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2020 Fantasy Football: Now and Later Dynasty Players


In dynasty, the goal is to build a fantasy football juggernaut for not just only this year but for years to come. You have to find the perfect balance and players like that are hard to come by. In this article, I will be breaking down the best Win Now and Win Later dynasty players to acquire in fantasy football that can not only help you immediately but down the line as well.

Don’t worry, in this article, we won’t be giving you a bunch of guys like Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley, those guys are an obvious win now and win later kind of players. You don’t need me or anyone to explain that to you.

Now let’s dive in.

2020 Fantasy Football Now and Later Dynasty Players

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Miles Sanders, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

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Sanders is one of the most interesting players in fantasy. His high upside and obvious floor is super-enticing for fantasy owners. He was taken in the second round of the NFL draft by the Eagles in 2019. The spot was a clear fit as he burst onto the scene extremely early.

2019 Tells the Story

Let’s start by taking a look at Sanders stats from 2019 and analyzing them to project what that could mean for 2020.

2019 Stats:

  • Snap Share: 53.7% [27th Most]
  • Opportunity Share: 48.4% [29th Most]
  • 179 Carries [22nd Most]
  • 818 Rushing Yards [20th Most]
  • 63 Targets [13th Most]
  • 50 Receptions [12th Most]
  • 509 Receiving Yards [7th Most]
  • 6 Total Touchdowns [26th Most]
  • 36 Redzone Carries [17th Most]

It’s clear by looking at the stats that the Eagles used Sanders to about 2/3rds of his potential. His lack of carries on the field and in the red zone are obvious and should be in for some clear progression this season. Letting go of Jordan Howard should help tremendously for Sanders’ outlook for 2020 and beyond. Howard had over 100 carries, 7 touchdowns, and a 44% snap share last season for the Eagles. With Howard leaving in free agency and all these carries opening up it could mean bigger and better things for the Eagles and Sanders.

End of Year Breakout

Taking a look at the end of year stats for Sanders you can clearly see a trend. It took until Week 13 for the Eagles to finally feel comfortable giving Sanders over 15 carries for the first time. Once Sanders got over 15 carries it was clear that he needed more. In Week 13 he touched the ball 22 times and had 105 total yards and a touchdown. It’s clear the bigger the workload for Sanders the more he could produce. Here are his stats in 2019 when he received over 15 carries in a game:

  • Week 13: 17 Carries, 5 Receptions, 105 Total Yards, 1 Touchdown
  • Week 14: 15 Carries, 4 Receptions, 69 Total Yards
  • Week 15: 19ย Carries, 6 Receptions, 172 Total Yards, 2 Touchdowns
  • Week 16: 20ย Carries, 5 Receptions, 156 Total Yards, 1 Touchdown

The end of year production was amazing. The more they starting using Sanders the more his fantasy value went up.

New Faces, Same Places

Welcome back DeSean Jackson and hello Jalen Reagor. Speed, speed, speed is what these guys will bring to the offense, and the most exciting part is it will open up the field for Sanders. Jackson and Reagor’s ability to stretch the field and bring the safety with them down the field should open up the short game. Lots of dump-offs and screens should be expected this year for Sanders, leading to high-end fantasy volume. The exciting part about dump-offs and screens for Sanders is that he’s extremely explosive in the middle of the field. Last season Sanders ranked extremely high in each of these categories:

  • 32.8% Jukes Rate: [5th Highest]
  • 5.8 Yards per touch: [7th Highest}
  • 75 Evaded tackles: [13th Most]

His explosiveness in the center of the field should lead to more yards per catch and per carry this season.

The Future is Bright

All these factors are exciting for 2020 and beyond with Sanders. The exit of Howard, the end of year breakout, the additions to the team, and his own potential make him one of the most ideal players to target for a win now and win later strategy in dynasty fantasy football.

Henry Ruggs III, WR, Oakland Raiders

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Speed Sets the Tone

The speed is what really sets the tone for Ruggs. He comes into the league as a blazer, running a 4.25 forty yard dash. That’s not just fast, that’s scorching fast. That amount of speed ranks him in the upper echelon of players in the league. Ruggs ranks in the top-five percentile in speed in the NFL among players like Tyreek Hill, Matt Breida, Cordarrelle Patterson, Marquise Goodwin, and Christian McCaffrey. Pretty impressive group to rank in.

