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2021-22 Fantasy Football NFL Playoff Rankings


Welcome to the 2021-22 Fantasy Football NFL Playoff Rankings.

The regular season is over, but Fantasy Football does not need to be. You can join Fantasy Playoff leagues and I’m guessing if you are here, you already have.

The strategy for these leagues’ drafts is quite different than your regular season strategy. You are not just predicting the performance of the players, you need to take into consideration the number of games each player will play.

Most of the time the number of games played will be a huge reason why one player outscored another if they are in the same general tier of players. This of course is not always true since we also get huge single-game performances. With a max of four games for any one team, one monster game is enough to put a player in the top-10 at their position.

A common strategy in playoff leagues is stacking the teams you expect to make the Super Bowl. This season, I’m not sure there is a clear enough favorite to implement that strategy.

A change this year is the fact that there is only one team in each conference who is getting a bye. This year it is the Titans and the Packers. This means two things.

  1. There is an increased chance that a team is going to play four games these playoffs.
  2. Even if one of these teams they do make the Super Bowl, there will be two other teams that play three games these playoffs.

One thing still rings true every season for me. I highly suggest taking a Quarterback early in this format and you will want at least two. If you are left without a QB after the second round of the playoffs you will not have a lot of success.

For these rankings. I figured the number of games per team to break down as follows:

4: Chiefs

3: Packers, Buccaneers

2: Bills, Bengals, Titans, Cowboys, Rams

1: Eagles, 49ers, Cardinals, Raiders, Steelers, Patriots

Yes, that means I’m projecting a Chiefs vs Packers Super Bowl. Now, of course, if you don’t agree with me, you will need to adjust your rankings accordingly, cause as I said before, in most cases more games played is what you want.

Good luck and I hope our Fantasy Football content helped you this season. Come back as we also will be preparing some NFL Draft content as well.

2021-22 Fantasy Football NFL Playoff Rankings

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