2020 Post-NFL Draft Fantasy Football Mock Draft

by Joe Bond
2020 Post-NFL Draft Mock Draft

With the NFL draft behind us. It is officially time to look toward preparing to draft our Fantasy Football teams. The staff here at Fantasy Six Pack has completed now their third mock draft since February, this time the 2020 Post-NFL Draft Fantasy Football Mock Draft.

This time we get to include the rookies, which we have left out of the previous two. It is very interesting to see how they shake things up. You'll see plenty of the rookie Running Backs go off the board within the first six rounds. The bulk of the rookie Wide Receivers go off in the middle rounds.

Although our own staff might not agree with how high the rookie running backs are going.


Maybe this is all post-NFL draft hype at this point to see so many of the rookies go as early as they did, especially the receivers, but they are talented. It will be interesting to see where the dust settles on all of them as we get closer to the NFL season.

Enough of me rambling, here's the draft order and the final draft board. The draft was 12-team, 0.5PPR, 1 QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX. No kickers and defenses (the correct way to play). Critique away!

  1. Richard Savill - @RRSSavill
  2. John LaPresto - @TheJohnLaPresto
  3. Jonathan Chan - @JChan_811
  4. Joe Bond - @F6P_Joe
  5. Jon Witt - @JPW2542
  6. Keith Lott - @WeTlkFntsySprts
  7. Dave Eddy - @CorporalEddy
  8. Kevin Huo - @KevinMHuo
  9. Dennis Sosic - @CALL_ME_SOS
  10. Michael Tomlin - @Tomlin3
  11. Mark Strausberg - @MarkStrausberg
  12. AJ Applegarth - @ApplegarthAlgar
2020 Post-NFL Draft Fantasy Football Mock Draft

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2020 Post-NFL Draft Fantasy Football Mock Draft

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Round 1

  1. Richard - Christian McCaffrey, RB1, CAR
  2. John L. - Saquon Barkley, RB2, NYG
  3. Jonathan C. - Ezekiel Elliott, RB3, DAL
  4. Joe - Michael Thomas, WR1, NO
  5. Jon W. - Dalvin Cook, RB4, MIN
  6. Keith - Alvin Kamara, RB5, NO
  7. Dave - DeAndre Hopkins, WR2, ARI
  8. Kevin - Derrick Henry, RB6, TEN
  9. Dennis - Davante Adams, WR3, GB
  10. Michael - Tyreek Hill, WR4, KC
  11. Mark - Joe Mixon, RB7, CIN
  12. AJ - Austin Ekeler, RB8, LAC

The first round was much of the same as we've seen before, with just a slightly different order past pick five. Some players changed their pick, most notably Dave Eddy who in the last mock went for Lamar Jackson in round one. I wonder if he realized after the last mock that he did not have to reach that early for a quarterback.

The other pick, well actually two picks, that got my attention was AJ's first and second-round pick. He selected Miles Sanders and Joe Mixon. I'll let him explain here.

"With my main target, Joe Mixon, already sniped from my queue, I drafted Austin Ekeler and Miles Sanders. I know there are some pundits who would see these picks as reaches. However, both of these RB's have very high floors in PPR/Half-PPR formats, as shown in 2019. Ekeler finished as the 4th/6th RB in PPR/Half-PPR, respectively, WITH Melvin Gordon in the backfield after Week 4. 

Meanwhile, Sanders was the 5th-ranked RB in the Fantasy Playoffs (Weeks 14-16), netting 397 yards, three TD's and 15 receptions. With plenty of solid WR options available, I made my picks based on consistency, past production and upside."

Embed from Getty Images

Hard to argue with that reasoning and I expect many to make similar picks, despite some of the top wide receivers being on the board who you will see go in Round 2.

My pick

So we stuck with the same order as the Pre-NFL Draft Mock, so at pick four I was sitting with the same decision. That being, Michael Thomas or Dalvin Cook. I stuck with Michael Thomas for the same reason as before.

You can read the full reason in the article linked above, but to summarize, he is the safest player in the draft not named Christian McCaffrey in my opinion.