Is He Pro-ready?

Sure hands, quick feet, and blazing speed are just a few things that describe Henry Ruggs. Let’s start with his sure hands. When watching him play you see how beautifully he catches the ball. He actually dropped only four passes in his entire college career and only dropped one pass in 2019. Those numbers account for Ruggs only dropping 2.4% of his passes throughout his career.

To match with speed and pure hands he also has quick feet which are a nightmare for defenders. Ruggs burnt corners in college last season to the tune of 24 touchdowns on 98 catches. That’s good for a touchdown rate of 24%, the highest mark for a player since 2014. Ruggs isn’t just a burner, he is a true five-tool wide receiver that is dangerous in the open field. He consistently outruns and outworks defensive backs and linebackers in the open field leading to touchdowns and huge gains.

The Ideal Situation

It’s no secret that the Raiders were not a great offense last year, but that’s not all that bad of a thing for Ruggs. He comes into a wide receiver room that has no competition. Tyrell Williams lead the receiver group last season and for a team to have Williams as a number one option is not great. This is why they went out and drafted an elite receiver like Ruggs.

Looking at the Raiders offensive numbers last season here they are:

  • Offensive Line rank: 1st [According to PFF]
  • Points for: 313 [24th Most]
  • Passing Touchdowns: 22 [19th Best]
  • Redzone Success %: 52.8% [22nd Best]

Looking at these stats you can see they need some improvements. The exciting thing you can pull out of this is that the offensive line is clearly elite. Players like Richie Incognito and Trent Brown are still elite level players that can give Derek Carr time to find Ruggs in the open field.

Speaking of Carr, considering his options, he was not as bad in 2019. as many people might think.

  • 82.6% On target throw % – 2nd behind Drew Brees
  • 3,926 Yards [9th Most]
  • Eight Interceptions [5th least]
  • 43.8 3rd Down Conversion % [7th most]

These stats are extremely appealing for Ruggs. Carr is in line to feed Ruggs the ball a lot due to his propensity to throw short passes . Short passing paired with Ruggs’ ability to create yards in the open field could lead to a lot of points in fantasy for now and years to come.

Deshaun Watson, QB, Houston Texans

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Hopkins Trade… Now What?

Yes, Hopkins was traded to the Cardinals in the offseason. Yes, it was a bad trade, and yes, it hurts Watson not only long term but short term as well. You may be asking yourself why I’m recommending targeting him then. Well, here’s the thing: he’s still only 24 years old, and because Hopkins was traded people are starting to brush Watson to the side. It’s crazy how they will turn on you in the blink of an eye. I’m here to tell you that’s silly.

New Faces, New Places

Hopkins is gone but they did add some new faces. Brandin Cooks and David Johnson are now Houston Texans and should help Watson a lot this season. Both players are no slouches and are being forgotten. They hit their peak and are considered descending players at this point, but I think both have gas left in the tank. Here are both of their stats from 2018:

David Johnson

  • 16 Games
  • 258 Carries
  • 940 Rushing yards
  • 76 Targets
  • 50 Receptions
  • 446 Yards
  • 10 Touchdowns Total

Brandin Cooks

  • 16 Games
  • 117 Targets
  • 80 Receptions
  • 1204 Yards
  • 6 Total Touchdowns

Both of these guys were injured in 2019 and clearly produced big when given the chance in 2018. Even with Hopkins being gone, these guys are more than capable of showing up and filling the void that Hopkins left behind.

Fantasy Greatness

It’s forgotten how great of a quarterback Watson truly is. Watson has averaged over 20 fantasy points per game in each of his seasons. In fact last year, he finished 4th among QBs in fantasy points. Currently, in dynasty leagues, he’s being drafted as the 6th QB of the board and with him averaging as the 4th best QB per season he should easily outwork his ADP and provide your team a starter for the next ten years.

