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2020 Fantasy Football: Why You Should Draft Daniel Jones


It’s no secret that a lot of people are talking up Daniel Jones as a top-end fantasy quarterback this season. Some people are even pushing for Jones to be a top-five QB. I am one of those people and I am here to tell you why you in 2020 Fantasy Football, you should draft Daniel Jones.

I love his upside, his ceiling, and just about everything about him. In this article, I’ll be breaking down Jones’s play from 2019, his 2020 outlook, his ceiling, relevant statistics, analytics, and much more.

2020 Fantasy Football: Why You Should Draft Daniel Jones

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2019 Statistical Review

2019 Daniel Jones showed flashes of fantasy brilliance. Despite starting only 12 games last season, Jones finished as QB23 in fantasy leagues. He finished with 213 fantasy points in 2019 which was just four points shy of QB20 and 42 points shy of QB12.

Here are Jones stats from 2019:

 StartsYardsComp %TDIntFumblesRushesRush Yards

At first glance, his stats aren’t terrible. Jones threw a decent amount and had a lot of yards given such a high completion percentage.

He also managed to throw for 24 touchdowns (13th most) which was an average of two touchdowns per game in 2019. The touchdown stats are very impressive and when combined with his passing yardage. make for an intriguing prospect.

He threw for 3,027 yards which was good for 24th in the league. While you might say that’s not that impressive, it very much is. His 16-game pace would have been 4,036 yards: good for 10th most. That would rank ahead of guys like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Lamar Jackson.

The Turnover Issue

Turnovers are not something you want to hear as a fantasy owner, Giants fan, or the team themselves in general. Last season, Jones committed 30 turnovers to the tune of 12 interceptions and 18 fumbles.

A reason to be hopeful is that once upon a time a player by the name of Peyton Manning committed a total of 35 turnovers throughout his first 20 games in the league. Turns out his career went on to be pretty solid I’d say.

It’s not truly all Jones’ fault for the turnovers. A mix of a bad head coach and offensive coordinator, leaky offensive line, and injured weapons all played a big part in Jones’ poor play at times.

With elite-level skill, it’s clear he can play and should cut down on the turnovers immensely this season. Now that the Giants added a stud offensive tackle, swapped in a new head coach and offensive coordinator, and bring back healthy receivers, running backs, and tight ends, Jones should be firing on all cylinders this season — especially now that the job is clearly his.

Jason Garrett Effect

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Speaking of that offensive coordinator, the Cowboys finally parted ways with head coach Jason Garrett this offseason, which was overdue. Putting aside what you might think of Garrett as a head coach, he’s clearly a great coordinator.

From 2009-2012 when he ran the Cowboys’ offense, they were ranked in the top-10 in terms of offense in each of those years. From 2007-2012 he had the Cowboys ranked 11th or better in yards per play every season except for one season. Under his eye, the Cowboys never ranked lower than 9th in yards per game on the offensive side of the ball.

Garrett brings a new dimension to an offense that was lacking in New York. Here’s how the Giants ranked in major offensive categories last season compared to how the Cowboys ranked.

 2019 New York Giants2019 Dallas Cowboys
Yards Per Game23rd1st
Passing Yards Per Game17th2nd
Passing First Downs Per Game18th4th
Points Per Game`19th6th

Clearly, Jason Garrett can help fix an abysmal offense. His clear offensive brainpower can turn around Jones and his turnover issues for this season.

The Offense

Let’s meet the cast that should help Daniel Jones excel to the top this season. [Note some players are subject to opt out]

The offense looks very intriguing with a mix of veterans and young talent not only at the skill positions but along the offensive line as well. This should help further Jones’ potential.

The Weapons

Daniel Jones’s offense is LOADED. Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and Saquon Barkley all missed significant portions of last season with injures. They are back and healthy now with Golden Tate and breakout rookie Darius Slayton in the mix there are no reasons now that Jones can’t break out.

Whenever you can go three deep at wide receiver and all three are legitimate threats to go over 1,000 yards it’s extremely impressive.

Here are the stats for the Giants weapons last season:

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Golden Tate1185496766
Darius Slayton1484487408
Sterling Shepard1083575763
Evan Engram868444673
Saquon Barkley1373524382

The weapons are great for Jones. Just the pure talent alone is enough for the Giants to give defensive backs nightmares.

Evan Engram is IMPORTANT

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Rookie QBs love tight ends. It’s by far their favorite position to throw to in their first year as at quarterback. Jones clearly loved Engram last season and clearly missed him the minute he stepped of the field. In 2019, Eli Manning and Daniel Jones had a combined passer rating of 103.8 when targeting Engram. He also caught 44 of his 65 targets.

Engram will be Jones’ best friend this season just like Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce support Carson Wentz and Patrick Mahomes respectively.  Having a TE like Engram will open the field up for the other targets on the field.

With the field opening up due to the check-downs and underneath routes having to be respected it’ll mean a lot more fantasy points and big plays for Jones.

The Saquon Effect

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Coming into his third year is Giants star running back Saquon Barkley: already arguably the NFL’s top RB. The third-year jump in production is great for a lot of players, especially with running backs. For example, look at how Christian McCaffrey exploded last season in his third year.

Look at the difference from year two to year three for McCaffrey. It’s massive. McCaffrey was so productive last season he essentially catapulted Kyle Allen (a below-average QB) into a top-20 fantasy option alone.

If this is the case, then Barkley should promote Jones who is a much better player then Allen into a premium player.

If Barkley can take a similar leap and stay healthy, he should open up the field for Jones in the same way that Engram should. The run game and short dump offs are a big thing for younger QBs.

The Upside

The upside is what intrigues me most about Jones. Last season from Week 3 to Week 13 he actually finished as QB10 in fantasy ahead of fellow stalwarts Wentz, Mahomes, and Matt Ryan. In his final two starts of the season, Jones averaged nearly 26 fantasy points, meaning he was QB3 for the fantasy playoffs.

Here’s a fun fact: Jones had two top-10 single performances by a quarterback in 2019. The only other quarterbacks who can say that are Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson.

The great thing about Jones is that he also flexes great potential on the ground as he compiled nearly 300 yards rushing in less than 13 games last season.

His ADP is a clear smash value for what his potential upside is.

The Strength Schedule

Jones’ strength of schedule is about average, as he faces the 19th easiest schedule per my metrics. I think there is the reason for optimism in the schedule, with injuries, coronavirus, and lack of practices I can see the schedule opening up in Jones’s favor this season.

However, Jones’ playoff strength of schedule is tremendous. Per my numbers, he plays the 10th easiest playoff schedule for any quarterback. Here are the opponents:

  1. Cardinals
  2. Browns
  3. Ravens

Two out of three of these games should be tremendously easy. The Ravens will be a tough matchup, but by the time Jones plays them this ranking could be deceiving. By the time these two square up, the Giants could need to win for any playoff hope while the Ravens should be all but clinched. They should be resting players meaning big numbers for Jones in that game.

Closing Word

Daniel Jones is the ideal late-round quarterback you should be targeting in your drafts. He has the perfect blend of previous production, upside, and improved supporting cast to help catapult him to the higher ranks of fantasy quarterbacks in 2020.

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