Round 2

  1. AJ - Miles Sanders, RB9, PHI
  2. Mark - Nick Chubb, RB10, CLE
  3. Michael - Julio Jones, WR5, ATL
  4. Dennis - Chris Godwin, WR6, TB
  5. Kevin - Josh Jacobs, RB11, OAK
  6. Dave - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB12, KC
  7. Keith - Kenny Golladay, WR7, DET
  8. Jon W. - Todd Gurley, RB13, ATL
  9. Joe - Kenyan Drake, RB14, ARI
  10. Jonathan C. - Raheem Mostert, RB15, SF
  11. John L. - Aaron Jones, RB16, GB
  12. Richard - Travis Kelce, TE1, KC

We saw Round 1 dominated by Running Backs, and we saw Round 2 not be much different. We did, however, see our first Tight End go off the board to Richard. I'm not a Tight End early guy, but at the end of the second round, it is hard to argue.

We also saw our first Rookie go off the board to Dave. He took Clyde Edwards-Helaire as the 12th Running Back of the board. I'm not a fan of the pick since I've been saying for a while I don't see him getting enough reps to warrant the high ranking with so many other backs in KC. I wanted to give Dave a chance to explain his reason for the pick.

"Quite simply CEH was the highest-rated RB on my board available. I was looking to go RB with the selection.

There were other, more established backs on the board. I felt as though CEH had the highest upside for 2020 on the board. I also felt that he, as well as the rest of the options, had a similar degree of risk whether it was the number of touches or injuries. So I opted to take the highest-rated and highest upside guy at the position, in my eyes."

Embed from Getty Images

Fair enough, I'm sure there will be much debate about him and other rookies headed into the season. The preseason/camp I'm hoping will shed more light as to how they will be used.

My pick

Knowing that I went receiver in the first round I knew I had to go running back here and probably heavy for the next few rounds. I wound up taking Kenyan Drake.

I thought about Aaron Jones, but I think Drake has a bit safer of a floor than Jones and much higher upside. With Jones, I worry a bit about Jones and his massive touchdown regression. Now that they added AJ Dillon via the draft, I think there is just a bit more to worry about. Dillon won't take a lot away, but it is still another RB to take carries away, maybe even goalline.

Round 3

  1. Richard - Leonard Fournette, RB17, JAC
  2. John L. - Odell Beckham, WR8, CLE
  3. Jonathan C. - Cooper Kupp, WR9, LAR
  4. Joe - Chris Carson, RB18, SEA
  5. Jon W. - Mike Evans, WR10, TB
  6. Keith - George Kittle, TE2, SF
  7. Dave - AJ Brown, WR11, TEN
  8. Kevin - Devin Singletary, RB19, BUF
  9. Dennis - JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR12, PIT
  10. Michael - Amari Cooper, WR13, DAL
  11. Mark - Mark Ingram, RB20, BAL
  12. AJ - Patrick Mahomes, QB1, KC

In this round, we started to see more Receivers come off the board. This makes sense as many teams have two Running backs by now. We also saw our first Quarterback get drafted, Patrick Mahomes, by AJ.

This not only was two-and-a-half rounds later than the first Quarterback from the last draft, it was Mahomes and not Lamar Jackson.

The pick I was most interested in was the Mark taking Mark Ingram at the 20th Running Back, despite the Ravens drafting J.K. Dobbins. Here is what he has to say about it.

"First off, I messed up last time we mocked and abandoned my usual strategy.

I knew I could get decent WRs later, but I couldn't say the same about RBs. Secondly, the problem with this year's draft is that most of the rookie RBs I liked landed in less desirable places. And that includes Dobbins. I like Dobbins a lot...for 2021.

I think Ingram is still the primary RB in Baltimore this year and 2020 looks a lot like 2019. Ingram's contract is up at the end of this season and the Ravens will be happy to put plenty of tread on those tires and then let someone else have Ingram next year. I think Ingram will still be a RB2 this year and he is my RB3.

There are a lot of RBs that have upside this year, but the amount of backs with high floors u can count on for at least 200 carries really goes off of a cliff shortly after Ingram. Did I reach a little? Perhaps. But I don't think Dobbins brings down Ingram's value. If anything, Dobbins makes Gus Edwards obsolete."

Embed from Getty Images

You don't usually see Running Backs getting drafted as early as Dobbins did to sit that much so I'm not sure I buy it.

My pick

Needing to stick with Running Back as they are flying off the board much faster than Receivers, I went with Carson. I'm not in love with him as my RB2, but all signs point to him being healthy to start the season. If he is he should once again the be the Seahawks top option, making him at least a safe option here.

He lacks the upside as say a Devin Singletary, who I was also thinking about, but I don't like the talk going on in Buffalo right now about using rookie Zack Moss getting a lot of work.

