2020 Pre-NFL Draft Fantasy Football Mock Draft

by Kevin Huo
Pre-NFL Draft Mock

With the virtual NFL draft coming up on Thursday, April 23rd - and the world at a standstill - we at Fantasy Six Pack decided to have our own virtual Fantasy Football Mock Draft to fill the void. If you're a fantasy player of any experience, you know the drill. Twelve of our best and brightest took turns picking players in snake style to get an idea of how fantasy football drafts may look like before the real draft.

Obviously, these results will change with the addition of premium skill players in a week, but it will be interesting to see which players are impacted the most. I was also looking forward to getting a general idea of early tiers, as well as draft strategies.

Throughout this article, I'll break down some of the most interesting picks while inserting commentary from my fellow writers and drafters.

Without further ado, here's the draft order and the final draft board. The draft was 12-team, 0.5PPR, 1 QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX. No kickers and defenses (the correct way to play). Critique away!

  1. Richard Savill - @RRSSavill
  2. John LaPresto - @TheJohnLaPresto
  3. Jonathan Chan - @JChan_811
  4. Joe Bond - @F6P_Joe
  5. Jon Witt - @JPW2542
  6. Keith Lott - @WeTlkFntsySprts
  7. Dave Eddy - @CorporalEddy
  8. Kevin Huo - @KevinMHuo
  9. Dennis Sosic - @CALL_ME_SOS
  10. Michael Tomlin - @Tomlin3
  11. Mark Strausberg - @MarkStrausberg
  12. AJ Applegarth - @ApplegarthAlgar

Pre-NFL Draft Mock

2020 Pre-NFL Draft Fantasy Football Mock Draft

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Round 1

  1. Richard - Christian McCaffrey, RB1, CAR
  2. John L. - Saquon Barkley, RB2, NYG
  3. Jonathan C. - Ezekiel Elliott, RB3, DAL
  4. Joe - Michael Thomas, WR1, NO
  5. Jon W. - Dalvin Cook, RB4, MIN
  6. Keith - Alvin Kamara, RB5, NO
  7. Dave - Lamar Jackson, QB1, BAL
  8. Kevin - Derrick Henry, RB6, TEN
  9. Dennis - DeAndre Hopkins, WR2, ARI
  10. Michael - Davante Adams, WR3, GB
  11. Mark - Tyreek Hill, WR4, KC
  12. AJ - Joe Mixon, RB7, CIN

Embed from Getty Images

No surprises at the top of the draft with a clear tier of three running backs separating themselves from the pack, led by Richard taking Christian McCaffery. 2019's leading scorer secured himself a huge payday this offseason (four years, $64 million) amidst a ton of change surrounding the Carolina Panthers. Even a quarterback and head coaching change couldn't affect his status as top dog.

The most interesting decision lies at pick four, where Joe not only went with a receiver, but took Michael Thomas as the WR1. He explains:

"I usually like to go RB early, however, Michael Thomas is the safest player in the draft after Christan McCaffrey in my opinion. I would still take Barkley and Zeke over him but that is it since they are in a tier above the rest of the RB, but that is it.

Yes, last year is clearly a bit of an outlier as he set a record for number of receptions, but 120 receptions and 1400 yards seems easily attainable for Thomas. Some might want Devante Adams or Julio Jones over Thomas now that Emmanuel Sanders is in New Orleans but I'm not scared off by him being there. Brees has proven over the years he heavily targets his No. 1 WR despite who is there with him."

That was followed shortly by Dave with perhaps the boldest pick of the first round - and maybe of the entire draft! He took Lamar Jackson with the seventh overall pick. His reasoning below:

"Lamar Jackson had a historic Fantasy season in 2019. While I typically wait on QB’s I felt obligated to pull the trigger on Lamar and figure out the skill positions afterwards."

It's hard to argue with that, but there's something to be said about the value of taking a quarterback in the first round in a single quarterback league. Jackson will put up points, but will he put up enough points to make it worth passing up a top-tier skill position player?

My pick

I went with Derrick Henry here although I was considering Aaron Jones as well. I like Henry's safety due to his heavy volume and dominant role as well as the massive week-to-week upside.

AJ finished up the first round with another interesting pick, Joe Mixon. Mixon is talented as hell, but is seemingly always hurt and plays for a middling offense. Perhaps AJ is drafting with an eye towards Joe Burrow giving this offense an explosive lift.

