Watson, QB, Houston Texans

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Let Russ cook"? It's the same thing with Watson, the more you let this guy handle things, the better the outcome will be. He's an absolutely phenomenal player, arguably one of the league's brightest stars and top-5 quarterbacks in the league.

With head coach Bill O'Brien being shown the door after week four of the season we finally saw what Watson is capable of in week five. Here is Watson's week five performance after the firing of their head coach.

  • 72% Completion Percentage
  • 359 Yards Passing
  • 3 Passing Touchdowns
  • 26.86 Fantasy Points

Every statistic shown above is a season-high for Watson. Everyone knows Watson has immense upside and is considered one of the best 10 dynasty quarterbacks to own. But people were souring on Watson with the trade of star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins and with Bill O'Brien being the head coach and general manager. Now with Watson finding a groove and having a new head coach and general manager his value for long and short term increases.

Watson should be an easy top 5 dynasty quarterback for the next decade. Hopefully, with management figuring things out and giving Watson more protection and weapon's he can produce even more.

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Stock Down

A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

As much as you hate to say it, Green's days as a Bengal and days in the league are coming to an end. Once a great player and arguable top five wide receiver have seen his days dwindle due to age and injuries. Now coming into his age 32 season Green has struggled to get off versus single coverage and his speed and stats have fallen off a cliff.

Here's a clip of green on Sunday being completely checked out of the game.

After Green's worst game of the season tweets were surfacing around Twitter that he was seen on the sidelines saying "trade me." Through five games so far this season Green has recorded 14 receptions for 119 yards. Less than ideal stats for a guy in a contract year making 18 million dollars this season.

Green has been supplanted on the depth chart by rookie Tee Higgens and veteran Tyler Boyd. Green is nearly droppable in dynasty unless he's traded or leaves in free agency this offseason. Look to hold or buy extremely low if you believe in him. For now, he's unplayable and is considered not much of an asset.

J.K. Dobbins, RB, Baltimore Ravens

It seems like players with periods in their names are a trendy topic on this stock down article. I'm not here to tell you to trade or drop Dobbins or even panic. Actually quite the opposite. I'm cautiously optimistic about Dobbins. I'd even go as far as to say "Free Dobbins."

Why do I say free Dobbins? Well here's why Dobbins has shown in his few snaps and runs this season that he is dominant. He shows patient, hard, aggressive running. Below is a clip of Dobbins one and only run from Sunday's game versus the Bengals.

It seems like I'm actually talking up on Dobbins but I am and I'm not. Dobbins's inability to get on the field is killing his value short term. Here are the snap counts for Dobbins and the rest of the Ravens runners.

The proof is in the pudding with this one, Dobbins may lead in snaps but he's lacking in taking over and carries. If the Ravens decide that Dobbins is clearly the best runner and give him more carries then id stock up him. For now with the lack of work he's stock down. Hold Dobbins as in the future it's clear that he's an elite RB1 in fantasy football.

Michael Gallup, WR, Dallas Cowboys

I want to start this one of by saying I hope for a speedy recovery for Cowboys star QB Dak Prescott. After suffering a gruesome league injury on Sunday the Cowboys will turn to Andy Dalton at QB.

Dalton by no means is a scrub but lets be honest, hes not going to throw the ball 35+ times a game like Prescott was. Thats going to hurt Gallup in the short term for sure. As for the long term who knows what's ahead. Prescott had ankle surgery and just like some players he may never come back the same. A 80% Prescott is still better than most QBs, but is it enough for Gallup to succeed in this offense? Not sure is the answer.

Another factor for Gallups stock down status is the emergence of young star rookie CeeDee Lamb. Lamb has already jumped Gallup on the depth chart and is demanding the brunt of the targets in the offense over him. And Lamb isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Along with Amari Cooper as well.

Gallup is in a tough situation short and long term as long as he stays with the Cowboys. His value is dwindling being third fiddle behind lamb and Cooper. Gallup is a truly great WR in his own rights. If he were to be traded or leave in free agency he is immediately a number two WR in fantasy football.

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