Mark Andrews, TE, Baltimore Ravens

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Lamar Jackson is Key

Arguably 2019’s breakout TE, Andrews claimed fantasy greatness while working with another fellow breakout player in Lamar Jackson. With Jackson being so tight-end heavy and unpredictable, he’s perfect for Andrews’ value not only long term but short term. Remember that Jackson is only 23 and Andrews is only 25. They both have at least another 5 years together under their belts.

The Usage Rate is ABSURD

Here are Mark Andrews’s usage rates from the 2019 season.

Another note from the analytics is that no team targeted the tight end more than the Ravens, who targeted the tight end 41% of the time in 2019.

Tight End is a Wasteland

If you don’t have a good one, good luck. After Travis Kelce, George Kittle, Zach Ertz, and Darren Waller, what truly is there? This is why Mark Andrews is perfect. He balances upside, floor, and long term value just purely based off of position and his team. With such few tight ends available, it’s better to invest in a proven player like Andrews in dynasty than it is to take a shot on a hopeful rookie or a guy like Austin Hooper or Hayden Hurst.

N’Keal Harry, WR, New England Patriots

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Year One Sets the Stage

I tense up when thinking about just how much potential Harry truly has. His upside didn’t show in a down year last year but I believe after battling injuries, it really could blossom in 2020 and beyond.

With a new quarterback in town for New England, it could mean big things for Harry. It’s no secret that Tom Brady last year clearly wasn’t happy with his situation and in turn, tuned out the rookies on the offense. The combination of Brady, an injury-plagued season, and just overall bad factors meant Harry never truly got a good first step.

The Cam Newton Effect

With Brady gone there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Cam Newton. Newton signed a minimum salary deal with the Patriots and is looking for revenge this season on all who passed on him. Josh McDaniels and Newton being paired together is super exciting for Harry.

Harry is easily one of the tallest wide receivers that Newton has ever played with. Earlier in Newton’s career, he played with a 6’5″ wide receiver named Kelvin Benjamin. Here are Benjamin’s stats in his prime season with Cam Newton:

  • 16 Games
  • 145 Targets
  • 73 Receptions
  • 1008 Yards
  • 9 Touchdowns

With Harry having nearly the same height and arguably better ball skills I could easily see him producing a stat line like this. ย The best part about those numbers is Benjamin should have easily had more receptions with that high number of targets. His low-end production should mean that Harry would be even better with that amount of targets.

Departures = Big Things for Harry

The Patriots had multiple departures from their team and didn’t bring anyone in to replace them. That means they must see something in Harry. Here are the players the Patriots let go and their stats from the 2019 season.

Josh Gordon

  • 6 Games
  • 36 Targets
  • 20 Receptions
  • 287 Yards
  • 1 Touchdown

Phillip Dorsett

  • 14 Games
  • 54 Targets
  • 29 Receptions
  • 397 Yards
  • 5 Touchdowns

Ben Watson

  • 10 Games
  • 24 Targets
  • 17 Receptions
  • 173 Yards
  • 0 Touchdowns

Antonio Brown

  • 1 Game
  • 8 Targets
  • 4 Receptions
  • 56 Yards
  • 1 Touchdown

That’s a lot of stats, let me combine them and break it down for you.


  • 122 Targets
  • 70 Receptions
  • 913 Receiving Yards
  • 7 Touchdowns

Those stats are good for 203.3 fantasy points last season which would’ve ranked as the WR25 ahead of guys like Odell Beckham Jr and Calvin Ridley. Imagine that? Those are guys currently going in the top 40 picks in redraft leagues. With little competition for those targets, Harry should be in line for a role similar to that.

Ability to Stay On the Field

Harry was an elite prospect coming out of college in 2019 and impressed the Patriots enough for them to draft him in the 1st round. He’s truly a high-level talent with a lot of tools to work with.

Harry isย  a monster with his tremendous size and strength. His physical frame allows him to bully opposing players with ease.He possesses the ability to box out defenders and fight for the ball in jump situations. He should be a red-zone favorite for Cam Newton this season.

Harry also has an insane ability to make huge plays out of nothing in the open field. He has great elusiveness for someone of his size.

All these factors will lead to tremendous playing time for Harry in 2020 and beyond. We could see him being a huge part of the offense for years to come and I’m drafting him any chance I can get.

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