Round 2

  1. AJ - Chris Godwin, WR5, TB
  2. Mark - Aaron Jones, RB8, GB
  3. Michael - Travis Kelce, TE1, KC
  4. Dennis - Nick Chubb, RB9, CLE
  5. Kevin - Julio Jones, WR6, ATL
  6. Dave - Josh Jacobs, RB10, LVR
  7. Keith - Mike Evans, WR7, TB
  8. Jon W. - Kenyan Drake, RB11, ARI
  9. Joe - Leonard Fournette, RB12, JAX
  10. Jonathan C. - Austin Ekeler, RB13, LAC
  11. John L. - Odell Beckham Jr, WR8, CLE
  12. Richard - Kenny Golladay, WR9, DET

Embed from Getty Images

AJ continues his bold picks by snagging 2019's WR2, Chris Godwin, with the first pick of the second round. Some might consider it a reach, but to be honest this is the type of pick I wish I had the cojones to make. Godwin is insanely talented and his precise route-running skills pair very well with Tompa Brady.

The first tight end is taken off the board, and it's not PFF's highest rated tight end George Kittle. Michael takes Travis Kelce who will look to repeat AGAIN as the top fantasy tight end. He argues his case below:

"I'm the biggest proponent in VBD (Value Based Drafting) that you will find, and the elite TE's provide more value than anyone outside of the Top 8 or so. Kelce had over 33 more Fantasy Points than the SECOND best TE and almost 70 more points than TE6. His last four seasons he has averaged 92 catches for 1,182 yards. He's got a longer, proven track record in a much better offense than Kittle, and I feel like regression is coming for the entire 49ers' team."

My pick

Julio Jones falls into my lap at pick 17 and he feels like a steal at WR6. Sure, sure, the old joke is he doesn't score touchdowns. But he's as close to a lock as you can get for 150+ targets and 1,400+ yards.

A surprising name in this round was Kenyan Drake. However, he averaged 16.18 fantasy points per game after his trade to the Cardinals, so perhaps it's not that surprising. That average would have been good for 6th among running backs last season and this year he should have the backfield to himself.

Round 3

  1. Richard - Todd Gurley, RB14, ATL
  2. John L. - Miles Sanders, RB15, PHI
  3. Jonathan C. - Amari Cooper, WR10, DAL
  4. Joe - Chris Carson, RB16, SEA
  5. Jon W. - Stefon Diggs, WR11, BUF
  6. Keith - George Kittle, TE2, SF
  7. Dave - D.J. Moore, WR12, CAR
  8. Kevin - Allen Robinson, WR13, CHI
  9. Dennis - A.J. Brown, WR14, TEN
  10. Michael - Marlon Mack, RB17, IND
  11. Mark - Patrick Mahomes, QB2, KC
  12. AJ - Devin Singletary, RB18, BUF

Embed from Getty Images

In Round 3, Richard pairs the 2019 leading fantasy scorer with the leading scorer from 2018, Todd Gurley. Gurley had a disappointing 2019 campaign which led to his release from the Rams. However, he still finished as RB11 on the back of his 14 total touchdowns. Here's Richard on Gurley:

"The magic seemed to disappear after two great seasons in Los Angeles. We can almost say for certain that Gurley is a timeshare running back wherever he goes from here. That said, Atlanta is actually a better situation for his fantasy outlook. Without Devonta Freeman around, the road is wide open for a resurgence. Like 2019 however, Gurley remains a risk/reward prospect and a player only for the daring maverick to own."

Truth be told, the group chat gave Jonathan a ton of flak for picking Amari "Pooper" Cooper where he did. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of mixed opinions on Cooper as a fantasy asset. He finished as the WR7 in 2019, but was the definition of a boom-or-bust player.

I had more of a question about Stefon Diggs going as WR11 to Jon. Diggs is a talented player, no doubt about it, but I'm not sure I'd invest that high of a pick in a player with Josh Allen throwing the ball to him. He is FantasyPros' WR23 and 49th ranked player right now.

My pick

There was nobody I really loved here, so I played it safe and took Allen Robinson. I figure if he can put up a WR1 season with Mitch Trubisky and others, he can do it again whether it's Mitch or Nick Foles.

From these picks and the following WR picks, a theme began to emerge. The majority of wide receivers in this range are about the same - it's all about what the owner is looking for in a player at this point. For example, I went safe with Robinson while Dennis clearly went for huge upside by taking A.J. Brown. Brown was a monster as rookie and finished as the WR8 despite only 52 catches and 84 targets. I see the vision, but those numbers seem flukey and make me very nervous.

