2021-22 Fantasy Basketball: Tyrese Maxey

by Yeon Lee
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Drop List

When Ben Simmons was a hot issue during the preseason, everybody worried that the Philadelphia 76ers couldn't fill the hole his absence created. Unexpectedly, one of the 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball early-season surprises has been Sixers guard Tyrese Maxey.

Maxey has been so good that no one really talks about Simmons anymore. He has put up 18.4 points, 3.7 rebounds, 4.6 assists per game in the 2021-2022 NBA season.

Yes, it has been only a handful of games and we know small sample sizes can lead to poor analysis. Indiana Pacers 24-year-old rookie Chris Duarte was a must-own player a few weeks ago, but he's a drop candidate now. By the way, Maxey just turned 21 years old.

Below I put Tyrese Maxey through the wringer to see if he is going to be consistently valuable throughout the entire season.

All data comes from NBA.com.

2021-22 Fantasy Basketball: Tyrese Maxey

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Maxey's Advanced Stats

Catch and Shoot.1610.41.131.947.1.0090.
Pull Ups.3801.22.744.246.9.2981.
Less than 10 ft.4521.
Catch and Shoot.1300.71.840.060.0----.1300.71.840.0
Pull Ups.3722.45.146.553.5.2551.63.547.5.1170.71.644.4
Less than 10 ft.4984.16.860.060.0.4984.16.860.0----

It's worth noting that more possessions don't mean more volume. Maxey's advanced stats tell us that his shooting tendency is similar to the last season. He only catches and shoots behind the arc, and the majority of his shots are attempted less than 10 feet.

What's impressive is that his shooting efficiency is not affected by the increased volume. Let's dive into his close shots more deeply.

Ja MorantMEM33.719.712.764.45.310.350.92.02.484.26.633.32.010.2
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderOKC34.921.911.351.64.18.946.22.93.582.19.442.71.35.7
De'Aaron FoxSAC35.117.210.862.94.19.343.92.63.769.54.325.11.05.8
Donovan MitchellUTA31.914.310.573.84.37.556.61.71.986.24.330.40.74.7
Bradley BealWAS36.016.510.
Luka DoncicDAL34.818.610.
DeMar DeRozanCHI35.614.510.
Dennis SchroderBOS33.216.09.760.73.86.856.
Tyrese MaxeyPHI35.710.29.694.
Malcolm BrogdonIND34.718.89.651.23.96.858.01.51.595.09.550.42.915.6
Trae YoungATL34.219.99.447.04.18.747.
Jalen BrunsonDAL30.312.98.465.23.66.456.
Giannis AntetokounmpoMIL33.
Russell WestbrookLAL35.
Paul GeorgeLAC34.914.47.853.92.85.947.
Jimmy ButlerMIA33.713.67.756.52.64.853.72.63.378.36.547.61.39.4
Damian LillardPOR35.913.37.657.32.95.850.51.51.885.75.541.31.612.2
James HardenBKN34.814.47.451.62.24.646.82.62.893.66.746.71.611.1
Zach LaVineCHI35.410.57.369.72.85.352.21.41.880.
Spencer DinwiddieWAS29.911.47.363.82.85.947.61.41.495.
Harrison BarnesSAC35.
Caris LeVertIND25.611.
Jayson TatumBOS36.912.
Pascal SiakamTOR32.110.06.362.
Collin SextonCLE28.811.
Terry RozierCHA31.310.95.954.
Anthony EdwardsMIN35.711.85.950.02.45.445.
Tyler HerroMIA33.610.85.853.52.55.446.50.60.883.
Brandon IngramNOP35.113.55.843.
Cade CunninghamDET31.610.85.752.92.54.950.00.80.990.04.743.70.98.4
LaMelo BallCHA33.113.45.742.52.56.537.80.80.892.
Dejounte MurraySAS34.515.95.333.62.46.338.30.50.950.07.748.72.213.9
Devin BookerPHX32.510.
Cole AnthonyORL34.
T.J. McConnellIND25.512.
Darius GarlandCLE34.514.
Ricky RubioCLE29.613.
Jrue HolidayMIL30.514.04.935.12.25.638.70.50.775.
Fred VanVleetTOR38.115.84.629.01.94.542.90.60.791.79.459.12.213.8
Kevin Porter Jr.HOU30.810.04.545.01.73.746.21.01.470.04.443.61.111.4
Josh GiddeyOKC29.313.34.332.11.94.541.70.40.670.07.354.71.410.4
Mike ConleyUTA28.310.
Tyrese HaliburtonSAC32.910.
Derrick WhiteSAS30.310.13.737.11.43.738.

As you can see, Tyrese Maxey has made approximately 10 drives per game, which is not a top-tier level. However, the outcome is noticeable. His 9.6 points per drive ranks 10th in the league. Given that his turnover rate is only 4%, his penetration game has been a lethal weapon for 76ers so far.

It's based on his incredible coverage. He's run 2.81 miles per game, which is the second-most in the league. His 15th best speed makes his work ethic more worthwhile.

How about his weakness?

Is he just simply flawless? The issue is his passing game. Considering the number of passes he's received and made, he should have at least generated a more meaningful outcome. However, his potential assist and assist points created are too low. The players who put up similar passing stats as Tyrese Maxey are not the core point guards on their team.

Tyrese MaxeyPHI61.
Cade CunninghamDET49.6554.60.59.512.25.89.311.7
Nikola VucevicCHI55.9474.30.57.310.
Will BartonDEN36.543.

To cover his weakness, Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid have carried the burden by distributing passes for him. They are versatile players who know how to pass. Tyrese Maxey is a young player, and it's certainly understandable he's not a good passer since it's only the second year.

However, if he keeps not passing as much while driving, the defenders would know his options are limited, which would lead to a lower field goal percentage going forward.

He Prefers the Right Side Too Much

Another one that I'm concerned about is he prefers the right side to the left side. This game is the epitome of his preference. He only attempted to penetrate once on the left side in the game. You can see the bigger dots and more dots on the right side. It's not extreme on the shot chart now, but as he plays more, it will be more extreme.

Simmons had a similar issue not being able to shoot with his left hand. Maxey's issue is a bit different. He's a better shooter than Simmons, but he looks slower on the left side than the right side. Probably it's because he's uncomfortable with shooting on the left side.

Conclusion: Maxey Is Legit, But...

I think he is one of the rookies you need to keep on the watchlist. However, usually, it's unlikely that a rookie figures out his flaw in his first full season. Based on his playstyle, he is not going to be a passer out of nowhere. He would be a scorer who puts up 18 points with a margin of 2 points. He's taken a big step forward, but his ceiling as a fantasy player this season is somewhat limited. Personally, I would keep him because he's got the fundamentals, but if there's someone offering you a proven veteran in your fantasy league, I would gladly take it.

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