2021 Dynasty Football: F6P Start-Up Superflex Mock Draft

by Rob Lorge
2021 Fantasy Football Week 2 Rankings

Dynasty start-up drafts are some of the hardest to do. So hopefully our 2021 Dynasty Football Superflex Start-Up Mock Draft will help you dominate yours.

Almost everyone has a different agenda in place. Some might be eyeing up that first-year championship while others are building more for years two, three and four. And in other start-ups that allow draft pick trading, some might even go the route of setting themselves up to lose early and often with a plan in place to be stacked in year five. The multiple different strategies can make things interesting. And difficult at the same time.

With teams having different agendas, it only makes sense they’ll be using a different system to rank their players. That’s what makes dynasty start-up drafts more difficult than re-draft ones. The most important thing you can do is be fluid and be ready to adapt your strategy. This is true in any draft you’re doing, but especially important in a dynasty start-up.

The first thing you need to do is have a plan in place. For our particular dynasty Superflex start-up draft, we used 4-point passing touchdowns and half-PPR scoring.

Starting lineups featured 1 quarterback, 2 running backs, 3 wide receivers, 1 tight end and 1 Superflex.

Most dynasty leagues use a super-flex option, so be prepared for a steady run on quarterbacks. You’ll need to decide early whether or not you’re going to be part of that or not.

When I say it’s important to have a plan in place, this is mostly true for the first two or three rounds. Because after that, your plan is wrecked and you’re going to need to adapt on the fly.

My goal here is to give you a little guidance and a little heads up as to what to expect when you do your dynasty start-up draft. Hopefully, you can look at our draft here and find out what you liked and what you didn’t like, avoiding any big mistakes!

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2021 Dynasty Football Start-Up Superflex Mock Draft

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Round One

No surprises here. The draft started with Christian McCaffrey, followed by five straight quarterbacks. It should be noted Joe Pisapia with FantasyPros mentioned had we been playing this draft out, he would’ve selected Patrick Mahomes with the No. 1 overall pick. Most Superflex dynasty start-up drafts are going to begin in a very similar fashion.

Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are widely accepted as the No.1 and No. 2 dynasty quarterbacks. After these two electric throwers, there seems to be more variance. In our 2021 Dynasty Football Start-Up Superflex Mock Draft, we saw Lamar Jackson go third with Kyler Murray and Dak Prescott following right behind.

I had the seventh overall pick and immediately had to decide whether I was in or out on the early quarterback run. I ultimately decided I couldn’t pass on Saquon Barkley, who in my opinion is one of only two other running backs (the other being Dalvin Cook) who can legitimately compete for the RB1 spot.

Still, I debated Justin Herbert long and hard. He’s not quite in that elite tier with the guys we saw go two-six, but after his rookie season and his young age, I wouldn’t fault anyone for having drafted Justin Herbert in my position.

Herbert didn’t wait long to hear his name called, becoming the sixth quarterback off the board.

If there was one slight surprise in round one, it was seeing Nick Chubb go before Dalvin Cook. Chubb is incredible and along with Derrick Henry is one of the best pure rushers in the NFL. But like Henry, Chubb has minimal use in the passing game, averaging just 1.6 catches per game over his three-year career.

Even during his phenomenal 2019 season, where he racked up almost 1,800 yards and 12 touchdowns, he finished as the RB7 because he doesn’t catch enough passes.

We saw the rest of round one close out with Dalvin Cook, Jonathan Taylor and Alvin Kamara. Not a single wide receiver was drafted in round one.

We saw six quarterbacks and six running backs go off the board. I was hoping to get one of the top-five quarterbacks, but it didn’t play out that way and most likely, if you’re drafting from the sixth sport or later, you’re going to need to decide if you want to draft CMC, Herbert or Barkley.

It wasn’t an easy call, but we’ll look at how the rest of our 2021 Dynasty Football Start-Up Superflex Mock Draft went before coming to any conclusions.

Second Round

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The second round started out with Joe Burrow and Russell Wilson being drafted as the QB7 and QB8 off the board, respectively.

Trevor Lawrence (QB9, 2.04) and Jalen Hurts (QB10, 2.08) both went off the board here in this round.

Hurts is an interesting player because for a while before the draft there were some rumors the Eagles might actually consider a quarterback with their early first-rounder. That never came to pass and instead, the Eagles seem to have chosen to build around Jalen Hurts.