Round 4

  1. AJ - Courtland Sutton, WR14, DEN
  2. Mark - Lamar Jackson, QB2, BAL
  3. Michael - Adam Thielen, WR15, MIN
  4. Dennis - Jonathan Taylor, RB21, IND
  5. Kevin - D.J. Moore, WR16, CAR
  6. Dave - David Johnson, RB22, HOU
  7. Keith - Calvin Ridley, WR17, ATL
  8. Jon W. - Keenan Allen, WR18, LAC
  9. Joe - D'Andre Swift, RB23, DET
  10. Jonathan C. - Levon Bell, RB24, NYJ
  11. John L. - Allen Robinson, WR19, CHI
  12. Richard - Tyler Lockett, WR20, SEA

Lots of good Receivers went off the board in this round. I was actually surprised to see some of them drop as far as they did such as Allen Robinson. He even went after the Falcons No. 2 Receiver, Calvin Ridley.

I like Ridley a lot, but not sure I would take him over a receiver who caught 98 passes off 154 targets and is really the only viable receiver on that team, so the targets are not going anywhere. Let's let Keith explain.

"I think it is fair to argue that Calvin Ridley, Allen Robinson and Keenan Allen could all score an equal amount of fantasy points in 2020.

With Austin Hooper gone (and Mohamed Sanu traded last year), Ridley is likely to see a boost in targets from 92/93 in his first two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan. He could see 130-140 targets if he plays all 16 games (abdominal injury ended his season early) and I am willing to take that risk.

The addition of Todd Gurley in the backfield will give opposing defenses another player to game plan for, on top of figuring out how to contain Julio Jones. This leaves Ridley with a lot of winnable one on one situations.

Allen Robinson has proven that he is QB proof but I just do not like the Bears offense at all for the upcoming season, especially with Nick Foles potentially taking over for Mitch Trubisky. Not that I love Trubisky, but I don't want to target pass catchers in a dreadful offense to begin with that is looking to transition quarterbacks.

I love Keenan Allen but not with Tyrod Taylor or rookie Justin Herbert playing QB."

Embed from Getty Images

Perhaps I have a bit more faith in Hayden Hurst and Gurley to take the targets vacated by Hooper.

My pick

Having my two starting running backs, I could have gone back to receiver, but I liked a lot of the ones left and not so much the backs. That said, I went a bit risky and took rookie, D'Andre Swift.

He might not have the starting spot in Detroit right off the bat with Kerryon Johnson there, but I believe Swift is the more talented of the two. On top of that KJ's injury history is large so there is a good chance Swift is given a great chance at some point this season. I'll take that upside with my RB3.

Round 5

  1. Richard - Melvin Gordon, RB25, DEN
  2. John L. - Stefon Diggs, WR21, BUF
  3. Jonathan C. - T.Y. Hilton, WR22, IND
  4. Joe - DJ Chark, WR23, JAC
  5. Jon W. - Cam Akers, RB26, LAR
  6. Keith - D.K. Metcalf, WR24, SEA
  7. Dave - Mark Andrews, TE3, BAL
  8. Kevin - Robert Woods, WR25, LAR
  9. Dennis - Zach Ertz, TE4, PHI
  10. Michael - James Conner, RB27, PIT
  11. Mark - A.J. Green, WR26, CIN
  12. AJ - Deebo Samuel, WR27, SF

In this round, we started to see a couple more tight ends come off the board. This is likely due to teams thinking they get a leg up over other teams having one of the top tight ends.

I don't agree with this strategy, as I'd rather load up on backs and receivers to build as much depth as possible.

One other pick I was interested in hearing the reasoning for is John LaPresto's pick of Stefon Diggs. I've lowered his rank now that he is in Buffalo with Josh Allen and his accuracy issues. John has four reasons why he likes Diggs a lot this season

"1. Per PFF Diggs leads the NFL in contested catch rate over the last three seasons, so I don't think Allen will be as big of a deterrent as some.

2. Diggs is an elite route runner, which I'm not sure Allen has had at his disposal.

3. John Brown and Cole Beasley put up roughly 1,800 yards between them, proving Allen can feed a WR enough to be successful.

4. I like Singletary and Moss out of the backfield but I wouldn't consider either of them pass-catching backs. I think the short and intermediate stuff will be there for a WR like Diggs"

Embed from Getty Images
All very good stats and points. Personally, I love Allen as a fantasy Quarterback due to his running ability, but as a passer, his receivers take a pretty big hit.

