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2020 Fantasy Football Week 7 Trade Targets


Welcome back to my weekly segment of 2020 Fantasy Football Trade Targets; thank you for the support for the continued readers. Let’s get this going with the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 7 Trade Targets to help you either patch up some of the holes on your roster caused by injuries or take advantage of a bad situation. 

As a reminder, this list isn’t a guarantee of value return, but these are players to put on your radar. So let’s get straight to it with the 2020 Fantasy Football Week 7 Trade Targets. I’ll cover buy-low, buy-high targets, as well as a sell-high player.

2020 Fantasy Football Week 7 Trade Targets

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Buy Low Targets

Noah Fant, TE, Denver Broncos

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I want everybody to help me welcome Noah Fant back to my buy low segment. Ending up on a buy low segment twice is generally not a good thing. This typically means they are doing bad or aren’t producing like they are supposed to. You aren’t wrong. Fant missed his game in Week 6 after taking a Week 4 injury against the New York Jets. This could have left a sour taste in the owner’s mouth, now having to start a different tight end who may have had success. The Fantasy Manager may decide he doesn’t need Fant and this is your chance to snag him up.

Fant is still TE12 on the year even after having missed two weeks and taking an injury mid-game of Week 4. If Fant had played those two weeks and averaged 10+ points each week, he would be TE3 on the year right behind George Kittle and ahead of Mark Andrews.

The Broncos are clearly hurting at receiving options without Fant. Drew Lock going 10 out of 24 pass attempts for 189 yards and two interceptions was pretty evident. Six field goals from Brandon Mcmanus will not continue to win them games, and Fant will be that red zone weapon they need. As a reminder, the Broncos have already gone through their bye week. Fant would be available for the next ten games, give or take future issues.

Ezekiel Elliott RB, Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys looked terrible in every way possible. Offensively and defensively, nothing worked for the team across the board. To top it off, it was a prime time game against a sub-par team in the Arizona Cardinals. Ezekiel Elliott was especially highlighted as he fumbled the ball two times in the first half. People were already concerned for the Cowboy’s weapons with Dak being injured and losing numerous starting offensive lineman and this poor performance just made it even worst.

So why am I trying to convince you to buy Elliott, you ask? In a game that was a complete blowout, the Cowboys still gave him 23 touches, with eleven of the touches being passing targets. Elliott will be a significant part of the team’s offensive gameplan, whether winning or losing. Elliott is the main point of attack, the safety net on pass receptions, and the person who opens up the wide receivers.

This was Elliott’s worst performance in his entire career, and he still managed to put up 80 total yards and eight receptions. Subtract the two lost fumbles, and you now have a twelve-point game. Is he going to finish as a top-five back this year? Most likely not, and he doesn’t need to. Elliott is still serviceable and if someone wants to firesale him, then go snag an extra running back and treat him as a low end RB1 until further notice. The Cowboys are going to adjust; gotta give them time. Until then, fleece the Fantasy Manager for his running back.

Buy High Targets

Tee Higgins, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

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Tee Higgins has been somewhat under the radar compared to his rookie counterparts Ceedee Lamb, Justin Jefferson, and Chase Claypool. He is barely being rostered in 26% of ESPN Fantasy Leagues and 52% in Yahoo Fantasy Leagues. Well, at least that was until he went off for 125 yards on six catches. Higgins is my buy high this week not just because of his big game but because he is currently averaging 68 yards and seven targets per game.

Higgins has currently moved into the outside wideout position with A.J Green moving into the slot and is etching himself a role in the Bengals offense. In Week 6, Higgins out-snapped all wide receivers on the team which clearly shows that he isn’t the backup to anybody on the team.

I currently have Higgins priced as a high-end WR3, but if you want to overpay at a low-end WR2 prices, I won’t blame you.

Cole Beasley, WR, Buffalo Bills

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Cole Beasley isn’t necessarily a must-buy high, but rather a person to put on your radar as a possible buy before the trade deadlines. He is currently the safety net for Josh Allen and putting up substantial numbers. Some might be surprised to find he is presently WR27 on the season. Like Higgins, Beasley may not be owned in your league so take a gander at that waiver wire.

Beasley most likely won’t put up game-breaking numbers, but he might be able to manage a consistent ten plus points per week. That makes him a good fill-in for bye weeks or in a situation where you don’t like the matchups. He is currently the WR2 for Allen, who is still QB3 on the season. I now value Beasley as a low-end WR3 with minimal upside. To some Fantasy Managers, he could be at WR4 value.

Sell High Player

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens

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I am putting last year’s MVP on this list, and this one has been a long time coming. I believe Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback and is fantasy-relevant, but he isn’t giving you the advantage at the quarterback position you paid for. Even with his best Fantasy production against the terrible Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6, Jackson is only QB6 on the season if you include Dak Prescott. You didn’t give up an early-round pick for QB6.

In the first six weeks of 2019, Jackson totaled under 300 total yards just one time, and that was against the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ defense. In 2020, Jackson has gone under 300 total yards in five out of six games. This is against the likes of the Houston Texans, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Washington Football Team. To be fair, Jackson was benched when the team took a decisive lead against Washington. This may not come up a lot, but it’s something to watch out for. Knowing that the coaching staff will bench Jackson to rest him early may decide your Fantasy week.

This isn’t a knock at Jackson, but it’s more of a knock against the current weapons on the team. The running backs are taking a step back in production. The receiving options are no better without a consistent dynamic weapon outside of Mark Andrews. Even Andrews up into this point has been a 50/50 if he will be productive or not.

Jackson is a big name player coming off a big game so cash him in for a position of need. Then look for quarterbacks such as Justin Herbert, who aren’t owned as much as they should be.

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