2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 3 Drop List

by Logan Sharp
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 7 Drop List

In last week's article, 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 2 Drop List, we used ESPN's player rater to gauge how the players had been performing so far in the season. The overall player rater isn't what I will be using for the 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 3 Drop List.

The player rater is a cumulative statistic, which means that it doesn't give you the players per game impact but instead just their impact over all the games that the player has played so far this season. This gives players who have played more games an advantage in racking up their player rater scores.

Luckily, besides just the player rater, ESPN also has the player rater 7, player rater 15 and player rater 30. The numbers following player rater indicate how many days back to the stat is tracking.

The player rater 15 is what I will be using in this week's article. The reason being is that in the NBA teams play different amounts of games every week, so using the player rater 7 will overrate any player coming off of a 4 game week. Going back two weeks still gives you a snapshot of how the player has been performing recently, while also evening out the number of games that each team will be playing.

Before we get into who we should be dropping this week, we should take a quick look back at who we were looking to move on from last week. This gives us an opportunity to see what we did correctly and where we went wrong.

Looking Back at Last Week

Reggie Jackson

Last week rostered 60.5% ESPN with an overall player rater of -0.28

This week rostered 54.8% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -0.89

Norman Powell

Last week rostered 71.5% ESPN with an overall player rater of -1.11

This week rostered 65.7% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 1.07

Joe Ingles

Last week rostered 62.1% ESPN with an overall player rater of -2.71

This week rostered 58.5% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 1.70

P.J. Washington

Last week rostered 67.1% ESPN with an overall player rater of -0.83

This week rostered 65.3% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 2.95

Chris Boucher

Last week rostered 71.1% ESPN with an overall player rater of 0.60

This week rostered 61.2% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -0.25

From last week's list all of the players we listed saw a drop in their roster percentage on ESPN. Only two of them had a lower player rater 15 than they had overall player rater a week ago, but the other three still aren't doing enough where they are must roster players by any means.

The only one of the five that I would look at going forward is P.J. Washington. He had a couple of good games last week and improved his field goal percentage and with Charlotte having some issues with size in their frontcourt, I could see Washington getting more run as the season goes along.

2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 3 Drop List

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Eric Bledsoe, PG/SG, Los Angeles Clippers - 60.5% (ESPN)

Player Rater 15: 1.44

Last week, we kicked off the Drop List with a Clippers point guard and this week we are gonna run it back and start the list with another Clippers point guard. The case for Bledsoe being on this list is basically the same as the case was for Jackson last week. He really only has one category that he is a meaningful positive for your team. Last week with Jackson it was 3PM. For Bledsoe the category he provides value at is STL. Which to be fair is a much more difficult category to find value at than 3PM is.

Unfortunately for the people in 60.5% of ESPN leagues that still have Bledsoe on their roster, like Jackson, he just tanks your FG%. Bledsoe is putting up a score of -1.16 in the FG% category on the player rater 15. The bad news doesn't stop their though. He is also providing negative value in the FT%, 3PM, and REB categories. While providing only minimal value in AST, BLK and PTS. Not to mention that so far Bledsoe is averaging a career-high 0.8 BLKs per game. I see that number coming down to where he has been at the last few years at around 0.3-0.4 BLKs per game. This means that one of the categories that he is providing a little bit of value at currently is most likely isn't going to stay that way.

So, unless you really need some steals and a bit of assists and are already punting your FG% you are going to want to steer clear of Bledsoe.

Andrew Wiggins, SF/SG, Golden State Warriors - 89.7% (ESPN)

Player Rater 15: 2.28

Wiggins being on this list is probably going to surprise some people. Before people go crazy, let me just say that I only recommend dropping Wiggins in a Category league format. In a points league or a Roto league, Wiggins is still a valuable player.

The reason for that is that in a points league Wiggins scores around 15-17 points a game on slightly above average efficiency. Meaning that while he won't be one of your star players he will be a consistent contributor.  In a Roto league where you are competing against the entire league over the season with a ranking in each category, Wiggins is also valuable. This is because Wiggins doesn't have a single category that he will sink you in. He is pretty consistent across the board. This makes him valuable in those leagues to be able to plug either in your utility spot or when one of your better players goes down with an injury.

Why I don't think Wiggins is valuable in category leagues is his lack of upside. While Wiggins doesn't have a single category where he will sink your team, his lowest is FT% where he is at -0.54. He also doesn't have a single category where he will provide a strong showing for your team. This can be seen since he doesn't have a category where he provides more than a score of 0.90 in the player rater 15.

If you have a really good balanced team, sure Wiggins could fit in there as your 12th or 13th best player. But chances are most people that are rostering Wiggins are doing so on a team that is punting at least 1 category. And in those situations, it's better to move off of Wiggins and get someone onto your team that fits your punting strategy and can provide you a major positive boost in a category that you are lacking.

With Wiggins being rostered in almost 90% of leagues on ESPN you should try to trade him for a player that fits your team better before dropping him and going to the free agency pool. That being said if you can't get a trade to work with him don't be afraid to drop a low upside player to make your team better.

Keldon Johnson, SF/PF, San Antonio Spurs - 63.5% (ESPN)

Player Rater 15: 0.28

Keldon, like P.J. Washington in last week's list, is a third-year player who is struggling to start the year. He is having some of the same issues with his efficiency to start the year too. with Washington last week he at least had shown consistent production his first 2 years in the league. With Keldon his efficiency has dropped as his volume increased over his first two years. It appears that that trend is continuing this year.

While I don't expect Keldon to continue to shoot 15.8% from three, I also don't expect him to be above the low 30s. He also runs into the same problem as Wiggins. He just doesn't provide the great category that can really help your team. Unlike Wiggins though Keldon does tank one of your categories. That would be FT% where he is providing a -1.45 score on the player rater 15.

Keldon just doesn't provide a standout category. That along with his efficiency categories taking a hit with his higher volume role limit his upside.

Thaddeus Young, PF/SF/C, San Antonio Spurs - 42.9% (ESPN)

Player Rater 15: -3.44

Normally I wouldn't have a player listed that is rostered in less than half of leagues. But with Thaddeus Young, I am going to make an exception. That's because I just can't see how he is rostered in over 40% of leagues. He should be rostered in under 10%.

Seriously the Spurs have played seven games this year. In three of those games, Young was a healthy scratch. In two of the four games, he did play he was on the court for less than 10 minutes.

This guy just doesn't play enough to get you any value in any category period. He will only hurt your team. Unless you are in a 16 team league or something of that nature there are better players available.

There really isn't much to say on this guy. He doesn't play. If you have him on your team drop him and find someone who actually plays.

Ivica Zubac, C, Los Angeles Clippers - 53.9% (ESPN)

Player Rater 15: -2.04

Here we have another Clipper. We also have another do-nothing player. Zubac, like Wiggins and Keldon, doesn't provide a meaningful contribution in any category. His best category is FG% where he has provided a score of 0.90 on the player rater 15. His worst category is FT%, in which he has a player rater 15 score of -1.91. That is bad enough to potentially tank that whole category.

I guess the bright side is that if you are planning to roster a bunch of centers you are probably looking to have a good FG% and are probably punting FT%. So, Zubac should fit into a team built that way right? Wrong. He provides basically no REBs or BLKs which are normally strengths of those types of teams. He also takes up one of your four available center spots.

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