Round 4

  1. AJ - Mark Ingram, RB19, BAL
  2. Mark - JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR15, PIT
  3. Michael - Cooper Kupp, WR16, LAR
  4. Dennis - Courtland Sutton, WR17, DEN
  5. Kevin - Raheem Mostert, RB20, SF
  6. Dave - Melvin Gordon, RB21, DEN
  7. Keith - Calvin Ridley, WR18, ATL
  8. Jon W. - Keenan Allen, WR19, LAC
  9. Joe - Adam Thielen, WR20, MIN
  10. Jonathan C. - Damian Williams, RB22, KC
  11. John L. - D.K. Metcalf, WR21, SEA
  12. Richard - Tyler Lockett, WR22, SEA

Mark betrays #RavensNation here by taking a Steeler with his fourth-round pick (kidding, obviously). JuJu Smith-Schuster is a great value here considering he was being taken as a top 5 WR last season. The return of Ben Roethlisberger puts that back in play.

Michael makes me regret my Robinson pick by sneaking Cooper Kupp (last year's WR4!) at WR16. Insane value there. I won't let that happen again. And with Brandin Cooks being shipped to Houston, that's a fantastic pick.

My pick

I went with Raheem Mostert, but Twitter didn't particularly like it. I justified it to the Twitter haters below:

At the bottom of the round, I was surprised to see D.K. Metcalf go ahead of his teammate Tyler Lockett. Metcalf started slowly before finishing the second half of the season strong, but I'm not sure he's overtaken Lockett as Russell Wilson's favorite target yet.

Round 5

  1. Richard - DJ Chark, WR23, JAX
  2. John L. - Robert Woods, WR24, LAR
  3. Jonathan C. - A.J. Green, WR25, CIN
  4. Joe - Le'Veon Bell, RB23, NYJ
  5. Jon W. - David Montgomery, RB24, CHI
  6. Keith - James Conner, RB25, PIT
  7. Dave - Terry McLaurin, WR26, WAS
  8. Kevin - T.Y. Hilton, WR27, IND
  9. Dennis - Deebo Samuel, WR28, SF
  10. Michael - Kerryon Johnson, RB26, DET
  11. Mark - Michael Gallup, WR29, DAL
  12. AJ - Tyler Boyd, WR30, CIN

No specific picks stood out to me too much in this round. Instead, I took note of the value of getting bell-cow backs such as LeVeon Bell, David Montgomery (kinda), James Conner, and Kerryon Johnson in these rounds. For round 5 picks, these running backs are at worst two-down backs for their teams with the potential to finish as top-12 fantasy running backs. I will be keeping this in mind for future drafts.

This round also demonstrates again the miasma of the wide receiver position. I wouldn't argue with you if you took any of the wide receivers in this round in any order.

My pick

That being said, T.Y. Hilton is the best wide receiver in this group and the obviously correct pick. His ceiling is sky-high with Philip Rivers in town - a quarterback proven to heavily target his WR1.

Round 6

  1. AJ - DeVante Parker, WR31, MIA
  2. Mark - Derrius Guice, RB27, WAS
  3. Michael - Will Fuller V, WR32, HOU
  4. Dennis - Ronald Jones, RB28, TB
  5. Kevin - Darrell Henderson, RB29, LAR
  6. Dave - Kareem Hunt, RB30, CLE
  7. Keith - Jarvis Landry, WR33, CLE
  8. Jon W. - Brandin Cooks, WR34, HOU
  9. Joe - Julian Edelman, WR35, NE
  10. Jonathan C. - James White, RB31, NE
  11. John L. - Darren Waller, TE3, LVR
  12. Richard - Russell Wilson, QB3, SEA

HUGE potential value for AJ with his selection of DeVante Parker at the top of the sixth round. It's hard to believe in Parker due to his questionable track record, but the numbers don't lie. He was the WR6 in 2019 with over 1,200 yards and nine touchdowns. I'd be interested to see what happens to his draft stock once we know for sure if it'll be Ryan Fitzpatrick or a rookie quarterback lining up behind center.

My pick

Okay, I'll admit it. I knew I was writing this article and wanted to make a bit of a splash by taking Darrell Henderson here. That being said, I actually think this is the perfect spot to take him. We've seen in previous years that the Rams' running back position is an absolute money-maker with Sean McVay at the helm. With Gurley out of town and only a middling running back like Malcolm Brown ahead of him, I think Henderson has a good shot to seize the role and turn some heads.

Back-to-back Patriots here at the end of the sixth round and of course Jonathan stays #onbrand by picking James White. It will be interesting to see 1) how whoever the new quarterback is affects their fantasy value and 2) what kind of offense Bill Belichek runs without Brady.

