2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Logan Gilbert

by Nick Zaniboni
2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week: Logan GIlbert

Welcome back to our 2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week, where we will be covering Seattle Mariners pitching prospect Logan Gilbert.

The next few weeks will be slightly different. As I've stated before, I am a big WWE fan. This past Sunday was one of my favorite WWE pay-per-views in recent memory. It was called Money in the Bank. The concept is that 6-8 wrestlers try and retrieve a briefcase above the ring. This briefcase has a contract for an opportunity for a World Heavyweight championship belt. This match (or cash-in) can happen whenever the contract holder sees fit. Usually, the competitors are on the come-up and are trying to make their way towards the Main Event.

In the coming weeks, I will profiling six players I think can "cash in" during the second half of the year and become stars in future seasons. For the last week, I will be writing out the "match" by talking about all six players, eventually coming out with our "Mr. Money in the Bank." For this, I recruited my Internet friends and fellow wrestling/baseball fans @MichaelWaterloo and @bryanjoiner to help me create a list of guys that would be great for this "match"...


One: Logan Gilbert

Two: Ke'Bryan Hayes

Three: Alek Manoah

Four: Jarren Duran

Five: Michael Kopech

Six: Alex Kirilloff

Seven: The winner

Before we get started, it's time for some cheap plugs for myself.  First, make sure you follow us on Instagram @fantasysixpack! I share my three favorite DFS plays on the page every day in our Reels feed.

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2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Logan Gilbert

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Goat or Goat?

I have always liked players that have the room to grow, if you draft a guy and his production doesn't increase, I would consider that as a loss on the asset. Logan Gilbert has one of the highest floors out of all of the players I will be profiling in the next few weeks, however, he also has a pretty high ceiling as well.

Gilbert is the highest drafted player out of notable baseball factory Stetson University. I hope my sarcasm comes through on that one. Anyway, one player put Stetson on the Map, and that pitcher is currently the best in baseball, Jacob deGrom. So, according to draft "experts," Gilbert was a better draft prospecting than DeGrom.

In the dynasty industry, there is a piece of advice that many have shared: "There is no such thing as a pitching prospect" or TINSTAAPP. While I tend to completely agree, there are always exceptions to every rule. I am close to calling Logan Gilbert an exception to the rule. He was elite throughout the minors and is showing he's the real deal in the bigs.

The Long-Haired Stepchild

This plays on the red hair stepchild (no hate from me to any gingers out there). However, if Gilbert was in any other organization, he would have had so much more hype. When it comes to prospects and the Mariners, it is all about Jarred Kelenic and Julio Rodriguez. Gilbert was pretty much a footnote when he accompanied Kelenic in the same week for the major league debuts. However, Gilbert outperformed his counterpart; although they are entirely different positions, Gilbert stuck around with the big club and has gotten better with each start. Gilbert holds a 3.50 ERA and a sub-one whip in 54 innings of work. His most recent start could be his best start in the bigs; check out the highlights below.

The biggest Room in the World

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. Gilbert has been good and sometimes even great. However, no pitcher is perfect except for the Jacob mentioned above DeGrom. The best thing about Gilbert is he has areas in his game that he can get better at. Below are Logan's percentile ranks

Currently, Gilbert needs to limit his hard contact, he is in the bottom third of the league when it comes to average/max exit velo. He is also bottom third in hard-hit %. If he can even get marginally better in this area we could be looking at a pitcher who is anchoring your staff for the foreseeable future.

Dynasty Verdict

Gilbert is a certified stud in my eyes; he is someone who I can see climbing the SP ranks in the coming years. Unfortunately, I own zero shares of him. It is tough for me to even get him how my team is constructed. I did have him at one point, but I traded him soon after I drafted him. He will always be the one that got away. He is my early favorite to win this whole "Money in the bank" project I'm doing here! If you can get him, I would pay a pretty hefty price for him. He is ranked 282 in Dave's rankings, and I see him climbing close to 150 by next season!

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