2021-22 NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Yahoo Picks – Saturday

by Garrett Ball
2021-22 NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Yahoo Picks

Are you ready for some 2021-22 NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Yahoo Picks?

We’ve had Draftkings and FanDuel DFS picks during the season, and I’m pleased to say we’ll be adding Yahoo DFS during the NFL Playoffs!

We’re going to begin our playoff DFS on a bit of an odd slate. Instead of the normal 13ish game main slate, this week we will focus on the Saturday two-game and Sunday three-game slates, in addition to the single Monday night game.

When it comes to small slates like these, I like smaller field tournaments. It allows you to play around and “get weird” with your lineup to differentiate yourself without getting too weird. It’s a little funky having such a small player pool, but as long as you watch your primary and secondary stacks, you’ll be fine. And, normally while you want to use up the majority of your salary, it’s ok to leave money on the table in slates like this. It gives you a better chance at uniqueness.

The Bengals start us off, playing the Raiders in the afternoon and the Bills host the Patriots in the evening. The Cincy/Las Vegas game has the higher total, as both of those defenses are more exploitable than the other two. However, both games feature offenses that can score in a hurry, so we’ll have our fair share of points to start off the NFL playoffs.

2021-22 NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Yahoo Picks – Saturday

Wisdom of the Crowd NFL DFS projections


Josh Allen $36

Allen is my favorite quarterback play on Saturday. The last time he scored less than 21 points was, you guessed it, against the Patriots. However, the wind in that game seemed like it could topple trees at times. In his next game against the Pats, he went over 30 fantasy points. He might be the costliest player on the slate, but I think he’s worth it.

Joe Burrow $34

Call me lame for featuring the top-priced QB’s here. I don’t care, that much. I just don’t see a ceiling with Derek Carr, who’s had good games but not week-winning ones. And I can’t trust Mac Jones. Just haven’t seen that kind of game yet from him. But I have seen what Burrow can do. He’s scored 22 or more points in three of his last four games, heating up at just the right time. I’m sure he wants to show the Raiders what he can do to them after having a poor fantasy (but good real-life) game against them back in week 11.

Running Backs

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Damien Harris $22

I almost had Joe Mixon here, but he’s been a little inconsistent since Joe Burrow has started to catch fire. Harris, on the other hand, has been consistent. Despite dealing with a hamstring issue, Harris has been very good recently. He’s scored at least 15 points in each of his last four games, including the game he left with the hamstring injury. Of the four Saturday running back starters, he’s the third cheapest. His price allows you to pay up elsewhere and get a little different, especially if you add the next guy to your lineup.

Devin Singletary $21

The cheapest starting running back of the slate is also a great play. Singletary has emerged lately as the Bills top back, and they’re making sure to feed him. When it’s not working on the ground, he’s had totals of five and six receptions against Tampa and New England, for example. When it is working, his carries since week 14 include totals of 23, 22, and 19 carries. In a normal slate, you wouldn’t stack running backs in the same game, but this is not a normal slate. I think having these two in your lineup could work out well and possibly be a little contrarian.

Wide Receivers

Ja’Marr Chase $31, Stefon Diggs $28

Stack them with the QB’s above and watch the fantasy points come in. Wide receiver is where you can get a little different, so I want to focus more on the contrarian side of things with the wideouts instead of going into why these are the obvious top plays. Either way, these guys are good plays. Start them.

Tyler Boyd $16

Chase and Tee Higgins are going to be pretty popular being the top two WR’s on the Bengals, which creates an opportunity with Boyd. And it’s not just taking advantage of the lower roster percentage. He’s come alive recently as well, scoring three touchdowns in each of his last three games and at least five targets in his last five games. Be it with your primary stack or a secondary stack, I like the idea of using Boyd this week.

Zay Jones $15

In the last month, Jones has actually out-targeted Hunter Renfrow 35 to 22. Renfrow does have the edge in scoring, however, scoring four TD’s in that span to Jones’ zero. Playing with the stats a little, if you take away all of Renfrow’s touchdowns, Jones outscores him over the past month as well 38.8 points to 24.2. I know that’s a bit manipulative because touchdowns do matter and count. You want to target players that score, so I’m not saying Renfrow is a bad pick. What I’m trying to show you is that Jones is not as bad a play as he might seem. If Renfrow faces negative touchdown regression while Jones gets positive regression, you just made yourself money.

Jakobi Meyers $12

Sometimes you just need a little stability in your lineup, and that’s what Meyers brings. Now he even comes with touchdown upside because he had 2 receiving touchdowns this season! He’s averaging 9 targets over the last four games and has not had less than 6 since playing Atlanta in week 11, not counting the crazy wind game (which I think is fair to not count). FantasyData’s NFL DFS stacking tool also identifies him as the second-best QB/WR value between the two games.

Tight End

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Darren Waller $22

In his first game back from injury he got nine targets. Waller only caught two, but he’s got rust to shake off. I like him as Derek Carr’s top target against the Bengals. Cincy gives up the seventh-most points to the tight end, and an extra week of practice and removal from injury will do Waller good.

Dawson Knox $15

New England is not friendly to tight ends. In fact, they give up the fewest points to the position. But he’s always a threat in the red zone, scoring nine touchdowns this season, tied for first among tight ends. That alone gives him upside if he catches a couple more passes to go along with a touchdown.


Bengals DST $10

They are a salary saver and I just have a feeling Derek Carr is gonna make some mistakes or take some sacks. What’s funny about Carr is he’s either gonna scorch the earth or fall flat in a game like this, there’s no in-between. Being the playoffs everybody has relatively good offenses; there are no weak ones to target. You just have to take your shot and I think it’s the Bengals this week.

That will do it for our look at the 2021-22 NFL DFS Wild Card Weekend Yahoo Picks – Saturday! Build those lineups, make some money!

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