A bit of a surprising pick here with John going with Darren Waller as the TE3. There's a clear drop-off after Kelce and Kittle, but I thought Mark Andrews or Zach Ertz would be next up. If Waller can repeat his catch and yardage numbers while adding a few touchdowns, it could be a prescient pick.

Rounds 7-16

Even during quarantine, I don't have the time to go round-by-round through all these picks, so I've singled out a few that caught my eye. If you need a refresher on how our draft board shook out, feel free to check the image at the top of the page.

Round 7, Pick 1: Richard - David Johnson, RB32, HOU

I have no problems with this pick. Just taking every opportunity I have to remind the readers that Bill O'Brien traded DeAndre Hopkins for this guy. Carry on.

Round 7, Pick 9: Dennis - Jordan Howard, RB33, MIA

Unfortunately, my love affair with Jordan Howard is well documented, but guess what fellas? This is not the year I will back down from that take. Miami impressed down the stretch even though they lacked a consistent force at running back (sorry, although I do Praise the Laird). Howard could be that two-down back for them and I think Miami will be more competitive than people realize this year.

Round 8, Pick 9: Joe - Dak Prescott, QB7, DAL

Embed from Getty Images

Joe continues to show why 1) he's good at this and 2) I don't draft quarterbacks early. Dak Prescott was the QB3 in 2019 and scored over 400 fantasy points and Joe was able to snag him in the middle of the 8th round. Great pick here.

Round 9, Pick 3: Jonathan C - Jamison Crowder, WR47, NYJ

Surprisingly, Jonathan and I actually agree on something for once as I loved his pick of Jamison Crowder here in the ninth. I'll let him expound:

"Crowder has become Sam Darnold’s No.1 target after Robby Anderson’s move to Carolina. His main competition for targets will now be the oft-injured Quincy Enunwa and New York’s newest free-agent acquisition Breshad Perriman.

Crowder saw a career-high 122 targets last season, catching a career-best 78 passes for 833 yards and six touchdowns. Crowder may not put up eye-popping numbers but his consistency and chemistry with Sam Darnold (8.25 targets per game with Darnold) will make him a sneaky valuable WR3 in PPR leagues."

Round 9, Pick 4: Joe - Hayden Hurst, TE9, ATL

I promise I'm not sucking up. But seriously, although he's nearing 27 and was a backup tight end for the Ravens, Hurst was a first-round pick. More importantly, he's going to be filling a massive hole in an explosive offense (185 targets over two years) created by Austin Hooper's departure.

Round 10, Pick 7: Dave - Rashaad Penny, RB42, SEA

Penny is one of the most valuable running back backups in the league. He's my favorite type of handcuff - a guy behind an injury-prone runner who can clearly be the bell-cow guy in case of injury. Penny showed he could do it last year and Chris Carson's running style leaves him prone to miss games.

Round 11, Pick 8: Kevin - Nyheim Hines, RB48, IND

Not to pat myself on the back too much, but this is one of my favorite picks of the draft. Nyheim Hines is an Austin Ekeler-type of back who can run between the tackles and also catch the ball out of the backfield. He could be a great match with Philip Rivers and the fact that his main competition is the injury-prone Marlon Mack makes him even more enticing.

Round 12, Pick 2: Mark  - Aaron Rodgers, QB12, GB

Embed from Getty Images

Oh how the mighty have fallen. A consensus top-5 fantasy quarterback for the last decade, Rodgers was taken as Mark's SECOND quarterback (behind Patrick Mahomes). While I could argue the merits of that move, either way, it's clear Rodgers is not the fantasy god he once was.

Round 12, Pick 6: Dave - Antonio Brown, WR62, IDK


Round 13, Pick 11: Mark - Larry Fitzgerald, WR69, ARI

The fact that Mark could get Larry Fitzgerald - who is still decently productive - after Antonio Brown is... something. I'm just not sure what. But it's something.

Round 14, Pick 10: Jonathan - Ryan Tannehill, QB17, TEN

The NFL's newest big-money man is off the board at the bottom of round 14. Tannehill is probably the last quarterback I'd be comfortable going into the season with as my starter, which shows 1) the depth of the position and 2) how little I care about drafting quarterbacks.

Round 16, Pick 12: Richard - Russell Gage, WR83, ATL

And our Mr. Irrelevant is Russell Gage! Come down and collect your award @GageRussell!

All in all, thanks for joining us! Check out each of our teams in the image up top. And if you could take time to vote for who had the best team (obviously me), Joe has promised the winner one roll of toilet paper. Cheers!

Who had the best draft?


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