2021 Divisional Round DFS H2H Thunderdome

by Scott Simpson & Bo McBrayer
Why You Should Not Handcuff with Kareem Hunt or Tony Pollard

Welcome to the 2021 Divisional Round DFS H2H Thunderdome!

Each week Scott Simpson (@NimblewNumbers) and Bo McBrayer (@Bo_McBigTime), the DFS writing team over at NimblewNumbers.com, will be facing off in a DraftKings (DK) Head-to-Head (H2H) contest.

Two men enter and one man leaves…richer!

2021 Divisional Round DFS H2H Thunderdome

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Scott's Build

I remember sitting next to my wife laughing gleefully about how Tom Brady was down 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons and he wasn't going to be winning his 6th Super Bowl title. My wife just laughed at me and said, "He's Tom Brady." Well, this week Bo has a chance to play "Tom Brady" to my Atlanta Falcons.

You see, Bo has dispatched of me five straight times. One more win this week and Bo will be basking in the Brady glow of six Thunderdome wins in a row. He must be stopped at all costs.

This week I've loaded up on superstar studs! Alvin Kamara, Stefon Diggs, and Travis Kelce headline my stacked squad of DFS killers.

Baker Mayfield, QB, Cleveland Browns: $5,300

Baker Mayfield has been averaging 24.2 DraftKings points over his last six contests. Priced at only $5,3oo and with the potential for 20+ points in a game that has an over/under of 57 points, Mayfield is one of the best values on the slate. He's my number one quarterback for CASH games this week.

Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints:  $7,900

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Alvin Kamara's DraftKings' price dropped $600 this week. I get it. Michael Thomas and Drew Brees are back and this week the Saints face a stout Tampa Bay defense. Kamara has faced the Bucs twice this year and is averaging 22.2 DraftKings' points per game in those matchups. Kamara presents a solid floor for CASH games and is the one player that I know makes Bo nervous this week.

Cam Akers, RB, Los Angeles Rams: $5,700

I'm shocked that Cam Akers is priced so low. He's the only Los Angeles Rams runningback getting any run McVay's backfield and he's priced under $6,000 after popping off for 28.6 DraftKings' points last week. If he gets 25 touches this week, he scored over 20 points. He's a lock for almost all of my lineups this week.

Stefon Diggs, WR, Buffalo Bills:  $7,300

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Stefon Diggs is the best wide receiver not named Davante Adams playing this weekend. He scored 27.8 points last week and they priced him down.  can't afford to stack Diggs with Allen, but I'll take my little slice of the Buffalo offense all the way to the bank against Bo this week.

Deonte Harris, WR, New Orleans Saints: $3,500

Deonte Harris is my priced down dart throw on the main slate. Last week he returned to the Saints offense and was promptly targeted seven times. He rewarded Drew Brees and the boys with seven receptions for 83 yards. If he gets behind the Bucs' secondary, he is too fast not to go to the house.

Mecole Hardman, WR, Kansas City Chiefs: $3,900

Sammy Watkins smacked talked the Browns this week and now he's OUT. The Lizard Kings strikes again (eye roll). Thankfully the Chiefs offense has an arsenal of weapons at its disposal. Insert $3,900 priced second-year speedster Mecole Hardman and his set of wheels and the Chiefs might actually be even more dangerous. Look for Mecole to blow away his 3x value in this smash spot against the Browns. 

Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs: $7,800

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The player who stands to benefit the most from Sammy Watkins' absence is Travis Kelce. His season-long numbers were already historic as he finished the season with 1416 receiving yards, 94 receptions, and 11 touchdowns. For my money, Kelce has the best chance to score two touchdowns on the slate.

Kareem Hunt, FLEX, Cleveland Browns: $4,800

Kareem Hunt is one of my favorite players. His explosive potential is on display each time he touches the ball. Last week he was electric in the red-zone, scoring twice on runs that saw him barrel over defenders on the first and then dance through defenders on his second.

Hunt is criminally priced at only $4,800 and is another smash play for me in both CASH and GPP tournaments.

New Orleans Saints, DST: $3,300

The New Orleans Saints have a real-life defense. Just ask Tom Brady who was sacked three times and also threw three interceptions the last time he faced the Saints in Week 9. I don't foresee the Saints blowing out the Bucs 38-3 again, but this will be Brady's fiercest challenge as Tampa Tom.

