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2020 NFL Week 15 DFS H2H Thunderdome


Welcome to the 2020 NFL Week 15 DFS H2H Thunderdome!

Each week Scott Simpson (@NimblewNumbers) and Bo McBrayer (@Bo_McBigTime), the DFS writing team over at NimblewNumbers.com, will be facing off in a DraftKings (DK) Head-to-Head (H2H) contest.

Two men enter and one man leaves…richer!

2020 NFL Week 15 DFS H2H Thunderdome

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Scott’s Build

The Week 14 Thunderdome was not kind to me. Besides losing to Bo, which always makes me want to fight bears, I lost time and money this week. Bo’s eight-point victory meant that I had to chain my self to my type-writer and churn out Bo’s weekly preview article for NimblewNumbers.com/Bo-Knows-DFS. I also still have to pay Bo for the work that I did! Like a kick in the nuts after a kick in the nuts.

Before we move on to Week 15, I wanted to wish my Week 14 a Happy Festivus!! I’ve got some grievances to air!

Aaron Jones. What happened? I paid $7,600 for less than 11 points. You grieved me. Banned for the remainder of 2020 DFS! Corey Davis. How dare you not catch the passes that weren’t thrown to you. Unacceptable!! J.D. McKissic. More like J.D. McMissic!!

Now onto bigger and better. I packed my Week 15 Thunderdome team will a stable of studs with explosive upside.

Lamar Jackson is back and this week he is going to absolutely smash the withering Jaguars. Derrick Henry Szn is real. Alvin Kamara is set to explode with running back check down funnel Drew Brees set to return.

All my wide receivers are in plus matchups and are forecast to see positive game-scripts. I doubled up at tight end because I really wanted to take Bo down with a little tight end whisper in his ear.

The Washington Football Team is priced down against Russell Wilson and company, which I love! You are in big trouble this week Bo.

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens:  $7,500

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Lamar Jackson is my favorite QB play in cash Week 15. His upside Nicki Minaj levels of juicy this week against a Jaguars’ defense that has given up 31 touchdowns to quarterbacks in 13 games. Lamar legitimately has five touchdown potential this week.

Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans:  $9,500

I faded Derrick Henry last week against Bo and I paid the price. I’m a quick study and I am sure that Bo will have “King Herny” in his Thunderdome lineup this week. Keeping up with the Henry’s is real.

Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints:  $7,400

Michael Thomas has been declared out which is “French Quarter” for FREE DRINKS ON ALVIN KAMARA!! Kamara will be all over the field and check-down Charlie will find him since he wants to keep some ribs for old age. Kamara is for cash games.

Brandon Aiyuk, WR, San Francisco 49ers:  $6,300

Rookie wide receivers are taking over the NFL in Week 15. I’m expecting slate shattering upside from Brandon Aiyuk this week against the Dallas Cowboys. He saw 16 targets against a stout Washington secondary and finished with 10 receptions for 119 yards.

My projection for Aiyuk is 7 receptions for 95 yards and one touchdown. He is the best offensive weapon Shanahan has access to with Deebo Samuel and George Kittle both OUT this week and he knows it. Look for him to put the ball in the rookie playmakers hands all afternoon.

Emmanuel Sanders, WR, New Orleans Saints: $4,200

Drew Brees will be throwing the ball against the Chiefs all day. All the targets can’t go to Alvin Kamara. Think McFly! Emmanuel Sanders’ targets have increased when Michael Thomas has been out of the lineup this season.

Look for Sanders to see 8-10 targets and all we need is 12.6 DraftKings points to hit the 3x value. If he scores we are talking a return of 5x potential value. That’s upside baby!

Sammy Watkins, WR, Kansas City Chiefs: $4,600

Embed from Getty Images
Sammy Watkins has a few breakout games a season. The cards are all aligning this week for Watkins, who will be matched up with Marshon Lattimore. Whose PFF grade is an abysmal 49.2.

The Chiefs will look to take advantage of a passing defense that can be exploited on the outside and also down the seem. Look for Watkins to score 16+ points and put me over the top against Bo.

Rob Gronkowski, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $4,200

Rob Gronkowski is about to “Gronk Spike” all over an Atlanta Falcons defense that has surrendered 9 touchdowns to tight ends and over 720 receiving yards.

Tom Brady found Gronk for a touchdown last week, bringing his season total to five. Look for him to reach the end zone for the second week in a row and top 15 DraftKings’ points.

