2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Jarren Duran

by Nick Zaniboni
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Welcome back to our 2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week, where we will be covering the Red Sox outfielder  Jarren Duran. Last week I covers Blue Jays pitcher Alek Manoah.

A quick refresher about what the next few weeks will entail:

The next few weeks will be slightly different. As I've stated previously, I am a big WWE fan. With being a wrestling fan there are usually various different types of matches. My favorite WWE pay-per-view is called Money in the Bank. The concept is that 6-8 wrestlers try to retrieve a briefcase above the ring. This briefcase has a contract for an opportunity for a World Heavyweight championship belt. This match (or cash-in) can happen whenever the contract holder sees fit. Usually, the competitors are on the come-up and are trying to make their way towards the Main Event.

In the coming weeks, I will profiling six players I think can "cash in" during the second half of the year and become stars in future seasons. For the last week, I will be writing out the "match" by talking about all six players, eventually coming out with our "Mr. Money in the Bank." For this, I recruited my Internet friends and fellow wrestling/baseball fans @MichaelWaterloo and @bryanjoiner to help me create a list of guys that would be great for this "match"...

2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Jarren Duran

Who is Jarren Duran?

The Sox drafted Duran in the 7th round during the 2018 MLB draft. This season, he was ranked as the Red Sox third-best prospect behind Triston Casas and Jeter Downs. Duran is currently ranked 144th in Dave's latest rankings.

Duran has hit at every level he has been at. The hit tool was never an issue for him. However, it was always wondered if he could harness his power and hit for power regularly. His highest home run total heading into 2020 was an unimpressive four in high A

Party in Pawtucket

The Red Sox Alt site in the shortened 2020 season was in beautiful Pawtucket, Rhode Island, for those of you who do not know. (if you know of the area that the last sentence was hilarious) Anyway, Duran worked with his fellow alt site members and came out with a brand new swing. This swing was one to tap into a bit more power for himself. He was focusing on driving through the ball with his new swing path.
I love when players realize that they can make changes in their swings, and it can help them produce more. A great example of this is Duran's teammate JD Martinez. Martinez is a baseball freak and eats sleep and breaths baseball. He is constantly making adjustments and watching his film. There is no one I would rather Duran share a dugout with...

A little bias doesn't hurt anyone

As I have said, I am a huge Red Sox fan, so writing about a Sox player will always have a hint is bias in it. I love Duran, and I love the way Duran plays. He is a dog out there, and he uses his speed and his hustle to grab an extra-base when he can. He carries a 70-grade speed tool, and boy does he know how to use it.


This is an example of game-changing speed. Although this was scored a triple in the scorebook, it is an inside-the-park homer in my book!

Now, how has Duran been performing thus far? Well, he has not been the answer to the Red Sox was in the leadoff spot. He has 59 ab's and is hitting sub 200 with an on-base at .220. He is not killing the ball. However, even with the outs, he has produced, you can tell he belongs. He's having a little trouble with fastballs; to me, that is just a significant adjustment for any top prospect. If it becomes an issue next year, that's when I would be worried. Players like Michael Chavis and Bobby Dalbec also have trouble with the major league fastball. I have begun to wonder if there is a Red Sox fastball hitting development issue.

Dynasty Impact and Verdict

Well, well, well, what I am about to say is going to surprise you. I have traded Jarren Duran multiple times this year. One deal I sold him for Mariners arm Emerson Hancock. I also traded him to get someone i forgot I think it was Dylan Carlson. In that league I just traded for him back! I traded Cj Abrams for him and Jose Barrera.

I think Duran will be a contributor at the major league level for years to come. He will help you with OBP and get you some valuable stolen bases. It all depends on the position in the lineup and he could possibly score you 100 runs a season. I would advise you to Buy him while he is slumping. However, I would also advise you to trade him to a Red Sox fan and perhaps have them pay a fan tax on him! I hope everyone enjoys their week!


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