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2020 Fantasy Football: Why You Should Draft Stefon Diggs


I can’t emphasize this enough, this year I am all aboard the Stefon Diggs train. I’m buying the hype, I’m buying the player, I’m buying. The craziest part about this is that I am a Patriots fan and I am telling you to BUY a Buffalo Bills player. Not to often do fans buy a rival team’s player, but here I am.

In this article, I will be breaking down why I believe Diggs is not only a big buy at his current ADP but he is easily a top 15 WR potentially this season.

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Why You Should Draft Stefon Diggs

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The ADP is Disrespectful

Imagine if I told you last season that you could get Stefon Diggs in the 6th round. Yes, you read that right, the 6TH ROUND! Unfathomable for a guy of that talent and ilk. His production alone over the last few seasons alone is well worth drafting him in the top four rounds, and that’s being generous.

People aren’t buying Diggs this season but think about it. Why wouldn’t you be willing to invest a 6th round draft pick in a team’s number one wideout? I mean just being in the number one role on a team is justification enough for a draft pick in the 5th, let alone a 6th.

Take a look at guys like D.J Chark, Tyler Boyd, DeVante Parker, and Terry McLaurin. All are their team’s number one wideouts and all finished as top-24 wide receivers last season in fantasy.

Based solely on draft position and value, Diggs has to be a WR2 in fantasy football. Furthermore, he’s finished no lower than WR22 in fantasy which would rank him as no less than a low-end WR2. He’s also finished as high as WR10 in fantasy. His perfect balance of floor mixed with upside screams drafting him at his current ADP.

Who Would You Rather?

I just touched on his ADP, but another thing that comes attached to the ADP is the players that are going right around him in that perspective spot. Here are a few names of players that are being taken around the same ADP as Diggs: Brandin Cooks, Michael Gallup, Marquise Brown, and A.J. Green are going around the same spot as Diggs in fantasy drafts.

I like a lot of those guys in fantasy, but do you really want those guys ahead of Diggs? The answer should be no. Green is old and looks on the backside of his career and he can’t stay healthy. Gallup is a number two receiver on a loaded team that just drafted CeeDee Lamb who could surpass him easily. Cooks has injury scares yearly and hasn’t flashed the true upside he can. Last but not least do you really want to draft a Ravens WR? All they do is run, run, run, and run some more. Considering they just drafted JK Dobbins do you really think that’s going to change? No, probably not.

You really want to draft for upside and for safety. Compared to his competition in that ADP-range, Diggs flashes the highest floor and arguably the highest ceiling.

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Upside on Upside

Above I touched on how Diggs has done in his former season since he was drafted in 2017. It’s incredible to have such consistency while producing at a floor of WR2 year in and year out. It’s even more impressive to do that while missing games, even finishing as WR10 in one of those partial seasons.

I’m no fan of Kirk Cousins. For the most part, I think he’s overrated and could’ve benefited more from feeding Diggs a lot more.

I’m also not a big Josh Allen fan, but how could I not love Diggs being paired with him? Allen has never had a player even close to the caliber that Diggs is. The best WR that Allen has ever had is John Brown. A decent player, but not great.

Here are Brown’s stats career stats, including with Josh Allen in 2019.

If you give 113 targets to a player of Diggs caliber he will do much more then what Brown did with them. And if Diggs’ floor is 1000 yards and 70 receptions then I’ll gladly take that. Those are clear cut WR2 numbers.

The thing is though, Diggs is much better than that. And with a quarterback like Allen who clearly can move around and extend plays, the Bills should able to find a creative player like Diggs in open space. He also provides a safety blanket for Allen which he lacked at times last season. Checkdowns, dump-offs, extended playss, and deep balls should all be tremendous tools in Diggs’ fantasy arsenal for this season.

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Josh Allen Will Prevail

I can’t stress enough just how much of a beautiful thing it is that Allen is Diggs’ quarterback for the 2020 season. It’s no secret Allen has a rocket arm and can sling the ball a country mile. This is important becasue Allen will be slinging deep balls all season long to an elite level receiver like Diggs.

Here are two stats that show clearly the significance of the deep ball for Allen:

  1. Since 2012 Josh Allen has the highest deep ball throw percentage at a rate of 19.7% of the time
  2. In 2019 Josh Allen had the lowest check down percentage which was 1.3% of his passes.

Clearly, the deep ball is an emphasis of Allen’s game, which means it’s extremely important for a player like Diggs as well. The tweet below shows how great Diggs is when being targeted downfield.

Allen and Diggs should connect on the deep ball all season this year. With Allen coming into his 3rd year you could see him breaking out and building off 2019 in which he clearly improved.

The running game opens everything up

Didn’t the Bills draft Singletary last season? Now they draft Zack Moss? Along with a running quarterback in Josh Allen, this is supposed to be good for Diggs?

The answer to all three questions is “Yes.” It sounds misleading, but running the ball actually can help Diggs not only get open but can alleviate pressure off of Allen.

Take a look at how players like Cousins and his receivers did when they got Dalvin Cook going. Or how about Ryan Tannehill and A.J. Brown when Derrick Henry got going. The running game makes a huge difference, and having a two-headed monster with Singletary and Moss is going to wreak havoc for opposing defenses. Adding another element like a running quarterback will force defenders to respect the run game a lot more.

The effects of the run game will be felt when safeties can’t cheat on run plays. It forces them to respect the run meaning that the corners will be on an island with the wide receivers. And when you’re on an island with Stefon Diggs, that’s not a good day to be a corner.

Here are the stats based on coverage for Diggs:

You tell me what corner is covering Diggs in man. The answer is nobody. Diggs will feast with the threat of a running game.

Strength of schedule

If you put any stock into the strength of schedule statistics, then you may or may not like these stats.

Here is Diggs strength of schedule

Week 1: 7th Easiest [NYJ]

Week 2-5: 5th Easiest [MIA, LAR, LV]

Whole Season: 31 Easiest

Playoffs: 32nd Easiest [PIT, DEN, NE]

A few things to note are in fantasy obviously playoffs are everything, but you have to win early to make the playoffs, right? The beginning of the season looks like it could be a monstrous one for Diggs. You can make the case that almost every secondary he will face other than the Rams is GARBAGE.

Now if you don’t believe in Diggs and are scared of his playoffs is that if he does go off for the first five weeks, you can trade him to an owner who doesn’t dig deep and really do the research. Owners like that look at the stats he already put up and not what he can and will put up. If you can manage to trade him and get someone to give you someone better like Allen Robinson, Robert Woods, or someone of this ilk then you are rolling my friend.

However, I urge you to keep Diggs because I love him. The playoff schedule of schedule can be a bit misleading because at that point, teams have injuries and tanking starts to come into effect by this point in the season, so who knows that these secondaries will look down this far. Proceed with caution with him but knowing you will have a blue-chip prospect like Diggs for the first few weeks is crazy.


If I haven’t convinced you about Diggs being great this season, I don’t know what will. He’s elite talent-wise and he has a great offensive line and cast around him.

He’s used to playing elite defenses in the NFC. Now that he’s in the AFC he will play weaker competition especially now he gets the Dolphins and Jets twice a year.

He and Allen have been building chemistry all offseason and pairing a major arm talent with elite top-3 route running and burner speed should mean major fantasy points. Draft him and draft him now at this ADP before it rises.

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