In the four games he started in 2020, he showed us some monster potential with his rushing ability. His passing accuracy needs work, but we saw that with Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen early in their careers as well. Running quarterbacks are a cheat code in Fantasy Football and Hurts possesses the talents to unlock that power.

Despite this being a Superflex league, only one team doubled up at quarterback in the first two rounds. That was RazzBDon who selected Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts.

We finally saw our first wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, off the board at 2.03. Five other wide receivers would follow him in round two.

D.K. Metcalf and Justin Jefferson were the second and third receivers off the board, followed by A.J. Brown, Davante Adams and DeAndre Hopkins.

I was thrilled I was able to select Metcalf in the second round. He’s my WR1 for dynasty purposes. He’s young, he’s already an elite talent and he’s tied to a great quarterback in Russell Wilson for the foreseeable future.

We only saw two running backs come off the board in round two - Derrick Henry and D’Andre Swift.

One other interesting note is that RazzBDon (QB/QB) was the only team to select the same position in both of the early rounds. Every other team chose to target other positions in round two.

Another interesting note is that after two rounds there were only three teams who did not have a quarterback on their roster. This should illustrate the kind of premium put on quarterbacks in dynasty Superflex leagues.

Round two didn’t really give us any surprises. The biggest one might have been Derrick Henry going ahead of some younger options at running back. He is 27 years old and has had such a heavy workload the past few years. Henry is still such an elite player, so it’s hard to fault anyone for targeting elite talent even if the decline may be coming sooner than later.

Round Three

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Round three gave us a huge run on running backs. Eight out of the 12 selections were ball-carriers. The first was Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Najee Harris. He was drafted at 3.01 by Joe Pisapia. Be sure to check out my piece on why I absolutely love Najee Harris. This is especially true in dynasty leagues. He’s young and was drafted to the most fantasy-friendly team that I could think of. But my favorite pick in round three was Cam Akers, selected by Joe Bond.

Akers is poised for a heavy workload in Los Angeles. We’ve seen the kind of fantasy gold Sean McVay created with Todd Gurley. I’m not sure Akers will ever reach those heights, but Joe was still able to select a 21-year-old running back at his re-draft price tag, RB11. That’s really good value folks. I had Cam Akers lined up in my draft queue and had to make other arrangements.

I countered by taking Travis Kelce. While I have several rules I try to follow in a fantasy football draft, one of the big ones is this - always have an elite quarterback or an elite tight end if you can. There are only so many truly elite quarterbacks and tight ends that when you have one, you possess such a positional advantage over your other league-mates.

Because of my draft selection, I was unable to obtain an elite quarterback. I wasn’t going to miss out on “the” elite tight end. Once Akers came off the board, Kelce became the easy pick.

I was hopeful that Austin Ekeler, Aaron Jones, Joe Mixon, Antonio Gibson, J.K. Dobbins or Clyde Edwards-Helaire would make it until my next pick.

And then literally five of them went off the board in the next five picks. Another running back that was drafted with a lot of value was Aaron Jones. Despite the rumors around Aaron Rodgers, there’s no reason to believe he won’t continue being an elite running back for the next couple of years.

If there was one surprise in the third round it was when RazzBDon, despite having two quarterbacks already on the roster, tripled up at the position by grabbing Justin Fields. RazzBDon mentioned that quarterbacks are the highest scorers in the league and have the most longevity. Both points are absolutely true. It’s what makes quarterbacks in Superflex dynasty leagues so valuable. He felt he truly couldn’t pass on the upside and value of Justin Fields at 3.05.

Rounds 4-5

Round four got started with our second tight end coming off the board, George Kittle. We also saw one of three teams without a quarterback draft Aaron Rodgers (QB12, 4.03).

I was nervous one of those six running backs wouldn’t make it back around to me, after five of them went off the board following my Kelce selection, but I was lucky enough to see Clyde Edwards-Helaire fall to me at 4.06. I love the value of CEH at RB17.

CEH had more scrimmage and rushing yards than Antonio Gibson. And he did it one less game. Antonio Gibson scored 11 touchdowns while Edwards-Helaire scored just four. CEH is a screaming candidate for some hardcore touchdown regression and I’m going to be here for it.

