2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Week 22 Unsustainable Players

by Justin Cheng
2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Week 22 Unsustainable Players

The playoffs are starting. Time to strategically use your last couple of adds to prepare for the first round. Sit back and buckle up because we are diving headfirst into the 2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Week 22 Unsustainable Players.

Every Thursday over the course of the season, we will be looking at different players each week who are front of mind for Fantasy GMs. Some players may be seeing their rostered percentage increase due to a recent hot streak. Others are being traded away or dropped across many leagues because of recent struggles.

Maybe the superstar player who was supposed to be the cornerstone of your team has been a bust. Or maybe there is a guy on the waiver wire who has strung together a few impressive performances.

From here on out, my approach to Unsustainable Players will be slightly different. At this point in the season, you don't have time to wait for a slumping player to turn it around. There will be a heavier focus on players who have favorable matchups as the classic unsustainable statistics are running out of time to regress to the mean!

If you are looking for further add/drop guidance, make sure to check out Kyle's stock watch or my other Waiver Wire article from earlier this week, breaking down the effect of the flurry of Trade Deadline moves!

And as always, if you have any players that you want me to cover after the 2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Week 22 Unsustainable Players, be sure to leave a comment down below or reach out to me via Twitter - @jchengWPG.

2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Week 22 Unsustainable Players

Unsustainably High

Jesper Bratt, LW/RW, New Jersey Devils (64% rostered)

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It isn't too often that a player goes from being a late-round pick to one of the more exciting players on a team. Many Devils fans have been bringing attention to the play of Jesper Bratt, but this year others around the league have started to take note.

After finishing around 0.5 points per game in each of his first three years, Bratt took a big step forward last year. Playing on an up-and-coming Devils squad, the former sixth-round pick finished with 30 points in 46 games. This season, he has taken another massive step forward. Through 58 games, Bratt has put up 21 goals and 41 assists.

A large chunk of this production has come over the past month. Bratt has scored seven goals and added 13 assists over the past 28 days. He has also been shooting more as of late. During this hot streak, he has been averaging exactly 3.0 shots per game.


I would not bank on this level of production going into the playoffs. Not only is it likely that Bratt experiences some negative regression, but New Jersey also has a rough schedule next week.

Bratt is currently shooting at 16.7% over the past 14 games. Compare this to the 6.9% he shot at last season and the 10.6% he has averaged over the past three. While part of this increase can be attributed to natural development for a 23-year old in the National Hockey League, this is still too high for my liking.

Additionally, New Jersey does not play any games until Thursday next week. They play three games - Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. All three games are on heavy nights when more than half of the teams are playing. There is a non-zero chance that Bratt will be riding the bench on one or two of those nights. I would bet that four games from a top waiver pickup will outperform one game from Bratt.

Unsustainably Low

Teuvo Teravainen & Andrei Svechnikov, LW/RW, Carolina Hurricanes (83% & 99% rostered)

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What a tale the two European wingers have been this season. Almost in sync, Teuvo Teravainen and Andrei Svechnikov have been consistently inconsistent. When one is hot, the other is not. When one slows down, the other seems to pick up steam.

Part of it is that they have been playing on separate lines for most of the season. And the rest of it is a testament to Carolina's depth at forward.

However, over the past two weeks, both have been struggling. This may be part of the reason that Carolina has barely broken .500 over their last 10 games. Over that span, Svechnikov has only managed to register four assists. Teravainen has added two of his own.

Andrei Svechnikov100432321219:0066.0%
Teuvo Teravainen10021151318:5064.0%

If anyone can turn it around over the next week, it is these two. Both are playing significant minutes - Svechnikov is up to 19 minutes per game and Teravainen is averaging 18:50. I would also expect the addition of Max Domi to benefit one or both of them. I could envision a situation where Domi slots in on the second line, reuniting Teravainen and Svechnikov on the Canes' top line.

