2021 Dynasty Baseball Profile: Terrin Vavra

by Jason Croft
2021 Dynasty Baseball Profile Terrin Vavra

Welcome to another edition of our player profile series. This time we take a look at Baltimore Orioles prospect in the 2021 Dynasty Baseball Profile: Terrin Vavra.

Terrin Vavra has the chance to be a valuable utility player for the Orioles. He was drafted by the Rockies in the 3rd round in 2018 and was traded by the Rockies last year along with Tyler Nevin for Mychal Givens. Vavra is 6'1 and 185 lbs. The Orioles have been working him out defensively at 2B, 3B, SS and CF.

Although Vavra is likely to be a 10 home run/15 steal type player, he has 15+/15+ potential. The reason the Orioles are having him play so many different positions is because of his bat. As a result of this guy having a good bat, the Orioles likely want to give him as many plate appearances as they can.

Terrin Vavra is the son of an MLB hitting coach. The kid has good fundamentals and is an extremely hard worker. Due to how much effort he puts in, everyone around him praises his work ethic.

2021 Dynasty Baseball Profile: Terrin Vavra

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Register Batting
2018 Boise A- 44 199 169 22 51 8 4 4 26 9 1 26 40 .302 .396 .467 .863
2019 Asheville A 102 453 374 79 119 32 1 10 52 18 9 62 62 .318 .409 .489 .899
Mino Mino Minors 146 652 543 101 170 40 5 14 78 27 10 88 102 .313 .405 .483 .888
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 2/15/2021.

Hit tool

Vavra has a solid approach at the plate. Although he always tries to hit the ball up the middle, he still adjusts depending on the location to hit the ball all over the field.

Due to this guy being a patient hitter, he waits for his pitch. Vavra has a very good feel of the zone to where he had an OBP of .409 in A ball in 2019. Because of Vavra having good plate discipline, this guy's strikeout rate was the same as his walk rate. As a result of him having good contact rates, his SwStr% was 8.3%. Even if batting average is meaningless to nearly everyone now, Vavra has a good hit tool and could have about a .280 average. However, he could also have, more important, .350 OBP in the MLB.


As a result of his OPS being .899, it shows he had sneaky power. In 2019, Vavra hit 10 home runs and stole 18 bases in 102 games with 453 at-bats.

Vavra is a very hard worker, has a good hit tool, and is athletic. Although he has an average to thin type of build, he still has room to add more power.

His exit velocity in A ball was 87 mph according to fangraphs.com. If he can add some strength and power, he should average 10+ home runs per season. However, he could end up hitting 15+ home runs.


Terrin Vavra has above-average speed. However, he should be a 15+ steal guy depending on how aggressive the Orioles are with sending their baserunners.

Because Vavra being quick on his feet, he is good enough defensively to where he can play nearly anywhere. He is even fast enough to where the Orioles are confident in his ability to potentially play CF at times.

Grades (potential):

Hit tool: 50/60
Power: 25/40
Speed: 50/55

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