2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 2 Drop List

by Logan Sharp
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 2 Drop List

Every year you go into your Fantasy Basketball draft with a plan that you're trying to enact. Most of the time you are pretty happy with your team right after the draft.

Then the first couple weeks of the season start. Some players you drafted are underperforming.

There are players on waivers that are outperforming some of your players. It's times like these that you need to remember to calm down. It's possible that the guys on waivers are just on a hot shooting streak. Or it could be that the guys on your team are just going through a cold spell.

That being said there are a few players that I am looking to move off of after the start of this season. There are a number of different team-building strategies that someone can go for in a categories league.

I will go over one player per position/player type that you might want to look at dropping. When looking at players I have found that ESPN’s player rater is a nice and easy tool. You can use it to see the approximate value that a player is adding to your team and they even have it broken down into how it affects each individual category. I will be referencing the player rater when going over why certain players should be dropped.

2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 2 Drop List

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Reggie Jackson, PG, Los Angeles Clippers - 60.5% (ESPN)

Overall Player Rating: -0.28

The point guard that you should look to be dropping from your team early this Fantasy Basketball season is none other than Reggie Jackson. The starting point guard of the Los Angeles Clippers. Yes, the same Reggie Jackson who just played himself into a contract extension after helping Paul George get the Clippers to the conference finals without Kawhi Leonard.

Speaking of Kawhi Leonard yes, he is still out with his ACL injury. And he is expected to remain inactive for most of if not the entire season. So that should mean that Reggie Jackson gets some more usage, right? Well yes, but that is the problem. Reggie Jackson’s player rater on ESPN is currently sitting at -0.28, yes.

That means on average across all the eight categories he is hurting your team more than he is helping. The biggest negative he provides is to your FG%, in that categories Reggie Jackson is putting up a score of -2.74.

That is a massive downside to your team he can basically single-handedly sink your teams’ chances in that category. Meanwhile, he is only providing 0.76 in the points category of the player rater. While it is a positive contribution it's not something that can’t be relatively easily replaced by players commonly found on the waiver wire.

Jackson's biggest strength is his three-point shooting. In the 3PM category, Jackson is contributing 1.61 to his player rating score. So, it’s not all bad with Reggie, but it is mostly bad, unless you are in the need of some more three-point shooting and are already punting FG% I would look to steer clear of Jackson and get him replaced on your team.

Norman Powell, SG/SF, Portland Trailblaizers - 71.5% (ESPN)

Overall Player Rater: -1.11

Norman Powell unlike Reggie Jackson doesn’t have a category that almost single-handedly sinks his value. His issue is that he provides slightly negative value across the board.

In fact, Powell only has three categories that he provides positive value in. Those are FG%, FT%, and points. He just doesn’t prove game-changing value in any of those spots, besides maybe FT% where he is currently shooting a career-high 90% from the line while getting there five times per game, also a career-high. He is probably due for some regression in the FT department, but even if he’s not, is having a good FT shooter on relatively high volume really worth rostering someone who provides next to no value in 3PM, AST, REB, STL, or BLK? I don’t think so.

While the FT% might be difficult to replace there are certainly players available for you to pick up that provide more value in other categories, which can give your team a better chance of coming out on top week in and week out.

Joe Ingles, SF/SG/PF, Utah Jazz - 62.1%(ESPN)

Overall Player Rater: -2.71

While it pains me to say it, Joe Ingles was very good to my Fantasy teams last year and I drafted him in many leagues again this year, with how the Jazz retooled their bench this year Joe Ingles has lost a lot of his value in the peripheral stats. He was never great at getting you the defensive stats but he more than made up for it by scoring just enough and being efficient about it. I’m talking about knocking down a couple of threes while keeping his FG% and FT% high.

Not to mention he has triple position eligibility he could give you more rebounds than your typical shooting guard and more assists than your typical power forward. All of that is gone now. So far, the only stats that Joe Ingles is producing at a positive rate by ESPN's player rater are FG% and 3PM and even then, it is very little.

The most concerning thing is that he has had this drop in minutes and production and Rudy Gay has even played a game for the Jazz yet. When he returns Ingles might regress even further.

P.J. Washington, PF, Charlotte Hornets - 67.1% (ESPN)

Overall Player Rater: -0.83

P.J. Washington is the first and only up and comer to make this week’s list. At just 23 years old, P.J. still has room to grow and get better. The issue is that he stagnated in his second year in the league only making minimal improvements and at least so far in his third year he has regressed.

Washington might need some more time to get himself back to where he was in his first two years. Before continuing to develop from there it doesn’t appear that the Charlotte Hornets are on that same timetable. Both of their other young building blocks, LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges, appear to be making the jump to becoming stars this year.

It appears that the Hornets are trying to maximize this by trading for Mason Plumlee to solidify their starting center spot. The Hornets now have a couple of veterans in the frontcourt with Plumlee and Hayward.

I don’t expect Washington to keep shooting 28% from the field and 20% from deep, but I don’t expect him to keep shooting 100% from the free throw line either.

With Ball and Bridges breaking out this year and Charlotte having steady veterans to fill in the starting lineup, I don’t see P.J. getting as many minutes as he did in his first couple of years in the league. This unfortunately really limits his upside.

Chris Boucher, C/PF, Toronto Raptors - 71.1% (ESPN)

Overall Player Rater: 0.6

So here we have it the last player that you should drop on this week’s column. He is also the only player to have a positive player rater score on this week’s column.

So, if he has a positive player rater that means that he is overall a positive player to have on your team, right? Well, yes, but Boucher provides a lot of value in one category in particular. That would be blocks. He provides 2.05 points of value on the player rater scale in blocks alone.

The issue is that he basically gives all of that value back in FG%. He posts a score of -1.91 for FG%. That is almost Reggie Jackson level of bad where he can potentially make it really difficult for your team to compete in that category.

To make matter worse FG% and BLKs normally go pretty well together when constructing your team. That is to say that players that generate a lot of blocks for your team also usually have a relatively high FG%.

So, in the build of your team where you would want the blocks that Boucher provides, he is actively hurting the other category that you should be really good at. Boucher’s production in the other six categories is nothing to write home about. He won’t be a great help in any of them, but he won’t sink your teams’ chances in them either.

The issue with him is it is just really hard to fit him into a team. You need to be good at getting blocks, but also be punting FG% to get the best value out of him.

There is also the issue that he is only playing around 12 minutes a game. This means that his numbers might go up if he can earn himself so more minutes. Although I think it is more likely for his minutes to drop even further once Pascal Siakam comes back from injury. In the worst-case scenario, Boucher could potentially get dropped from the rotation completely. I would rather get out in front of the issue and drop him now. Rather than having to deal with that later on in the season.

So, there it is, the five players that you should drop from your categories league after the first week and a half of the season. These were five players that were as of Wednesday, October 27th rostered in over 60% of ESPN Fantasy Basketball leagues that I believe should be dropped in most leagues.

There are scenarios where these guys could be rosterable on teams. While some of them might bounce back this season I think all of these players have fairly low upside. Meaning that your team is most likely going to be better off without them this season.

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