Bo's Build

How can I put this in a way that isn’t going to exacerbate the humiliation Scott must be mired in after FIVE consecutive Thunderdome losses? Last week’s Wild Card round saw some compelling football and a barrage of points from my DFS builds.

Scott and anyone else in my wake were dead on arrival. I nearly nailed a perfect lineup in two separate tournament builds!

ThunderDome is the sweetest victory, where I can warm my tootsies by the fire and spew more venom at my dear friend each week. Old Man Simpson might need to phone a friend or use another lifeline to crowdsource the lineup that can end my reign of terror.

He’s in for another paddling this week, as I’ve thrown in a few wrinkles that did not make my weekly NimbleWNumbers article.

Speaking of humiliation, I architected this humdinger of a lineup drunk on my victory bourbon and wobbling around on three hours of restless sleep. If I am to match Michael Jordan’s six rings (mine would be consecutive), I will need that zen spirit (distilled).

Baker Mayfield, QB, Cleveland Browns: $5,300

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I want a huge chunk of this game, which has the most shootout potential of the slate. Mayfield’s price is so low for the upside here, and the volume we should see in the second half figures to be immense if the Chiefs are ahead, as predicted.

Aaron Jones, RB, Green Bay Packers:  $6,800RB

Many are calling for a Packers blowout win over the Rams, but I’m not one of them. I think this will be a dogfight and the path to victory for Green Bay should run through their soon-to-be free agent running back. Most of this season has been Rodgers/Adams games, but every once in a while, the Jones game pops up and ends up breaking the slate.

Cam Akers, RB, Los Angeles Rams: $5,700

My darling from last week is again criminally underpriced, which is the kind of chalk that cannot be ignored in a cash game. If I want to afford some of the studs at WR, this kind of value is a free square. Don’t be surprised if Akers scores two or more touchdowns to go with 150-plus scrimmage yards in a Rams upset.

Michael Thomas, WR, New Orleans Saints: $6,700

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This is another free square in cash games, with an obviously-healthy Slant Boy drawing Sean Murphy-Bunting in the slot. Tampa Bay has been obliterated in the slot. It’s no wonder they are 0-2 this season against the Saints. New Orleans stacks up perfectly with the Bucs on paper and with all the weapons back together, this one could get ugly.

Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland Browns: $5,600:

Kansas City has a decent defense, but they have fared much worse against pass-catching running backs and slot receivers than outside receivers. This can be attributed to their pass rush, very similar to the Bucs. Look for a target funnel to really take off in the second half of this game toward Juice and Kareem Hunt, making for a PPR wonderland.

Mecole Hardman, WR, Kansas City Chiefs: $3,900

The Browns cannot cover anyone. This does not bode well for this week against Mahomes and his stable of explosive receivers. I decided to fade my best upside pick Tyreek Hill for this lineup to go after Kelce and Hardman, who still has a puncher’s chance to match Hill point-for-point in this game. He also happens to be one of my favorite players to root for.

Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs: $7,800

There is a defense for Tyreek Hill, and I believe the Browns will use it to prevent the big play up the seam. This season, we have seen Mahomes check down to the mid-range option Kelce, who still manages to amass chunk plays and is as dangerous as any player in football in goal-to-go situations.

Kareem Hunt, FLEX, Cleveland Browns: $4,800

Embed from Getty Images

This price is just plain stupid. I don’t care if Scott has all three of these undervalued superstars on his team; I’d be disappointed if he didn’t see the same mockery of value as I do.

Hunt is somewhat risky. Cleveland usually turns to Chubb at the goal line, first and second down, and if the game is close. Hunt also gets his own entire series in the middle of most games, owns third down and long-yardage situations, and when the Browns are trailing.

I love this matchup for a player with something to prove to a franchise with whom he blew his opportunity in the past.

New Orleans Saints, DST: $3,300

Is there a more dominant defense going right now in the playoffs? No, there isn’t. Tom Brady has looked very mortal against the Saints this season, and I expect more of the same here. Running backs are eliminated against them; the pass rush forces immobile signal-callers to rush their reads and make mistakes. The Saints are built to beat Tampa Bay and I expect this to be an absolute massacre.

Click here for updated NFL DFS Projections. You can download them and use the optimizer for free!

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