2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Weeks 6 Drop List

by Logan Sharp
2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Weeks 6 Drop List

Before we get into this week's 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 6 Drop List let's take a look back at last week's article. Basically, everything that we thought would happen turned out to be correct.

The only player of the five we looked at last week that had a better player rater 15 score than last week was Joe Ingles, but he still had a negative score. Joe just isn't doing enough now to be a fantasy-relevant player this year unless something changes with the Jazz.

As for the four other players their trends continued as they have some real issues in multiple categories each.

Looking Back at Last Week

Kevin Porter Jr

Last week rostered in 59.5% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 0.76
This week rostered in 54.7% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -3.59

Tim Hardaway Jr

Last week rostered in 65.7% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 1.57
This week rostered in 66.9% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 1.29

RJ Barrett

Last week rostered in 81.1% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -1.07
This week rostered in 80.6% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -2.39

Joe Ingles

Last week rostered in 50.4% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -1.51
This week rostered in 48.9% ESPN with a player rater 15 of -0.43

Mitchell Robinson

Last week rostered in 60.3% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 3.39
This week rostered in 57.6% ESPN with a player rater 15 of 2.64

2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Weeks 6 Drop List

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Kemba Walker, PG, New York Knicks (Rostered 79%, ESPN)

Player Rater 15: 0.31

Kemba Walker kicks off our list week as the first of three highly rostered players. The thing to remember with players that have a high roster percentage is that it is more likely that someone in your league will want that player. This means that you should attempt to trade them before you go ahead and drop them.

The issue that I have with having Kemba on my fantasy team is one that I have brought up on previous articles for other players before. He doesn't have a standout category. He doesn't have a single category where he provides more than 1.00 points of value on the player rater 15 scale.

Kemba also splits 4/4 for positive and negative categories. Again he isn't a major negative in any category but you could do better at getting an impact player in a category that you need help.

Lets face it although Kemba started his career as an iron man these last few years he has been plagued by some knee issues. While they haven't come up so far this year I am not confident that it won't come up. These injury concerns combined with the fact that he doesn't have a standout category and he has just as many negative value categories as he does positive value categories leads me to want to move off of Kemba.

Bogdan Bogdanovic, SG/SF, Atlanta Hawks (60.7%)

Player Rater 15: -1.05

Bogdan Bogdanovic would have fit into last week's article, 2021-22 Fantasy Basketball Week 5 Drop List, where we had three players that have the same issues as Bogdanovic.

That is that Bogdanovic is basically just a three-point specialist in fantasy terms. He is an inefficient one at that providing negative value in both the FG% and FT% categories.  As is typical with these types of players Bogdanovic also provides below replacement value in both the steals and blocks categories.

If you are looking for this type of player to help you out in three-pointers made there are most likely better options available. You can either get someone who makes more threes or you can get someone who makes about the same amount while not hurting four of your other categories.

Caris LeVert, SG/SF, Indiana Pacers (86.2%)

Player Rater 15: -0.08

Per Game Table
2020-21 TOT 31.6 17.3 .441 5.5 .326 .493 3.8 .811 4.6 5.2 1.4 20.2
2020-21 BRK 27.8 16.7 .435 5.3 .349 .490 2.8 .765 4.3 6.0 1.1 18.5
2020-21 IND 32.9 17.5 .443 5.6 .318 .493 4.2 .822 4.6 4.9 1.5 20.7
2021-22 IND 25.3 14.1 .402 4.4 .208 .435 2.2 .731 2.8 3.0 0.8 13.8
Career 26.8 12.2 .433 4.1 .329 .489 3.0 .732 3.8 3.8 1.1 14.1
5 seasons BRK 25.9 11.2 .433 3.8 .339 .491 2.8 .711 3.7 3.7 1.1 13.1
2 seasons IND 31.0 16.7 .434 5.3 .294 .481 3.7 .808 4.2 4.4 1.3 19.0
Provided by Basketball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 11/26/2021.

Caris LeVert is the second of three players on this week's list that have high roster rates. In fact, he is on this week's list for the same reasons as Kemba.

Like Kemba, LeVert doesn't have a stand-out category where he really shines and can help your team. Also, like Kemba, he has some negative value categories. He actually has five categories where he provides negative value meaning that he only has three categories of positive value.

Finally, their last similarity is that they have both had the injury bug the last few years. LeVert missed the start of this season and while he has come back he hasn't played particularly well, definitely not well enough to be rostered in over 86% of leagues. He is someone that I would be looking to trade and eventually drop if I couldn't secure a trade in the next week or two.

Marvin Bagley, PF, Sacramento Kings (36.3%)

Player Rater 15: -6.38

Marvin Bagley is only rostered in 36.3% of leagues, which normally wouldn't be enough for him to show up on this list. But he put up a player rater 15 of -6.38. That is terrible.

You probably don't understand just how terrible it is to have him playing on your team. Jrue Holiday for instance put up a player rater 15 of 5.95. That means that Marvin Bagley is more of a negative to your team than Jrue Holiday is a positive to your team.

In fact, it is actually worse than that because he takes up a valuable roster spot. Think of it like this Karl-Anthony Towns is a great player. He was the No. 1 ranked center over the last 15 days with a player rater 15 score of 13.21. If you have Karl-Anthony Towns and Marvin Bagley they basically equal one Jrue Holiday.

You don't want Bagley on your team. Nobody should want Bagley on their team. He should have a roster % of 0.0% not 36.3%.

Christian Wood, C/PF, Houston Rockets (96.9%)

Player Rater 15: -1.22

Christian Wood is the final player on this week's list that has a high roster percentage. He is rostered in almost every single league as he is sitting at a roster percentage of 96.9%. Strictly because of his name value you probably don't want to drop him because he has perceived value that should allow you to find a trade for him.

Although he has trade value, based on how he has played so far he really shouldn't. He basically only has two relevant categories now. He provides a lot of value rebounding for your team. Producing a player rater 15 value of 1.9 in rebounds. The issue is that his other relevant category is FT%, where he is providing a player rater 15 value of -3.46. In the other six categories, Wood is around average.

He doesn't really provide any value to your team that you couldn't find a fine replacement for, but he does have a good name value so you should be able to trade him for an impact player or two to make your team better.

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