Irv Smith Jr., FLEX, Minnesota Vikings: $3,600

Embed from Getty Images
Irv Smith Jr. was my secret TE1 last week. I played him everywhere and cashed. This week he is still a great value at only $3,600.


Look for the Vikings to lean on him while the Chicago Bear safeties try to contain Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson. I like Smith Jr. to score again this week.

Washington Football Team, DST: $2,600

The Washington Football Team has a legit defense. I played them last week and they single-handedly kept me competitive in my Week 14 matchup with Bo.

I know that Russell Wilson is an All-Pro, but Chase Young is a Grown-Ass-Man and will be disrupting Russ in his kitchen as he attempts to cook. Look for a least one fumble recovery and an interception from the WFT defense.

Bo’s Build

Now that I have finally caught my breath, a full five days after my epic victory lap, there is a need for a new focus and maybe a chiropractic visit before we partake in another epic clash of the beards and bellies.

With vengeance on his mind and aged dog excrement in his belly, Scott Simpson is a wild animal backed into a proverbial (but real) corner. His chops in DFS are unquestionable and I can’t go full Tony Montana on a pile of powdered hubris this week if I want to win again. DFS architects are like closers in baseball. A short memory might be the most indispensable trait to maintain sanity. Win or lose, we must move on.

That being said, I am once again guaranteeing a resounding triumph over the preferred awards show bathroom break sit-in double for Ryan Fitzpatrick and Kris Kringle. This build is going to kill Scott’s lineup by way of a PPR death-by-a-million cuts. It’s truly a reflection of the scoring setup and pricing combination that I couldn’t ignore in a cash game like this. Good luck taking me down this week, Scott. I’m rooting for you. Either way, I’ll be drinking to your name!

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs: $7,900

Embed from Getty Images
The Chiefs actually stack up pretty well against the Saints vaunted defense. Give me the Super Bowl MVP in a likely shootout to throw it upwards of 35 times. The price does not even make me blink. It’s guaranteed volume.

Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints:  $7,400

Brees is back and Michael Thomas is out, creating a massive passing funnel to a guy priced down from his PPR hiatus under Taysom Hill.

Add to that his importance in this marquee game and his unmatched nose for the goal line, we have ourselves an automatic cash game lock.

Nyheim Hines, RB, Indianapolis Colts: $5,400

Last week, Scott and I were both on Jonathan Taylor and were pleased to see him break out in a big way.

This week, I think we’re both on the receiving upside of Hines, who should be fresher than Taylor this week against Houston.

His price is also much more appealing than JT’s, so I’ll bite and assume this will be a matching player in the head-to-head.

Keke Coutee, WR, Houston Texans: $5,300

Keke Coutee $5,300: My WR1 this week is under $5.5k. Crazy, right? Well, I see a ton of value in this tier and more scarcity at RB and TE. In a game between terrible defensive squads and above-average passing attacks, I’ll take the safe floor of volume and decent upside of Coutee.

Russell Gage, WR, Atlanta Falcons: $4,700

Embed from Getty Images
Russell Gage is on a roll lately, with back-to-back double-digit games picking up the slack for Julio Jones. Ridley possesses a massive upside, but also a massive price. I’ll save a ton of salary on Gage and shouldn’t see too many points fewer than Ridley here.

Darnell Mooney, WR, Chicago Bears: $3,900

More value! Darnell Mooney is an elite route runner and is getting right after playing through some dings the last couple of weeks. I expect a lot of attention to be paid to Allen Robinson here, for good reason.

This leaves the young speedster to run routes in single coverage with a couple of the worst-rated DBs in the NFL.

Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs: $8,000

I didn’t have to stack anyone with Mahomes, but I’m sick and tired of missing the dartboard with my tight ends when I spend down.

The Saints grade well against the TE position, but Travis Kelce is matchup proof and has a built-in role in the red zone. Scott should be afraid of this stack.

CeeDee Lamb, FLEX, Dallas Cowboys: $4,500

Embed from Getty Images
This is another high-volume PPR attack that is priced well below what I expected. This is another needling pick too, where I aim to defeat Scott by playing his favorite guys.

Arizona Cardinals, DST: $3,000

This pick is all about a hunch. With a full game tape on the rushing package for Jalen Hurts, I expect a huge regression incoming from Hurts this week.

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He still has a good floor and ceiling in his own rite, but if I’m spending down on defense farther, it gets really murky without Arizona’s sack and turnover upside.

Click here for updated NFL DFS Projections. You can download them and use the optimizer for free!

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