2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 19 Drop List

by Logan Sharp
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Drop List Week 19

Before we kick off the 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 19 Drop List let’s take a look back at last week’s article to see what we got right and where we went wrong.

Since last week's article, there haven't been a ton of games since the NBA was hosting the All-Star weekend. So there isn't a ton of new data for us to look at when determining who we should be dropping and who we should be holding onto. Moving forward, teams will be shutting down players and buying them out. This will give us even more clarity on who exactly we should be targeting in our leagues and whom we should be dropping.

Looking Back at Last Week

Norman Powell

Last week rostered 68.8% ESPN with a Player Rater 15 of 2.02
This week rostered 66.8% ESPN with a Player Rater 15 of -1.44

Caris LeVert

Last week rostered 92.4% ESPN with a Player Rater 15 of 3.78
This week rostered 93.0% ESPN with a Player Rater 15 of 3.78

Hassan Whiteside

Last week rostered 40.1% ESPN with a Player Rater 15 of 3.30
This week rostered 40.2% ESPN with a Player Rater 15 of 3.30

2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 19 Drop List

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Kemba Walker, PG, New York Knicks (ESPN 61.9)

Player Rater 15: -2.12

Kemba Walker has been inconsistent all year with the New York Knicks. The only consistent thing about him this year is that you could never count on him to be in your lineup. With Kemba being reported to have been shut down by the Knicks for the rest of the year he is an obvious drop candidate since he will not be competing or putting up any numbers for your team.

Malik Beasley, SG/SF, Minnesota Timberwolves (36.0)

Player Rater 15: -0.48

After a career year, last year in limited time with the Timberwolves, Beasley has fallen back to his pre-trade value that he had when was in Denver. Out of the eight categories that standard ESPN leagues use according to the player rater 15, Beasley is posting negative value in five of them. That isn't good. And to make matters worse he is posted a massive negative value in his field goal percentage where he is posting a negative value of -1.85.

It's not all bad for Beasley. He is posting a pretty healthy score of 2.04 in the three-pointers made category. While that is good, unless you are specifically looking for a three-point specialist Beasley just isn't someone that you are going to want to roster on your team going forward.

Richaun Holmes, C, Sacramento Kings (65.5)

Player Rater 15: -0.79

A couple of weeks ago I had Harrison Barnes listed on the drop list as I didn't see how he would fit next to Sabonis and Richaun Holmes in the Frontcourt for Sacramento. It seems as though Richaun Holmes is the player that is going to be affected by Sabonis' trade to Sacramento the most.

His production has cratered across the board with the addition of Sabonis and is now posting a negative value according to the player rater 15 in six of the eight categories. That production just isn't something that you want to rostering going into the playoffs.

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