2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 7 Drop List

by Logan Sharp
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 7 Drop List

Before we get into the 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 7 Drop List, let's take a look back at last week's article. So we can see what we got right and what we got wrong.

Well, the glaring mistake last week appears to be Christian Wood. He went from a player-rater 15 score of -1.22 up to a score of 5.22. What happened exactly? The Rockets cut Daniel Theis from their rotation giving Wood more room to work with. With the opened-up space, he put together his best week so far this season.

Wood fixed his lower-than-average field goal percentage and put up some pretty big block numbers. He still generates almost all of his value in the rebounds and blocks categories, while giving up value in the free throw percentage department. The rest of his categories though are slightly above average and trending in the right direction.

As for the other four players on last week's list, some of them improved a little while some of them got a little worse. None of them I would say are putting up numbers that I would want to roster in a categories league.

Looking Back at Last Week

Kemba Walker

Last week rostered in 79% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 0.31
This week rostered in 69.2% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -0.55

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Last week rostered in 60.7% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -1.05
This week rostered in 55.7% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 0.34

Caris Levert

Last week rostered in 86.2% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -0.08
This week rostered in 85.3% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 1.96

Marvin Bagley

Last week rostered in 36.3% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -6.38
This week rostered in 38.7% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -2.98

Christian Wood

Last week rostered in 96.9% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -1.22
This week rostered in 97.6% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 5.74

2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 7 Drop List

Spencer Dinwiddie, SG/PG, Washington Wizards (Rostered 86.1% ESPN)

Player-Rater 15: -0.71

We kick off this week's list with Spencer Dinwiddie, who started this season off well but has cooled down as of late. With Dinwiddie, you know what you are getting out of him. He provides your team with points, assists, and 3-pointers made. The issue is he isn't providing substantial value in any of those categories.

He is providing positive value in each of the three categories listed above it just isn't a lot. Going by the player-rater 15 he is providing 0.15 for points, 0.68 for assists, and 0.72 for 3 pointers made. None of those are above a value of 1.00 so they aren't going to be making or breaking your team.

On the other hand, Dinwiddie provides negative value in field goal percentage, free throw percentage, steals, and blocks. If you are going to be rostering someone who is providing negative value in half the categories they need to make up for it by being great in at least two of the other four.

As of now Dinwiddie just isn't providing the value that you want from someone on your team.

Jalen Green, SG, Houston Rockets (64.5%)

Player-Rater 15: -1.52

Jalen Green like many rookie guards is struggling in terms of fantasy value. The weird thing is guards normally struggle with their efficiency numbers, whereas Green has actually had a positive impact in both efficiency categories over the last 15. Where he is struggling is in the raw volume categories.

Over the last 15 days, Green is providing negative value in five categories. The only categories that he is providing positive value are field goal percentage, free throw percentage and points.

Green also recently had a hamstring injury that is supposed to have him out of the lineup for a week or two. He isn't providing the value when healthy to warrant using your IR space on him if your league has one. I know having the rookies brimming with potential on your team is exciting, but if you are trying to win your league you probably shouldn't be rostering Jalen Green the rest of the season.

Thaddeus Young, PF/SF/C, San Antonio Spurs (45.5%)

Player-Rater 15: -2.59

The above tweet illustrates the concerns I had for rostering Thaddeus Young in a previous article. The Spurs are a young up-and-coming team. Thaddeus Young fits as a backup big man that can fill spot minutes all across the frontline for a contender. He just doesn't have a role on his current team.

If he gets traded to a contending team with a thin front court at some point this season, then he could be worth a look. As it sits now though there really isn't much reason to roster him unless the Spurs start having injuries to their frontcourt again.

Isaiah Stewart, C/PF, Detroit Pistons (59.7%)

Player-Rater 15: -0.44

Isaiah Stewart is an interesting player. He has a negative player-rater 15 score, coming in at -0.44, which isn't good. In fact, he provides negative value in six of the eight categories that standard ESPN leagues use.

The two categories that he provides positive value in are rebounds and blocks, where he has provided as score of 1.32 for rebounds and 1.19 for blocks according to the player-rater 15. Those are significant positive contributions for those categories.

If you need help in both rebounds and block, while being able to eat a small negative in the other categories Stewart might be worth a look for your team. That is a pretty specific team build though and isn't going to apply to most teams.

Jakob Poeltl, C, San Antonio Spurs (79.9%)

Player-Rater 15: -2.59

Jakob Poeltl like Stewart is an interesting case. Where Stewart had two categories that he was providing a significant positive contribution in, Poeltl has three. Those being field goal percentage, rebounds, and blocks.

The difference really turns on the negative value they provide in the respective categories. Stewart doesn't have a category where he is providing less than -1.00, so no teamwide category killing negatives. Poeltl on the other hand is providing a whopping negative value of -4.6 in the free-throw percentage category according to the player-rater 15.

That is a massive negative. Rostering Poeltl literally means that you are going to lose the free-throw percentage category week in and week out. The only way that you should be rostering him is if you are going the punt free throw percentage route. In that case, Poeltl could provide some good value for your team, but otherwise, you want to steer clear of him.

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