2020 Super Bowl Predictions: A Six-Pack of Picks

by Mark Strausberg
2020 Super Bowl Predictions

Take the over when making your Super Bowl bets. Well, that's if you want to follow our staff's 2020 Super Bowl Predictions.

We didn't ask any of them how they felt specifically about the over/under, but all seven panelists have a predicted combined score above the over/under of 54.5. Head Honcho Joe Bond was actually the most "conservative", predicting a combined score of just 58, but the totals quickly escalated from there. Kevin Huo is predicting one of the highest-scoring Super Bowls ever with a total of nearly 80 points! If you'd like to make your own bet go to bet-california to make it happen, where you can find the best sportsbooks to make your bets.

Besides projecting the score, we asked our staff to make a six-pack of various 2020 Super Bowl Predictions. Some were the standard Super Bowl winner, score, and MVP. Of course being a fantasy site, we also asked them to answer fantasy football questions like who would score the most fantasy points or will there be a DST touchdown.

However, my personal belief is that this Super Bowl seems less hyped than others. Maybe its because there's no big underdog and these teams are pretty evenly matched (at least according to 1-point line on this game!). Or perhaps because there's no team in it East of the Mississippi and therefore no East-Coast-media-bias cramming coverage down our throats. Maybe the Kobe Bryant story is pushing the coverage to later in the week. So we asked our panel what will be unique about this Super Bowl.

Therefore, that's as good a place to start with the 2020 Super Bowl Predictions.

2020 Super Bowl Predictions

What will be unique about this Super Bowl?

What I love about this question is that we got seven completely different answers. Some focused on the play on the field. Others focused on the social media aspects or the historic implications.

As previously mentioned, Kevin Huo thinks this will be the highest-scoring Super Bowl of all time. On the flip side, Selyan Lonqueux foresees defensive monster Nick Bosa winning the MVP. There have been defensive MVPs before, but Nick Bosa would be the first rookie to win it. But he also said that Tyreek Hill hits the fastest speed ever recorded in Super Bowl.

Of course, we let everyone be as subjective as they wanted. Keith Lott said, "Patrick Mahomes solidifies himself as the best player in the NFL with an unbelievable performance, throwing four touchdown pass with zero interceptions and a completion percentage above 70%. He will connect with Tyreek Hill on a 40+ yard touchdown!"

Pennsylvania native AJ Applegarth said, "Andy Reid will pay homage to his former team/Asst. Coach, Doug Pederson, and he will run the ‘Philly Special,’ with Kelce throwing a TD to Mahomes.

Joe Bond also had an Andy Reid take: "Andy Reid's team finally doesn't choke and wins the big game. That's unique right?"

But Tyler Mulligan had my favorite response to this question: Mahomes' idiot little brother will set the record for dumb Tick Toks in a single day

Some things you can't un-see, so let's quickly shift to the fantasy implications

2020 Super Bowl Predictions: Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is often about scoring touchdowns. Yet not always. Sometimes a player can have a monster fantasy day without having the most touchdowns. Therefore, we asked our panel "Who will score the most TDs or have the most fantasy points?" and gave them latitude to answer how they wished.

Spoiler alert! As Kevin succinctly replied in one word, "Mahomes".

Most TDs/Fantasy Points

Embed from Getty Images
Yes, all six of our panelists like Mahomes from a fantasy perspective. Joe said that Mahomes will throw four TDs and have the most fantasy points. AJ got even more specific. "Mahomes gets both w/ 412 Total Yds, two PaTD’s, one RuTD, one ReTD"

Keith agreed with the Mahomes selection but added that Tyreek Hill will be the highest non-QB fantasy scorer. Selyan saw it somewhat similar but tipped the scales to Hill depending on the scoring system by specifying, "Tyreek Hill scores the most fantasy pts (2 TDs, 100+ yds), three passing TDs for Mahomes". 

Not to be outdone, Tyler Mulligan was very detailed: "I predict Mahomes will throw for 320 yards,  three TDs, one INT, as well as rush for 44 yards and a TD. He's got a plethora of talented wide-receivers to chose from, not to mention one of the best tight ends in the game. The Niners' pass rough does pose issues for Mahomes within the pocket, but he's at his best when rolling out and throwing on the run. His athleticism and ability to run when necessary often goes overlooked. Expect the gunslinger to gash San Fran for a few first downs on the ground as their pass rush will have trouble containing Mahomes."

I can't say I disagree with the Mahomes pick. But I've been making DFS picks all season as well as the playoffs. From a value perspective, I am going with the super cheap Mecole Hardman whose high ceiling makes him the most valuable fantasy football option.

But let's switch to the other side of the ball.

Will there be a DST touchdown?

Embed from Getty Images
Tyler echoed some of my sentiments about Mecole Hardman:

"As much as I love the explosiveness of Mecole Hardman as a returner, I have trouble believing either the 49ers or Chiefs will give up a special teams touchdown. Defensively, the most likely scenario for a touchdown would be if a Niners lineman gets a scoop and score on a Mahomes sack/fumble. Still, I'm not betting on it."

Joe joined Tyler in the negative camp. Yet interestingly, most of our experts do foresee a DST touchdown being scored although they are split.

Selyan thinks the 49ers notch a DST touchdown and AJ also thinks that the 49ers get a pick-six.

Yet Keith thinks the Chiefs get one on a "Tyrann Mathieu pick-six late in the 2nd half".  Kevin is right there with Keith, predicting  "Jimmy is going to give one away as the Niners are forced to play catchup and that will seal the game for the Chiefs"

And finally, we come to the basics.

Basic 2020 Super Bowl Projections: Winner, Score, and MVP

Joe BondChiefs31-27Mahomes
Keith LottChiefs38-24Mahomes
Mark StrausbergChiefs34-30Kelce
Selyan LonqueuxChiefs34-31Bosa
A.J. ApplegarthChiefs38-30Mahomes
Tyler MulliganChiefs38-27Mahomes
Kevin HuoChiefs48-31Mahomes

Probably not a lot of surprises given what you read here previously. Joe, Selyan, and myself definitely see it as a less than a TD game. Which is also why I am going with the possibly surprise move of Travis Kelce. I don't think Mahomes has four TDs and if he has three, then two of them go to Kelce.

Also, I  think both starting TEs have monster games and run neck-and-neck until the final outcome is decided with less than two minutes left. Of course, I kept flip-flopping on whom I think is going to win this game. And I landed on the Chiefs. I originally was going to be bold and say George Kittle was your MVP, but it's almost never someone from the losing team.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know and maybe share with us your own 2020 Super Bowl Projections!

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