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2020 NFL Schedule Quarterback Winners and Losers


The release of the 2020 NFL Schedule gives us many things to think about. Strength of schedule, potential wins and losses, and of course how it affects Fantasy Football. We do that today by looking at the 2020 NFL Schedule Quarterback Winners and Losers

It seems like a never-ending effort. We spend the entire NFL season trying to figure out what teams are good at what, and by the time the next season rolls around everything has changed.

Never the less, it’s time again to start assessing the schedules and deciding who should be making the biggest moves up and down the rankings based on the road ahead.

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2020 NFL Schedule Quarterback Winners and Losers

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Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

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The NFC North isn’t exactly known for its stellar defensive performances. All three teams in his division are solid but not without their flaws.

Stafford is a rare combination of proven effectiveness, and still often available at a discounted price. According to Fantasy Football Calculator, he’s going on average as the 15th QB off the board in the 10th round, right between Daniel Jones and Teddy Bridgewater.

I am a fan of late-round QBs, and few if any have the proven track record of Stafford for where he’s being drafted. With weapons all around him, he’s in a position to do damage again this year. And while his schedule might not bode well for the Lions as a whole, it provides all the opportunity we could expect for fantasy production.

And maybe most important of all, in Weeks 14, 15, and 16, he’ll be in shootouts against the Packers, Titans, and Tampa Bay.

Philip Rivers, Indianapolis Colts

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Rivers has been a hit or miss option at QB for years. He either has big weeks or bad weeks and he’s not getting any younger.

But now finding a home in Frank Reich‘s offense with a similarly well-equipped offense Philip Rivers finds himself with an intriguing schedule. For the first six weeks of the season, Rivers has among the easiest schedules in the league. This creates a great opportunity to draft him late, soak up some easy points and have plenty of time to cut him and find a suitable replacement.

Or if you’re willing to hold onto him, his playoff schedule is great for Weeks 14 and 15 as he’ll face the Raiders and Texans. But he’ll be doing you no favors against the Steelers in week 16.

Deep Leagues

Nick Foles/ Mitch Trubisky, Chicago Bears

In the 16th round, right before kickers and DSTs, there is always one team that drafts a QB. The twilight zone of starters where the only expectations are to not suck too much. Currently both unranked on fantasy football calculator, it seems both QBs will likely be sitting there for you in any draft devoid of Bears fans.

While Trubisky hasn’t officially lost the job yet, there’s no reason to expect him to end the season as the starter. As training camps progress, the positional battle will shake out and the former Superbowl MVP will likely be taking over the starting job.

Chicago has one of the easiest schedules from a QB production perspective. Like almost laughably easy. Until Week 12 when they play Green Bay, every team they play against gave up at least 15 points per game to the position last year. The only question is, can somebody take advantage of it.

I’m not saying you should go out and bank on Foles or Trubisky leading you to a championship. But in a deep league, the Bears schedule makes one of these guys worth taking a look at. If you’re playing in a format that requires 20-25 quarterbacks get drafted, one of them should be rostered.


Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

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Allen will have a solid opportunity to start the year hot with a very soft schedule from a fantasy perspective. For the first six weeks of the season, Allen’s biggest threat to fantasy production are the Rams and Chiefs. Both of whom are solid defenses but still have been susceptible to passing attacks. He also gets to pick apart the Dolphins, Jets, and Raiders.

Unfortunately, the challenge will begin in the second half of the season. With games against the 49ers, Steelers, Broncos, Chargers, and two games against New England, he may find himself in a rough patch when you need him most.

Without a major leap forward in decision making and precision, Allen will spend most of the second half of the season as a liability. However, if you’re drafting exclusively for a solid start and are expecting to stream QBs through the season Allen is still a solid option.

Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

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Murray had high expectations as a rookie, and with the addition of Deandre Hopkins, those expectations are even higher. I’m not saying he’ll be a total bust, but his schedule isn’t doing him any favors here. His division is as tough for QBs as any, and with games against the Bills and Patriots sprinkled into the mix he has a lot of games where I’d struggle to trust his production.

His athleticism and weapons make him absolutely worth rostering, but his current price coming off the board in the mid 5th round is a bit much for me. With his potential still sky-high, consider this less of a call for him to bust and more a gentle reminder to limit expectations.

Deep Leagues

Jarrett Stidham/Brian Hoyer, New England Patriots

Not that the Patriots offense is one to target for any position but even if you’re desperate, skip over their QB room completely. On top of having basically no weapons, the schedule is a nightmare for fantasy point production.

On top of facing a nightmarish schedule where the average points surrendered averages just 17.7 points last year, much of their competition has (at least on paper) improved. Playing the Dolphins and Jets twice is no longer a guarantee of production regardless of who is running the offense.

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