2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Cedric Mullins

by Nick Zaniboni
2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Cedric Mullins

Welcome back to our 2021 Dynasty Player of the Week, where we'll be breaking down Cedric Mullins.

*Chance the Rapper voice* And we back! This week we are going over a player for the Baltimore Orioles who is actually relevant in fantasy. That player is outfielder Cedric Mullins; he is currently ranked 288 in Daves rankings.
During the school year, I teach at a before and after school program; this past year has been challenging for teachers, students, and parents. Today my after-school program turned into a summer camp; I just spent 7 hours playing dodgeball, kickball, and some whiffle ball.

I schooled the 8-to-11-year-olds at the plate with a knuckleball that would make Tim Wakefield blush. To top it all off, I hit a homer over the building, accompanied by a few oohs and ahhs from the crowd of elementary school children. So, today I am feeling pretty good!

Before we get started, it's time for some cheap plugs for myself. 

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2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Cedric Mullins

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If You're a Bird,  I'm a Bird

For those who have not been forced to watch the critically acclaimed The Notebook, do yourself a favor and do it. It is truly a piece of cinematic brilliance; you'll laugh, you'll cry and cry some more! Anyway, Mullins is the most valuable Baltimore player I can think of in the last five or so years.

This is a player that has completely surpassed any of my expectations. Cedric is not hyperbole to say this season has been a life-changing season for a guy who seemed to be on his way to be a 4th outfield type.
So that begs the question, what in the world happened? And if I'm 100 with you, I do not have the slightest idea. It is one of those cases where the apostle ceiling for a player is met at a fantastic rate.

He is currently hitting .319 with an XBA at .273, so not much of a drop-off. Mullins Xwoba is at .401, and that is the top three percent of the league! I'm going to list a few names here just for some perspective. Trevor Story, Fransisco Lindor, and Alex Bregman. The players mentioned are those that have similar batted ball profiles this season. Those guys are all-stars and, for the most part, are top 15 dynasty assets.

Lost art

The art of stealing bases is becoming a lost art in the year 2021. The nerds in most organizations are firmly against stealing bases—the league figures why to steal a base when we are projecting our guys to hit doubles and homers. I understand the idea behind that. However, in fantasy baseball, it is still a category. This is a category that Mullins excels in. As you can see above, his sprint speed is tops in the league. He uses that speed by stealing bags, and he has 12 so far this season.

Can I see Mullins stealing 30 bags? I think I can pretty much guarantee that Mullins reaches that 30 mark. This alone sets him apart from other dynasty assets. Even if he doesn't hit 30 homers (what he's on pace for), he will still contribute by stealing bases. I am not someone who values stolen bases, considering it is only one of several categories. However, I understand the value.


Stuck in the middle with you 

Mullins is easy to root for, he plays the game hard, and the results are starting to show up. In my opinion, he needs to be an All-Star and maybe even the starting CF. It was always taught to me that you build a team from the middle up. The O's seem to be on the path of doing that, starting with heralded prospect Adley Rushcman and now Cedric Mullins. The O's are just missing a shortstop. Hopefully, they address that in the upcoming draft! 

Dynasty Verdict 

Go get this guy; I am a big fan! Unfortunately, I traded Mullins as a throw-in in a deal earlier this season. While it is still early, I already know I will regret that throw-in in the foreseeable future. I think that Mullins will be a top 200 dynasty asset by the end of the season. At just 26 years old, there are plenty of prime years to go! Expect many more homers from Cedric and me on the whiffle ball field! 


Good luck!

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