2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Franmil Reyes

by Nick Zaniboni
2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Franmil Reyes

Welcome back to our 2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week, where this week we will be diving into the Cleveland Baseball Teams slugger Franmil Reyes.

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Speaking of Jason, this week in his weekly Buy/Sell he profiled Franmil Reyes. Go ahead and click here to read that post!

Now that I have your attention again! Let's go ahead and dive into our 106th-ranked dynasty player Franmil Reyes.

2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Franmil Reyes

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The Long Road

Franmil Reyes signed with the San Diego Padres way back in 2011 as a 16-year-old international prospect. At this time, I don't think I even knew what an international prospect was. I was fresh out of high school following the Boston Red Sox and only the Boston Red Sox.

Reyes spent 2012 in the Dominican Summer League and was stateside in 2013. In 2013-2014 and Reyes was nothing special he was serviceable for the level, but no one was particularly wowed by him as a prospect.

In 2016 Reyes was assigned to the Cali League, and something clicked. He slashed .278/.340/.452 with 16 homers. In the following two years, Reyes continued to rise to the competition and constantly improve.

Reyes's calling card was his power. He continued to hit homers, and that caught the attention of the Padres brass.

He Has the Power

In 2018 Franmil was leading AAA in homers with 16 in 58 games. This was enough for the Padres to see what they had with this slugger. Franmil matched that number in 87 games with the big club.

He had a tough go his first few months in the bigs with a strikeout rate of over 40%. This is to be expected from a young power-hungry hitter. Reyes would adjust through the second half with the following stats:

  • Slash - .315/.383/.537/.920
  • wRC+ - 152
  • BB% -  10%
  • K% - 21.7%

This was a great sign, and this is a case where it was found money. No one really expected Reyes to be this good, and it would leave the Padres with a decision of keeping the slugger or selling high and getting something to help them in a place where they need it.

The Trade

On July 30th, 2019, the Padres decided what I cited above, and that was to deal with the slugger. Leading up to that day, Reyes was second on the team in homers with 27 and hitting .255, about where you would expect a power hitter like Reyes to be.

It was a three-team trade between the Padres, Indians, and the Reds. The deal sent Franmil and Puig to the Cleveland Indians, Trevor Bauer to the Reds, and the Padres getting then top prospect Taylor Trammel.

After the deal, Franmil continued to do what he does, and that is mash homers—tallying another 10 to his total in 51 games with a total of 37 on the year.

Moving Forward/Dynasty Outlook

You could say that 2020 was sort of a mixed bag for Franmil. He held his usually average ~.250 and a low .300 OBP, but his slugging left more to be desired. He only slugged .450, granted it's above the average of .413 last year. For a guy, you expect to hit mammoth blasts; you expected a little bit more.

Now this year? Wooo, boy Franmil is hitting the sh*t out of the ball. Check out how he stacks up in his MLB percentile ranks below.

Currently, he has a slash line of .300/.333/.644, I don't think he can't continue to hit for a solid average. He is barreling balls at an elite rate.

For reference using Jason's Buy/Sell article again, I will use a direct quote:

"So far in 2021, Reyes ranks second overall in Barrel% behind only Ohtani. That's better than Bryce Harper, Nelson Cruz, Aaron Judge, and even Mike Trout."

This is insane, and it is a crew of guys that any player would love to be associated with.

Going into this year, I was not crazy about where Reyes was ranked industry-wide. He was a top 125 guy, and for me, that is far too high. There is one giant red mark on this guy's profile. That big red mark is his lack of a position. Depending on league settings, he is only eligible to be slotted in the utility position.


As of today, I have completely turned around my opinion of Franmil Reyes. He is an entertaining player to follow and watch him hit 35-40 homers a year for the foreseeable future. Go get this guy if you can! A word of advice: please, please, please, don't say "He is only a utility play," during negotiations to try and pay less because (from experience) it will not work!

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