2021 Dynasty Player of the Week: Quarterly Review

by Nick Zaniboni
2023 Dynasty Baseball Trade Target: Trevor Story

Welcome back to our 2021 Dynasty Baseball Player of the Week Quarterly Review! Before we get started, I would like to make a personal announcement! This week I will be picking up a new furry friend! I will become a new doggy dad! We are rescuing a cute three-legged one-year-old beagle/basset-hound! For any cute dog, content makes sure you throw her a follow on IG @frannylikethenanny

This week will look a little different than usual. I will be looking back at a few of my past writing focuses and check in on them! 

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2021 Dynasty Player of the week: Quarterly review

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Stink Bohm?

Remember all of those Alec Bohm puns I had? If you don't, please read here! Well, our guy Bohm is slashing .203/.249/.302. Well, surely there need to be some numbers that show Bohm in a more positive light! For that crown, I present to you his 2021 percentile rankings! 

Bohm has upped his exit velocity two mph this season, and he is ranked 13th overall in exit velocity. You can also see quite the difference in his fastball, breaking ball, and off-speed pitches between the last two years.


Fastball: .337/.171

Breaking Ball: .378/.222

Off-speed: .261/.364

All averages are down except against off-speed pitches. This shows me that Bohm might be off to a slow start. I want to pump the breaks on me, predicting he would be an MVP candidate for the next decade. However, I do think he will still be a solid contributor for any dynasty team moving forward. However, in season-long pretty soon, you might need to consider dropping him.


Jury is still in deliberation

Pablo Lopez or Pablo Sanchez?

Pablo Sanchez is an all-time goat from the childhood computer game backyard baseball for those of you who don't know. Much like Pablo Sanchez, Pablo Lopez has been an absolute stud on the bump this season. If you looked at Pablo's 2021 record of 1-3, you would assume he may not be a great pitcher.

However, you need to take into account that he is a member of the Miami Marlins. Looking at his pitching stats, he is a pitcher that gets a little discounted because of the team he plays for. He holds an ERA of 2.71. However, his Xera of 3.30 (still a sound ERA) shows he might be getting a little lucky.

What has been his secret to his success? Well, he continues to limit hard contact. He is within the top 90 percentile when it comes to average exit velocity. As cited in my last article, Pablo is continuing to limit using his curveball.


I am entirely willing to admit when I am wrong. And here I go. I was terrible about Pablo Lopez. I stated here that he could be your 3-4 dynasty starter. However, I now believe he can be your low-end 2nd pitcher or a high-end 3rd pitcher.

#1 Dynasty third basemen

I said it I said it I said it. Find me a better dynasty third basemen than Rafael Devers. He is absolutely crushing the ball this season. Here are his ranks in the AL currently

Homers (14) - 4th

RBI (43) - 2nd

Average (.280) - 26th

OBP (.349) - 26th

OPS (.946) - 4th

Something that is very impressive is he is hitting the ball to all fields. He hits what the pitcher gives him and hits the ball where he needs to hit it.

My piece of Devers was the first blog I ever wrote and it was one of the most fun. I love writing about the Red Sox and it was great to dive into my favorite player on my favorite team. I stated in that blog that  I think that the Sox bringing back Alex Cora was going to help Devers in a big way. And a quarter through the season I look to be correct.

It's not out of the question to mention Devers in the MVP conversation unfortunately his teammate Xander Bogaerts may steal some votes from him.


I was right!!! Go get him, pay whatever you can for him! He is that dude!

Before I leave, I am just going to leave this for anyone who needs it.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

1 (800) 799-7233

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