2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Kyle Tucker

by Nick Zaniboni
2021 Dynasty Baseball Prospect Profile: Daniel Espino

Welcome back to our 2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week series! This week's 2021 Dynasty Baseball spotlight is on the Houston Astros, Kyle Tucker. Tucker is ranked 39th in our Dynasty rankings. 

Last week I went over a deeper dynasty find Marlins hurler Pablo Lopez. Tucker, however, is definitely on the radar of any dynasty manager.

A few years ago, I joined my first Dynasty baseball league (shoutout Scout Wars), and I drafted Tucker with my first-rounder in the minors portion of the draft. I was new to dynasty and didn't fully understand it at the time. Unfortunately for me, I traded Kyle Tucker, and the worst part about it was I traded him for Willson Contreras. Make me feel better about this trade and comment on this post with a transaction you regret! 

2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Kyle Tucker

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Great Expectations

As a baseball fan, it is only human for us to compare prospects to players we have seen in the past. Well, Tucker may have gotten the most challenging comparison to ever actually live up to. That comparison was non-other than Ted Williams; as a Sox fan, this is entirely sacrilegious. Not only is this crazy as a Sox fan but also as a Tucker fan.

So for the sake of catering to my own argument of not comparing Tucker to Teddy ballgame, I will not be doing so from here on out. However, I will be comparing Kyle Tucker to Mac Miller. Huh?

Let me save you a google search Mac Miller has no baseball stats whatsoever. However, Like Tucker, Mac Miller entered his work (rapping) field, being compared to an all-time great as well, this comparison being Eminem.

Both of these young men mastered their respective craft of hitting and rapping at a very young age. With such success at such a young age, both were burdens with great expectations(shoutout Charles Dickens).

The question is can Tucker live up to those expectations? The other problem is, does he need to live up to those expectations? The first question we cannot really answer at this time. The second question is absolutely not; going back to the Mac comparison, Mac was a platinum, Grammy award-nominated artist. It's okay to be a Mac Miller and not an Eminem.

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Chapter I

Tucker was picked in the first round with the 5th picker overall in the 2015 draft. He was drafted out of H.B. Plant high school in Tampa, Florida. His high-school stats are absolutely ridiculous; the following stats were through all four years of high school.

AVG: .435 OBP: .569 RBI: 94 HR:28 Runs:105 RBI: 94

These numbers are undoubtedly worth a top-five pick in any draft. Tucker Impressed many throughout his ~4 years in the minor leagues. One attribute that could always be counted on was Tucker could still hit. No matter the level, the kid put the ball in play. His best season occurring in 2018

AVG:.332 OBP:400 SLUG:.590 OPS:.989 HR:24 RBI:93 Runs:86

This performance ended up earning Tucker his first call to the show. Tucker played 28 games slashed a less than stellar .128/.236/.203. These numbers would seem glaring for an MLB regular. However, Tucker was only 21 and just getting a feel for MLB pitching.

Chapter II

Tucker spent most of the 2019 season in AAA; this "step-down" was instrumental in why I am even writing about him today. Tucker played 125 games, smacked 34 homers, knocked in 97 runs, and stole 30 bags. This was by far the most complete season Tucker put together. This earned him another call-up. In 67 AB's, Tucker slashed a decent .269/.319/.537. This performance showed the Astros and us that Tucker can hit at the major league level.

This brings us to 2020. Tucker went into the year with a spot in the lineup every day. He played a total of 58 games of the possible 60 game season. Tucker was above average in batting and in OPS. This was a welcomed sign showing what many already knew, Tucker can hit. Tucker's start was a great one, but like many rookie hitters, pitchers will adjust and find out how to get him out.

Happily Ever After

2021 will show the fantasy community what Tucker really is. Will he continue to rise in rankings, or will he plummet like a fellow no batting gloves hitter Wil Myers.

One thing that certainly helps Tucker is his defense; Tucker ranked 4th in fielding for all left fielders. Dusty Baker will undoubtedly have a quick trigger with pulling Tucker out of the lineup, but he remains a plus defender with his fielding being .987% last season.

Tucker will more than likely have his name in pen on the lineup card this season. For Tucker to meet his expectations, his best ability will be his availability. Tucker has yet to go through a full season, and to me, that is his only red flag.

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Moving forward, I suspect tucker to be a dynasty asset that many managers are clambering for.

With the loss of Springer, Tucker will definitely be patrolling the outfield all season. He will be a guy you can pencil in for 25 homers and 20-30 stolen bases. Not many players can regularly put up those stats, and I believe that Tucker will be one of them.

Will Tucker ever live to that comparison that shall not be named? Probably not! But don't forget it is very okay to be a Mac Miller! Go and get Tucker and be happy you did afterward!


HR:28 RBI: 93 R:90 SB:29 AVG:.270 OBP.330 slug.486

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