After round four was completed, I was left standing as the only team without a single quarterback.

One of the best value picks of round four goes to Pat Fitzmaurice who was able to snag Terry McLaurin at 4.11, WR14. McLaurin is only 25-years-old and is finally going to get his first taste of average quarterback play.

John LaPresto didn’t love his selection of Miles Sanders in the fourth round, but he was one of only two teams without a running back at this point. And the other team that didn’t have one was drafting behind him, so Pat Fitzmaurice was going to make two selections before John’s next one. Because of this he felt he needed to grab Miles Sanders, who was the last ball-carrier in his tier.

John was likely correct to do so because, in the fifth round, Pat grabbed Travis Etienne. I really like Etienne, even as a rookie. He's going to be a PPR monster.

Joe Pisapia went quarterback back-to-back at the 4/5 turn, selecting Ryan Tannehill (QB14) and Matthew Stafford (QB15). And Pat Fitzmaurice grabbed his first running back when he made Travis Etienne the 19th running back off the board. Kyle Pitts finally made his appearance in round four, coming off the board before Darren Waller.

There were two surprise picks here in round four. Joe Bond selected DeShaun Watson, one pick ahead of me. Watson’s value in dynasty leagues is all over the place. I’m not about to get into his legal situation, but what I will say is this, the NFL makes exception after exception after exception for talent. We’ve seen that time and time again. DeShaun Watson is a young quarterback who was on a Hall of Fame trajectory. Because of this, without even speculating on his legal issues, I expect DeShaun Watson to play again. I just don’t know when that will be or what team he will play for.

The other unfortunate surprise was my selection of Zach Wilson. Here’s the thing, I like Zach Wilson. I think he’s got some upside in future years. I trust Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur in New York. The weapons in New York aren’t terrible with Corey Davis, Jamison Crowder, Denzel Mims and Elijah Moore. And Wilson has what we’re always looking for in our quarterbacks, the ability to gain points on the ground. But I panicked here. I was the only team in the league without a quarterback and I reached.

I wish I would have went with Michael Thomas, who ended up being one of the premium value picks of the entire draft I believe.

In most dynasty start-up drafts, there’s always a handful of elite veterans who tend to fall further than they should. This was no different in our 2021 Dynasty Football Start-Up Superflex Mock Draft where Michael Thomas found himself falling further than he should. There’s a lot of reasons for that, but when he’s healthy he’s one of the truly elite talents in the league. Thomas has no competition for targets in New Orleans. He will be one of the most heavily targeted receivers in the NFL.

Rounds 6-8

I was surprised to see Matt Ryan last as long as he did (QB21, 6.09). It was even more surprising to see him go behind a guy like Carson Wentz, who was atrocious last season in Philly. But Wentz is still fairly young and he has an MVP-caliber season already under the belt. Keith Lott is surely hoping Frank Reich can unlock the old Carson Wentz.

Trey Sermon came off the board as the 23rd running back at the 6.08 pick. His Fantasy stock is likely to increase with the news that Jeff Wilson is out four-six months and requires knee surgery. This creates an opportunity for Sermon to be more involved in the running game early.

I loved the selection of Chris Carson (RB25, 7.04) in the seventh round by Ryan Cearfoss. Like Michael Thomas, he’s an elite veteran who presented with a ton of value at this stage in the draft.

The other rookie runner who came off the board in these rounds was Javonte Williams (RB22, 6.07). With Melvin Gordon in a contract year, it’s very likely that Williams is the starter in Denver next season. And he’s going to get some play this year as well, especially after the Broncos released Phillip Lindsay.

We saw a wide assortment of receivers go in these three rounds. Most of them were of the veteran variety. Selected as the WR23, Julio Jones' dynasty value is difficult to peg right now. This selection was made prior to the more recent trade rumors surrounding his status in Atlanta. Diontae Johnson, Mike Evans, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp were all guys that were drafted in the seventh round or later that presented with a lot of value here.

The one team I absolutely loved at this spot in the draft came from Mike LaPlant who was drafting out of the tenth slot. After round eight he had already assembled his starting line-up, which looks like this: Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Tyreek Hill, Michael Thomas, Devonta Smith and Mark Andrews.

Mike did a great job of grabbing value and letting the draft come to him.

