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2020 Fantasy Football Week 8 IDP Start-Sit


Welcome back for a look at my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 8 IDP Start-Sit decisions! It’s time to take a look at the defensive side of the ball as I highlight some players that I feel find themselves in great positions this weekend and others who may be highly ranked but aren’t in a prime position to make an impact this weekend!

Hopefully between our teams Week 8 Rankings, Week 8 IDP Rankings, as well as the offensive Start-Sit article, we’re able to help optimize your lineup in every way possible. Let’s get right into it!

2020 Fantasy Football Week 8 IDP Start-Sit

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Note: My process here was taking players I was significantly higher on than ECR and highlighting my reasoning as to why I’m much higher than ECR. ECR is up to date as of writing this article but is subject to change.

Flex: Kyzir White, LB/DB of the Los Angeles Chargers Vs. Denver Broncos

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ECR: LB22, My Ranking: LB11

Needless to say Kyzir White has been killing it all year. He was one of my “Waiver Wire All-Stars” that I highlighted in my Week 4 IDP Waiver Wire article. Ever since he’s been a reliable starter for your team.

Facing off against a solid Denver Broncos running game, White will be utilized not only as a run stopper but also as an asset in intermediate coverage. Thanks to his versatility and reliability in coverage and against the run, he hardly leaves the field. He’s also DB eligible on the Sleeper app.

LB: Eric Wilson, Minnesota Vikings Vs. Green Bay Packers

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ECR: LB29, My Ranking: LB16

Another Waiver Wire All-Star makes an appearance on the Start list this week. Highlighted in Week 5‘s Waiver Wire article, Wilson came on filling the role left by the injured Anthony Barr. Between making tackles and making high impact plays, Wilson has been a rock star in your lineup.

I’m looking forward to him racking up tackles against this Green Bay running game that I think may get out of hand early. His playmaking ability might take a back seat this week as the Packers rarely give up sacks (1.3 sacks allowed per game) or turn the ball over (.33 Turnovers per game). However, with the rate at which the Packers run the ball and operate play calls at the line of scrimmage, Wilson should have a safe floor with a high ceiling if he can make a play or two.

DB: Ronnie Harrison, Cleveland Browns Vs. Las Vegas Raiders

ECR: S30, My Ranking: S15

Unintentionally another soon-to-be Waiver Wire All-Star of the future makes his way onto the Start List. Highlighted in Week 8 IDP Waiver Wire article earlier this week, Harrison burst onto the scene this last weekend after finally getting the start and being fully healthy.

This defense is in need of some playmakers besides DE Myles Garrett and CB Denzel Ward, and Harrison definitely showed his potential in that regard this past weekend. Facing a strong running game of Josh Jacobs, as well as Derek Carr who likes to operate in the middle of the field, Harrison could be in for a busy day come Sunday – which are the best days for IDP.

DL: Jeffery Simmons, Tennessee Titans Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

ECR: DL14, My Ranking: DL3

Yet another Waiver Wire All-Star joins the Start List. Highlighted in Week 7, Simmons has really come into his own this year especially after his stint on the COVID-IR list. This week he gets one of the best matchups in the league going against the Bengals Offensive Line (allowing 4 sacks per game, 31st ranked O-Line).

Myles Garrett was able to wreak havoc on this line last week, I imagine Simmons along with the rest of this Titans D-Line should feast this weekend. Simmons is a smash start for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he cracked the top DL spot this week.


Flex: Trey Flowers, DL/LB, Detroit Lions Vs. Indianapolis Colts

ECR: DL21, My Ranking: DL 32

Trey Flowers is a great player on the field. However, he’s a player who, in his current scheme with Head Coach Matt Patricia, hasn’t translated his on-field production to Fantasy production. Which is fine.

If Flowers isn’t racking up a sack or two, he struggles to fill the stat sheet as a run stopper which leaves him with a poor floor outside of the right matchup. And speaking of matchups he gets the #1 Rated Offensive Line in terms of Sacks Allowed this week in the Indianapolis Colts. While there is a chance he powers around the edge to get the sack, I wouldn’t call it likely this weekend. I’m looking elsewhere.

LB: Josey Jewell, Denver Broncos Vs. Los Angeles Chargers

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ECR: LB27, My ranking: LB49

My ranking is definitely a bit harsh but it’s just tough to see Jewell performing well this weekend. Aside from his blowup week against the Jets, he’s been pretty quiet. Unless Head Coach Vic Fangio is gonna turn up the heat and dial up the blitzes I don’t see that changing.

I do see a world where that is the case, in an attempt to keep Justin Herbert on ice and prevent him from lighting up their defense. The Chargers Offensive Line ranks in the middle of the pack with sacks allowed (2 sacks allowed per game) which does not leave a ton of opportunity for Jewell. You likely have a better, more reliable option this week considering the price tag to acquire Jewell was free off the waiver wire.

DB: Harrison Smith, Minnesota Vikings Vs. Green Bay Packers

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ECR: DB16, My Ranking: DB36

A little harsh on the ranking, but hey, it’s 2020 and not 2016. Harrison Smith is no longer in his prime and people need to realize that. Phew sorry, that was a little spicy. In all honesty, Smith is still a solid player, and one of the smartest DBs in the league. He’s just not the player he used to be.

He managed 4 Tackles in Week 1 Vs. Green Bay, and I foresee a similar game script and game plan. Minnesota’s defense has slightly improved since Week 1, but not enough to avoid likely getting steam-rolled by this Packers Offense.

DL: Melvin Ingram, Los Angeles Chargers Vs. Denver Broncos

ECR: DL 25, My Ranking: DL40

Now, this is a ranking I feel isn’t harsh enough. Man, I’m feeling spicy today. Speaking of ranking in 2016 as opposed to 2020. Ingram has had a pretty disappointing and injury-plagued couple of seasons. There was a time where he was a weekly must start at the DL position. However, those days are long gone.

My biggest concern for Ingram is I’m AMAZED that he’s even able to practice in a limited fashion this week after he seemingly hyper-extended and damaged his knee that was already injured even further. He’s listed as questionable but as far as I know, he’s expected to play. We can’t predict injuries sure, but there’s no way he’s going to be full go.

Denver’s Offensive Line isn’t the best, allowing 3 Sacks Per Game. However several games were with a backup quarterback. That’s important because a backup isn’t as likely to be able to quickly run through his progressions or feel pressure. Therefore he’s more likely to get sacked as opposed to escaping pressure, finding his check down, or throwing the ball away to avoid the sack.

There is a world where Ingram plays well. However, he’ll be facing a decent offensive line and he, Joey Bosa, and Justin Jones are injured. 60% of their D-Line is hurt so I’m worried they won’t be able to generate much pressure upfront.

Thank you for reading my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 8 IDP Start-Sit!

As always I want to say thank you so much for reading my 2020 Fantasy Football Week 8 IDP Start-Sit article! Going forward I’ll be coming at you with four articles a week featuring IDP Waivers, IDP Rankings, IDP Start-Sit, and an IDP Injury Round-up to prepare you for game day! If you’d like to engage with me further feel free to add me on Twitter @Bbab_FFB, I am Bob Van The IDP Man! My DMs are always open for advice, questions, or anything pertaining to Fantasy Football!

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