2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Byron Buxton

by Nick Zaniboni
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Welcome back to our 2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week series, where I will be looking at the fantasy enigma that is Byron Buxton. As of this writing, Buxton is ranked 194th overall and 64th when it comes to outfielders.

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2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Byron Buxton

People often claim the MLB has a significant marketing problem, a sentiment I tend to agree with. One of the most critical shortcomings in this department is the draft. Every single year the NFL and the NBA dominate their off-seasons because their drafts are so exciting. The NHL and the MLB, on the other hand, are far less promoted; the ROI of these picks takes a little longer to reap.

Now let me paint the scene for you. Close your eyes. You are at the home of the MLB, there to see the best and brightest college and amateur baseball players get drafted to your favorite team. Open your eyes. Welcome to Secaucus, New Jersey!

It doesn't take a geographer or an event planner to tell me that Secaucus is not the premier destination of the northeast. The draft should be moved to a big city, Make it a spectacle. Put it on real TV for all to see. The draft is where teams can get excited about new players. In 2012, I remember there was an exceptional player ready to be selected that I was very excited about. His name was Byron Buxton, our 2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week.

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Whole Damn Toolbox

Our subject, Buxton, was named the Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Georgia in 2012. A high school phenom, Buxton committed to his hometown college, the University of Georgia. Many knew that if he was a top pick in the draft, he would forego his stint of college ball and instead sign with the team. The Minnesota Twins desperately needed an immediate jolt to their roster, and Buxton fell right into their laps. Buxton was selected 2nd overall that year, right after the Houston Astros drafted Carlos Correa. Buxton was a complete 5 tool player coming out of high school. Many saw Buxton as having the highest upside for hitters in the 2012 class. Now, the Twins faithful just had to do one thing: wait...wait...and wait some more.

Is Byron The Man?

Buxton was the man. Twins fans were dreaming of their own Ken Griffey Jr. Fans heard stories and saw how great Buxton was at the plate, on the bases, and in the outfield. One thing that would, unfortunately, be a sign of something to come occurred in 2014. He played just 31 games.

Despite this, Buxton was the top prospect on all lists, The future was bright for both him and the team. Five years following his initial draft selection, the time came for Minnesota's franchise savior to face his biggest test yet.

Buxton definitely felt the pressure. He did not exactly set the world on fire in his debut. Buxton slashed a disappointing .209/.250/.326, striking out 44 times in 129 at-bats. While it was obviously far too early to panic, this was not the most encouraging start to a team's "savior."

Ifbyron (Pronounced If/Byron)

"Ifbyron" could very well be Byron Buxton's name in all dynasty circles. I present to you my "Ifbyron" lists.

"If Byron could just hit the ball, watch out."

"If Byron actually gets some opportunities, watch out."

"IfByron could just get on base, watch out."

"Ifbyron starts hitting for power, watch out."

"Ifbyrun would just stay healthy, you better watch out."

Every dynasty manager has dealt with the 5 stages of Ifbyron. If you suffer from Ifbyron please contact your other league members and inquire about a trade.

Injury History

2017: Groin strain, migraines (22 games missed)
2018: Migraines, fractures toe, strained wrist (134 games missed)
2019: Wrist contusion, concussion, left shoulder dislocation, labrum surgery (75 games missed)
2020: Concussion symptoms, left shoulder injury, sprained left-foot (21 games missed)

Injuries have been Buxton's biggest issue throughout his career. Whenever he starts to show a sign of breakout, BOOM! Buxton shows up on injury reports.

2021 Dynasty Value

We are just a week into the season, but some could argue that Buxton is muscling his way into the early MVP conversation. He currently hits well over .400 and leads the league in homers with 5. Buxton leads all of baseball with a 1.2 WAR. Obviously,  this is a very meager sample size. However, we see a confident and healthy Byron Buxton for the first time in quite a while.


Unfortunately, I did not try to get Buxton this week. In my main league, I try to make deals with the owner for our Player of the Week. While this usually gives me a sense of public consensus on a player, I usually have a tough time making deals. For Buxton, I wanted to waste neither my time nor his owner's with a pointless back-and-forth.

However, based on our rankings and the players around Buxton, I would prefer Buxton over a good amount of prominent names. Players like Andrew Benintendi, Willi Castro, and David Dahl are all players I would put below Buxton.

With all that being said, it begs the question: are the Twins fans finally done waiting? Has their savior reemerged? Is he here to stay for the long haul? For Buxton's sake, I sure hope so.

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Panda M April 15, 2021 - 12:37 pm

Well written! Loving the weekly insight and the DFS picks! That hot dog looked delicious


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