2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Week 8 Waiver Wire

by Matt Johnson
Stanley Cup

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers! Hopefully, it was all food and merriment and you weren't trampled in a Black Friday trot.

Let's get into the fantasy hockey version of hot or not (remember that? Oh boy...) with the 2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Week 8 Waiver Wire!

One thing to remember, this is all very subjective on a league-by-league basis. Brayden Point might be droppable in an 8-team bangers league. Honestly, probably shouldn't even be rostered in a league like that anyway. So take all of this with a heavy grain of salt.

For some serious in-depth analysis, Dobber Hockey Frozen Tools has a great player comparison program if you are having trouble deciding on an add/drop.

Now, on with the show!




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I might be a little late to the party with this one, I know I am in a couple of my leagues at least. However, at only 29% ownership in Yahoo leagues that means he's around for some of y'all! Don't make the same mistake I did.

So, if you hadn't noticed, Buffalo isn't exactly an offensive weapon. There is lots of space for someone to come in and take a leading role as a goal-scorer. In his early career, he was averaging about (1.9 SOG/G) and so far this year he's pacing (2.9) which is outstanding. With the lack of depth on the team, he's getting career highs on even-strength and powerplay ice time. He's also playing on the top line with Jeff Skinner and Victor Olofsson. Not terrible company.

Now let's bring it back down to Earth a bit here, observe this table:


If you aren't sure what PDO is, this wiki page gives a brief description. Basically, a player below 1000 should see positive regression (IE; more points) and anyone above 1000 too long should see a slowdown. His table is slightly skewed by the fact he is still young and it's a relatively smaller sample size. But it does show how he's been running hot, so don't expect it to continue.

Regardless of how out of control he is, Buffalo is leaning heavily on him to forecheck and produce in the offensive zone. If he keeps shooting and playing with other snipers like Skinner and Olofsson, the points should continue to roll. Don't forget that Alex Tuch will be here eventually and should serve as an even better linemate.


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Another kid I thought I'd be too late to the party, but at only 16% ownership in Yahoo, that means he's still kicking.

Let's start with a little highlight reel:

Now, sure, this is 100% a team effort; and as you can see he's right in the middle of it with a cheeky little pass right in front of the net. He's playing with elite playmakers like Andrei Svechnikov and Sebastian Aho, that's pretty tight. The Canes do tend to tinker with the lines so things can rise and fall as the weeks go on. But he's a hot hand now and that's the play.

I mentioned in an earlier article when discussing Lucas Raymond that rookies can be a dangerous game, and that applies here. There is no book on him at the NHL level yet. It's worth noting he has officially activated his Entry-Level Contract (ELC), and if the Canes are going to pay him, they will play him.

As with Tage, Seth is running pretty hot right now. If he's not getting point production, there aren't a lot of peripherals to fall back on; consider yourself warned. Rod Brind'Amour rewards tenacity. As a young gun, he will have a lot to prove. As long as he doesn't let his defensive responsibilities slide, he should see more and more ice time.


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There you go, a one-percenter! I'm quite surprised his ownership is so low. The sharks are proving that a couple of really poor years are finally showing signs of positive regression. The Kane curse has been lifted! ... well, hopefully. He might be coming back, but who knows what that looks like.

There isn't really a deep dive on this one, he's not known as a gifted offensive forward or anything. He's a role player that's doing his job right now. He has (16) hits in his last 5 games, averaging (1.9) SOG, he's also only shooting at (5.3%) right now with a career average of (9.1%) so more goals are coming.


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Well, I was going to start off with future superstar Alexis Lafreniere, but a quick skim through Kyle's Waiver wire add/drops last week shows that he beat me to the punch. Alexis is still at 35% ownership in Yahoo leagues, and if you are in a redraft league, or anything less than maybe a keep 6 or 7, he can go bye-bye. He's just not getting the deployment.

Now, who else can we trash at this point?

Let's start off with a rather hot take.


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This one is going to sting a lot of people who picked him up expecting another uptick in production from the sniping winger. Let's get one thing out of the way, this is largely redraft or shallow league play. There is still name value and, as I've stated in another article, the Canucks won't be down this bad forever. But at this point, there will be more value in streaming.

Ice time isn't a problem (18:52 on average), he's shooting a bit below his average (2.5 SOG/G), plus lots of powerplay time and he's lining up with JT Miller and Elias Pettersson. This is a full-on system issue, watching the Canucks the last couple of games. There is just no desire to right this ship at this point. A potential team mutiny appears to be in place until a serious change is made.

Just take a quick peek at Canucks Twitter and you will see how gnarly it's getting.  If this leaves a hole in your RW designation, take a look at Josh Anderson (25%) or Craig Smith (5%) as both have had recent success.


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This one is pretty self-explanatory, the cage looks like it belongs to Jake Oettinger for the interim and the Stars schedule sucks this week. Even if Holtby gets a start here, he could be in tough against Carolina; and Columbus has been formidable.

The Dallas cage is so flexible right now that it's not worth holding on to a stream spot when there will be plenty of options on the wire (Scott Wedgewood and Adin Hill come to mind). Don't get bogged down holding on to a namesake, just let them go.


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It's time. The embattled forward has been waived and there are no takers (as of late Sunday). If teams weren't going to jump on him with retained salary, I doubt they will be willing to pay his salary from the wire. Timo Meier has more than filled in the feisty forwards' shoes, and if the rumors about his penchant to be a locker room cancer are accurate, his time in the NHL is over.


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I put out an article a while back that suggested that when the Hawks start getting things going he should be in the middle of it. While they have certainly shown more fortitude than their awful start, Dach is still in the dumps.

He has good even-strength ice time (19:38 on average) and powerplay time (2:29) per game, and little production to show for it. He's getting less than (2) shots per game and no other peripherals worth rostering. He still sees a lot of time with Patrick Kane, and he could put it together by the season's end, but we can't wait and speculate here. The center position is too deep to let him take up that real estate.


That's all I got on my mind for this week. Plenty of others out there though, if you have any thoughts on add/drops, leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter @matt604outdoors.

Good luck and keep your head up!

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