2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Drop List

by Logan Sharp
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Drop List

Before we get into the 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Drop List, let's take a look back at last week's article to see what we got right and where we went wrong.

With the NBA being hit with a wave of covid-19 cases over the last week it makes getting information about your Fantasy team much more difficult. three of the five players from last week's list have entered into the league's health and safety protocols since our article last week. This means that we didn't get any new data points for these players to see if they have improved or if they are going to continue being Fantasy liabilities.

Steven Adams is one of the two players from last week's article that didn't enter health and safety protocols (the other being Lauri Markkanen). With Adams, the main issue is that his free-throw percentage was so bad that it would tank the entire category for your team. This week looking at the player-rater 15 Adams has a score of -0.77 in the free-throw percentage category, which while that isn't good it also isn't bad enough to sink the category for your team.

Looking Back at Last Week

Dennis Schroder

Last week rostered 76.6% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of -1.16
This week rostered 72.3% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of -1.16

2022 F6P Draft Cheat Sheet

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Last week rostered 67.8% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of 0.65
This week rostered 65% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of -0.34

Lauri Markkanen

Last week rostered 43.8% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of -1.09
This week rostered 43.1% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of -1.09

Montrezl Harrell

Last week rostered 92.5% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of -1.68
This week rostered 91.9% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of -1.68

Steven Adams

Last week rostered 40.2% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of 2.14
This week rostered 42.2% ESPN with a player-rater 15 of 3.34

Covid-19 and its Affect on Fantasy Basketball

A wave of covid-19 is sweeping across the NBA and its decimating entire teams. Games are being postponed and some of the games that are being played have teams playing with g-league rosters. We aren't even to the all-star break and we have already had the highest amount of different players playing in an NBA season. This isn't good for the viewing experience for the NBA and it isn't good for your Fantasy Basketball team.

It makes getting information of who is and isn't playing much more difficult as players are being ruled out right before tip-off and getting stuck in the health and safety protocols. Teams are missing their star players, which also affects how the role players on their team perform. Some teams look more like their g-league affiliate than they do their normal roster.

These things all combine to make an environment where it is extremely difficult to get information on how to build out your team. Are players playing badly because they are in a slump or is it that they are playing an unfamiliar role because their start teammates aren't playing? There is also the flip side where some players are stepping into larger roles and playing well, but they are doing it against some pretty poor competition so you can't tell if it is sustainable.

What to Look for when Dropping Players From Your Roster

With it being such an unpredictable time with so many players in and out of the lineup across the entire league we are going to have a condensed list this week. Since we are having a condensed list I am including this section which will give you so general points on what to look for in a player that you should drop from your team.

Category Sinker

A "category sinker" is a player that has the potential to sink an entire category by themselves. These players have a value of less than -2.5 in any category on the player-rater 15.

Inefficient Chucker

An "inefficient chucker" is a player that is producing negative value in both of the efficiency categories. These players are typically above average scorers and produce good volume stats on bad teams. The issue with them is that if they aren't young players they typically get fazed out of the lineup or have their minutes reduced over the second half of the season if they are on rebuilding teams. If they get traded from a rebuilding team to a competing team they typically have their role reduced and their volume stats decrease.

Consistently Mediocre

A "consistently mediocre" player is slightly above average in most if not all categories while not having any stand-out categories. These are players that don't produce more than a score of 1.00 in any given category according to the player-rater 15. These players can look appealing because their total player-rater 15 score will be positive. The issue is that they aren't making any significant contribution to any one category. These guys can fit as the end of the bench players on a balanced team, but for most teams, they are just going to be taking up a roster spot not contributing much.

2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 11 Drop List

Terry Rozier, PG/SG, Charlotte Hornets (Rostered 90.3% ESPN)

Player-Rater 15: -1.99

Terry Rozier is a player that is rostered in a lot of leagues. He puts up some good scoring numbers and just good enough peripheral numbers to be a solid contributor to your team. That's what a lot of people think when looking at Rozier, but they would be wrong.

He does score a lot of points but unfortunately, he falls into a couple of the categories of players that we listed above. Those would be the "inefficient chucker" and "consistently mediocre" categories. According to the player-rater 15to  he posted a score of -1.76 in field goal percentage and a score of -0.45 in free throw percentage. He also doesn't have a single category where he posts a score of over 1.00 according to the player-rater 15.

This makes Rozier a trap player. One that looks good on paper, but when you break down the details of what he adds to your Fantasy team the returns just aren't there.

Kyle Kuzma, PF/SF, Washington Wizards (77.3% ESPN)

Player-Rater 15:-2.45

Kyle Kuzma like Rozier is another trap player that looks better on paper than they are. Kuzma started this season strong after being traded to the Wizards. He has a larger role on offense than he had when he was on the Lakers and it looked like he was taking advantage of it.

The issue is that it hasn't continued consistently as the season has gone on. Kuzma has fallen into the "inefficient chucker" and "consistently mediocre" categories for a player. According to the player-rater 15, he has posted a score of -1.12 in field goal percentage and a score of -0.65 in free throw percentage. That combined with him not having a single category with a score higher than 1.00 means that he isn't adding any real value to your team and that he might be due for a reduced workload over the second half of the season.

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