2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Gleyber Torres

by Nick Zaniboni
2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Gleyber Torres

Welcome back to our 2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week, where we'll be talking about Gleyber Torres. This week, I found it a little tough to pick a player to discuss. I looked through trends throughout the league and realized I have yet to write about a player on the New York Yankees. So this week, I figured, would be a great time to do so! This week's Dynasty Player of the week is Gleyber Torres.

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2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Gleyber Torres

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The Guy

Here is the million-dollar question, is Gleyber good? Well, that's not the most straightforward question to answer. If you are like me and look at his numbers from 2018 and 2019, you would think, well, duh. Torres was on pace to be one of the best SS in the game. He was looking to be the best SS in the game.

When it comes to his Nick numbers (HR/RBI/RUNS/AVG/OBP), he was a monster in the majority of these categories... Torres was an All-star in 2018 and 2019 and finished third in the rookie of the year voting in 2018. Torres clubbed 38 homers in 2019, and the sky looked to be the limit for him.

What Torres "struggled" with was his lack of hitting for average. In those two seasons, his average hovers around .270. If he is hitting you 30+ homers, you will take that. Torres was primed to mix with Story, Xander, Correa as the top shortstop in fantasy baseball.


I hope that whoever is reading this read the headline in an Italian accent.

As I've stated before, 2020 did not count if your numbers were not good. Well, 2020 certainly didn't count for Torres, because he was not good. In 43 games, he hit three homers. Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to bring up his pace numbers, he would be around 16 homers on the year for a typical regular season. That's not something you would accept for a guy you are counting on 30 bombs from. While his power certainly slipped, Torres was not a total disappointment. He boosted his OBP 40 points to around .370. This is 50 points above the league average of .320.

The next topic really doesn't matter in fantasy circles, but it needs to be brought up. Torres is dreadful in the field, finishing in the bottom two percentile in all of SS. The past three offseasons, there have been constant questions as to whether Torres will improve as a fielder. Three years later, nothing has changed, and it doesn't even look like he has made any improvements at all.

Start Spreading the News (2021 and Verdict)

Before we get into this season, let us not forget Torres is still incredibly young at 24. Some players are just getting the taste of the bigs at the age of 24.

This season Torres has been just awful. The whole Yankee team has been underperforming, and Torres is a huge part of that. He is slashing .242/.324/.316, which is not the slash line that you want out of your superstar shortstop. He is still a net-negative defender and seems to have at least one error a night. Below are his percentile rankings, and as you can see Torres is ice cold.

There is something peculiar about Torres, how can someone play at such an elite level for two seasons and then just become a pedestrian player. I am trying to find the reasoning behind the struggles, and honestly, I cannot find the reason. More recently, Torres is 2-for-25 with three walks and 10 K's. His ISO sits at .075 and is 7th lowest in baseball. This is something that is concerning for both Yankee fans and dynasty owners.

Do I think Torres is this bad? No. Do I think he can hit 30+ homers again? Also no. Torres is somewhere in the middle: he is not a top-tier SS, but he is in that second group. However, that is not a terrible thing. He will be a top-15 shortstop and, depending on team makeup, that might be enough for you. I will not be trying to add Torres. He is a Yankee, and I do not roster Yankees that are not game-changers. Currently, Torres is not that game-changer.

I hope everyone enjoys their Fourth. Stay safe!

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