My pick

I went back to the receivers here. I was pleasantly surprised to see DJ Chark waiting for me here.

Chark was a WR2 last season finishing with over 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns. Most of that was with Gardner Minshew under center too. So 2020 is looking good for Chark now that the Jags traded Nick Foles

Round 6

  1. AJ - Ronald Jones, RB28, TB
  2. Mark - Jarvis Landry, WR28, CLE
  3. Michael - Dak Prescott, QB3, DAL
  4. Dennis - J.K. Dobbins, RB29, BAL
  5. Kevin - DeVante Parker, WR29, MIA
  6. Dave - Kyler Murray, QB4, ARI
  7. Keith - David Montgomery, RB30, CHI
  8. Jon W. - CeeDee Lamb, WR30, DAL
  9. Joe - Terry McLaurin, WR31, WAS
  10. Jonathan C. - Tyler Boyd, WR32, CIN
  11. John L. - Mike Williams, WR33, LAC
  12. Richard - Michael Gallup, WR34, DAL

This Round was dominated by Receivers now that most teams have three Running Backs. We also saw two more Quarterbacks go off the board. The most interesting one is Kyler Murray to Dave as he now gets to pair him with his first-round Wide Receiver, DeAndre Hopkins.

However, I'm most curious about Jon Witt's pick of CeeDee Lamb. Here is what he said.

"At Oklahoma Lamb had a knack for winning at the line of scrimmage and lining up all over the field.

With Cooper and Gallup already in the fold, I think Dallas will find creative ways to get Lamb the ball in space. He is in a potent offense with a QB who isn’t afraid to let it fly."

Embed from Getty Images

I don't disagree with any of this. My feeling is he is a rookie WR that is going to be the fourth target on his team after Cooper, Gallup and Zeke. To take him over his own teammate, Gallup, and many other receivers who I expect to get many more targets and produce is puzzling to me.

My pick

I rounded out the first six rounds with Terry McLaurin. I don't typically target Redskins in Fantasy, but he was easily the highest-ranked receiver left. Personally, I think I got both him and Chark at bargains so I'm very happy.

McLaurin will be a bit inconsistent, due to poor Quarterback play in Washington. However, McLaurin proved he can overcome that enough to be a very good receiver in Fantasy.

Rounds 7-16

I'm not going to go through each round as I did above. Instead, I will be highlighting some of the more interesting picks/trends to me.

Vets of the teams that drafted Running Backs

I am fascinated just how far all the vets of the teams that drafted running backs fell. Especially when you compare them to their fellow rookie teammates.

I'm talking about Marlon Mack (7.06), Damien Williams, (8.04) and Kerryon Johnson (8.06). I'm not saying the picks are wrong, just find the fact that we are all jumping on the rookie bandwagon this early this hard very interesting.

The late Quarterback Run

We did not see QB12, Baker Mayfield, go off the board until Round 14. You heard that right, Round 14.

I grabbed QB10, Matt Ryan, in Round 12. The same round that Carson Wentz (QB9) and Drew Brees (QB11), went. I have never been in a draft where this actually happens. Us analysts talk waiting on Quarterbacks all the time, yet I very rarely see it happen in any of my drafts.

So when looking at this draft, I would not expect to see the Quarterbacks go where they did in this one.

Round 8, Pick 1: AJ - Rob Gronkowski, TE6, TB

Before the last draft we did, Rob Gronkowski was not back in the league. I was very curious to see where he would be drafted. Well we found out that AJ likes him as the 6th Tight End off the board.

I'm not sure I buy into Gronk returning that kind of value after being out of the game for a year and before that being a major injury risk.

Round 10, Pick 7: Keith - Tom Brady, QB8, TB

I love the value here in Round 10 if this was a real draft. As mentioned above we saw Quarterbacks fall so as QB8 it is not as good of value.

I get the massive upside now that he has Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and of course Gronk. However, we have to remember he will still be 43 years-old this season so the risk of things going in the wrong direction for him and fast is high.

Round 11, Pick 8: Kevin - Latavius Murray, RB50, NO

I love this pick. RB50 is quite a steal in my mind.

Of course, when Alvin Kamara is healthy, Murray will not see enough work be in your starting lineup. However, we know from last year when Kamara is out just how good Murray can be in this offense. And he is a decent fill-in for bye weeks and injuries.

I think this makes him a worthwhile pickup even a bit earlier than this.

Check out the rest of our offseason Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers.

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