Additionally, Carolina has a relatively good schedule, particularly early in the week. They play Washington on Monday night when there are very few games on the slate, followed by Tampa on Tuesday. On Thursday they have a good matchup against the struggling Canadiens. This gives you a little bit of extra flexibility towards the end of the week. If you are behind and need to make up some games, you could consider dropping one or both Canes players without losing many games.

Sustainably High

Tyler Toffoli, LW/RW, Calgary Flames (67% rostered)

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Since being traded to the Calgary Flames, Toffoli has looked like a new man. After struggling early on a Canadiens team that has a ton of problems, Toffoli seems to have found a good home in Calgary.

Over the past month, Toffoli has been everything the Flames were hoping for. He has six goals and seven assists through 14 games. He has also added 13 hits, bringing some added value beyond just points.


What I find intriguing about Toffoli is that as of late, he has been playing alongside Elias Lindholm and Johnny Gaudreau on the Flames' first line. This provides an immediate boost in value over the role he had earlier, playing alongside Mikael Backlund as a de facto third-liner.

Calgary also has one of the better playoff schedules. Next week is a rough week where they only play three tough opponents. During the semi-finals, though, the Flames get to feast on the four Pacific coast teams - L.A., Anaheim, San Jose, and Seattle. If you have a bye or are confident in your ability to move on, I would consider getting a jump on Toffoli if he is still available in your league.

David Perron, LW/RW, St. Louis Blues (78% rostered)

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David Perron is one of those players that feels like they have been around the league forever. He has played three separate stints with the St. Louis Blues, which probably adds to this sentiment.

This year has been another solid year for the grizzled veteran. Through 48 games, Perron has scored 22 goals and added 20 more assists. 12 of these points have come over the past two weeks. During this span, he has found the back of the net nine times over just six games.


While Perron's 27.3% shooting percentage over the past two weeks is unsustainable, he is still an above-average shooter. On the season, Perron is shooting at 16.7%, which I think is very realistic for the perennial 20-goal scorer. Further, his IPP and oiSH% are sitting at 72% and 12.1% respectively on the season. While Perron may not continue to average 1.5 goals per game, he should be a lock for just under a point-per-game.

St. Louis also has a very favorable schedule this week. They play Vancouver twice - both on off-nights - to start the week. They end the week with a back-to-back against the Oilers and Flames. Of those teams in Western Canada, the only team I trust to keep the puck out of the back of their net is Calgary.

Sustainably Low

T. J. Oshie, C/RW, Washington Capitals (66% rostered)

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Last week we covered Nicklas Backstrom as one of our sustainable low players. This week, we cover his linemate and long-time teammate T. J. Oshie.

The 35-year-old Oshie has had a rough go of it this year. Injuries have limited him to just 28 games this season. Even when he has been in the lineup, Oshie has been scoring at just a 59-point pace. If he doesn't turn it around, this season will be the first time since 2012-13 that he has failed to break the 30-point mark.

Over the past month, things have been more of the same. Oshie has managed to score just three goals and three assists through 11 games. This simply is not good enough to be commanding a roster spot in most shallower leagues.


For starters, Oshie is out with injury again and is questionable for the game coming up against Buffalo. Because he is only listed as day-to-day, you can't even stash him in a traditional IR spot, and he is burning a valuable roster position.

Even if Oshie does return, the Capitals play just two games next week. They play Monday against Carolina and then have to wait all week to play Minnesota on Sunday. If Oshie is not back in the lineup by Monday, you will only be getting one game out of him during this crucial week. You can almost certainly find better value sitting on the waiver wire at this time of year.


And with that, we wrap up our coverage of the 2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Week 22 Unsustainable Players.

Every Thursday throughout this series we will be looking at the hottest and coldest players in the league. If you have any players that you want me to cover, be sure to leave a comment down below or reach out to me via Twitter @jchengWPG.

Advanced stats and analytics are taken from Natural Stat Trick.

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