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2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Drop List


Before we get into the 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Drop List, let’s take a look back at last week’s article to see what we got right and where we went wrong.

Looking back at last week’s list everyone performed how we expected them to except for Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose had always been providing what value he did with the free throw percentage and assist categories and that continued. The thing that changed was that previously Rose had been a minor negative across five categories, whereas now the only two where he was providing negative value were field goal percentage and blocks, which can both be expected out of a point guard.

As for the other four players, they remained pretty stagnant in terms of how we expect them to produce their value. With Robert Williams, it appears that he took a similar leap forward across categories that Rose did. Except when you look at the category break down there are very minor improvements outside of blocks and field goal percentage, which we already had the categories where he was providing value. Whereas  Rose improved across multiple categories, Williams simply performed better at the things that he was already good at whereas the other considerations largely remained negative.

Looking Back at Last Week

Derrick Rose

Last week rostered in 52.3% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 0.36
This week rostered in 54.2% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 4.53

Jordan Clarkson

Last week rostered in 61.5% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 3.55
This week rostered in 60.8% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 3.55

Carmelo Anthony

Last week rostered in 63.6% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 3.11
This week rostered in 61.3% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 3.11

Robert Williams

Last week rostered in 85.2% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -2.72
This week rostered in 84% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 2.53

Andre Drummond

Last week rostered in 45.5% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 1.15
This week rostered in 44.8% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 0.57

2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 9 Drop List

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Eric Bledsoe, PG/SG, Los Angeles Clippers (Rostered 54.9% ESPN)

Player-Rater 15: -0.02

Eric Bledsoe makes a return to our weekly drop list. The reason is simple. He is providing negative value in five of the eight categories used by ESPN.

Granted two of the three categories that he is producing positive value in, he is adding significant value. In the assist category, Bledsoe is providing 1.29 points of value by the player-rater 15 scale. He is producing 1.81 points of value for steals by the player-rater 15 scale.

So if your team is in dire need of both steals and assists then Bledsoe might be a good pick up for you. The issue is that those are the only two categories where he is providing any real value and he is losing value in five of the remaining six categories.

Devonte Graham, PG/SG, New Orleans Pelicans (71.9%)

Player-rater 15: -0.71

Devonte Graham and the Pelicans are struggling without Zion Williamson. Graham is an undersized guard who is known to provide teams a healthy dose of points, mostly from three-pointers, and assists. So, it should be concerning that by the player-rater 15 scale Graham has produced negative value in the points category and minimal positive value in the assist category.

He has produced -0.16 points of value for points and 0.16 points of value in assists, which means if you add up two of the three categories he is supposed to be good at, you come out to a wash with no value gained.

Currently, by the player-rater 15 scale, Graham has four positive and four negative categories. The only category that is making a major contribution, either way, is his field goal percentage, where he has produced -1.22 points of value. That isn’t great and you can find a better guard with which to round out your team.

Harrison Barnes, SF/PF, Sacramento Kings (85%)

Player-rater 15: -4.51

Harrison Barnes started this season on fire and was one of the best fantasy-producing forwards around. That hot streak is now over. Barnes had already started to cool off before he missed about a week’s worth of games. Since he has come back his production has continued to plummet.

I was surprised to see that Barnes had produced negative value in all eight categories over the last two weeks according to the player-rater 15. With him starting the season so hot you might be able to find a trade partner that would want him. You could also hold onto him for a bit and see if he bounces back from his slump.

Unfortunately with the Kings organization in disarray, I don’t see Barnes regaining a good form for an extended period again this season.

Chris Boucher, C/PF, Toronto Raptors (55.3%)

Player-rater 15: -1.87

Chris Boucher is another guy making a repeat appearance on our weekly drop list. His minutes have been inconsistent all season not leaving him any room to get into a groove and carve out a good niche for your fantasy basketball team.

That is until this last stretch of games where Boucher has played 22, 28, 22, and 32 minutes respectively in each game. The issue is that even with this increased playing time Boucher still produced negative value in all but two categories on ESPN. He just isn’t good enough that you should be rostering him.

Daniel Theis, C/PF, Houston Rockets (37.3)

Player-rater 15: -3.8%4

Daniel Theis is becoming a regular on our weekly list. This guy fits into the same category as Thaddeus Young. He is a veteran player on a bad team full of young guys. He just isn’t going to be getting enough minutes to be fantasy relevant unless he ends up on a veteran team with a thin frontcourt.

Theis also matched Harrison Barnes in accomplishing an impressive feat over these last two weeks. Like Barnes, Theis has produced negative value in every single category that ESPN tracks according to the player-rater 15.

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