After I selected Zach Wilson too early in round five, I felt like I made the mistake worse by taking Tom Brady in the seventh. I was kicking myself after the Zach Wilson selection, passing on Michael Thomas. I felt like I needed a more dependable quarterback, which led to the selection of Brady. It’s important to be aware of positional runs and what kind of talent is left on the board at each position, but it’s also important not to reach for players. With both of my quarterback picks, I did just that.

Rounds 9-12

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We’re getting down to the depth part of the draft and so at this time, I’m going to be focusing on some of the picks that came with a lot of value. The first one is Michael Carter (RB32, 9.10) of the New York Jets. The depth chart at running back in New York is questionable at best. With Tevin Coleman and La'Mical Perine leading the way, there’s a very real non-threatening climb for Carter to become a prominent player in his rookie season. I loved this selection here for Mike LaPlant.

I also think RazzBDon and Joe Bond got really good value with James Conner (RB39, 11.05) and AJ Dillon (RB40, 11.06) respectively. James Conner is likely walking into the same role Kenyan Drake had last season that allowed him to finish as a top-15 running back. I expect Chase Edmonds to get a little more run this season, but Conner has a nice path to a top-30 season at the very least.

With Jamaal Williams off to Detroit, Dillon becomes the No. 2 back in Green Bay. It’s a championship-winning position to be in. If anything happens to Jones, Joe Bond has a league-winner on his hands. It also seems highly unlikely Jones is in Green Bay for more than two seasons. Dillon won’t have a lot of tread on his tires at that point and could be looking at being the top dog in 2023. Until then, he’s going to be a useable flex player with RB1 upside. Love the pick.

JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR33, 9.01), Tyler Lockett (WR34, 9.04), Deebo Samuel (WR38, 9.09) and Michael Gallup (WR43, 10.06) were some of the best valued wide receivers. JuJu and Gallup are both free agents after this season and are likely to leave their respective teams. Since both guys are currently on teams with three excellent receivers it’s likely no matter where they go in 2022, they’re going to be walking into a more featured role with more consistent targets. I love that. And for 2021 yet, both will be productive players.

Rounds 13-20

At this point in the draft, you’re looking for upside and if you still need it, playable depth at certain positions. There’s plenty of veterans that will slip through the cracks. If you have a few holes in your lineup at this stage or need some bye-week players, you’ll be able to find plenty of them here. Back-up and handcuff running backs were widely available in this range too.

Some of my favorite selections down here included three young tight ends. Joe Pisapia grabbed Irv Smith (TE12, 13.01) whom I really like to finally have his big break-out season. I also really liked Joe Bond’s selection of Cole Kmet (TE18, 14.07). The third one was my own selection, Adam Trautman (TE21, 15.07). All three of these guys are young and they’re going to be starting for their respective teams for the first time in 2021. I expect a big season from Smith. Kmet and Trautman both have upside entering their sophomore seasons and I'm buying both as being solid players in a few years.

One of my favorite picks of the whole draft came from Chris Allen of 4for4 when he took Amari Rodgers (WR60, 14.02). I love the upside for Rodgers in Green Bay. The depth chart with Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Allen Lazard is not scary. If he grabs hold of the slot role in Green Bay, he could have a very productive rookie season.

I’d like to highlight a couple of wide receiver selections that stood out in these rounds. Mike Williams (WR56, 13.06), Marvin Jones (WR64, 14.12), T.Y. Hilton (WR72, 16.05), Sterling Shepard (WR73, 16.08), and Antonio Brown (WR75, 16.12) show you the kind of veteran talent left on the board late in the draft. As teams continue to gobble up the young guys with potential, these older guys tend to fall. It’s not like you want to be starting any of these guys on a regular basis. But as bench players and bye-week substitutes they’re more than adequate.

It’s nice to know you can still round out your roster with usable players late in a dynasty start-up draft.

2021 Dynasty Football Start-Up Superflex Mock Draft Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm fairly happy with my team. I think I have a good blend of youth and ready to compete players. The beautiful thing about dynasty start-up drafts is that even if you don't love your team at it's completion, there is always next year and the year after that. Don't be afraid to make changes. After all, dynasty leagues are only forever.

Be sure to drop your input and who you think had the best draft here. What were the best picks? The biggest reaches? We want to hear about it!

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