2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner (June 7th-June 13th)

by Trent Dickeson
2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner

Welcome to the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner

As we approach the middle of the Fantasy Baseball season, we are getting to the point where we need to start making moves. If one finds themselves behind in the standings thanks to the ever-growing list of injured players, there is still a chance to make moves to climb up the ranks, but the time is running out to make these moves.

In the words of Yogi Berra, "It's getting late early."

Thankfully, there is still time to make these moves, and by finding oneself here on the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner, it shows that you care and want to make the necessary moves.

I thank you for that (and for reading my work). With time running low, I will not waste any more time, I will jump right into the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner.

2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner

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2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner

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Offenses to Target

Los Angeles Dodgers

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Team wRC+: 112

I know that picking the Dodgers is not exactly a bold prediction. However, it is an obvious one when Fantasy Baseball players see their schedule.

They take on the Pittsburgh Pirates for three games and then return home for a three-game series with the Texas Rangers. The Pirates rank 26th in team ERA at 4.79 and the Rangers are 23rd with a 4.55 team ERA.

Add in that the Dodgers are actually getting healthy, and we may be in for an extended hot stretch for the Dodgers.

Notable Players

Max Muncy is giving us an MVP level season, .268/.428/.536 with thirteen home runs, thirty-nine runs, and thirty RBIs. I look for him to continue his case this week.

Will Smith has provided great value at Catcher with an .843 OPS and 136 OPS+ is giving Fantasy Baseball players a positional advantage.

Chris Taylor and Justin Turner are giving players amazing value from their late draft positions.

  • Taylor .281/.403/.480 seven home runs, forty-two runs, twenty-eight RBIs, seven stolen bases, and a 147 OPS+.
  • Justin Turner .275/.363/.461 with nine home runs, thirty-five runs, twenty-nine RBIs, and a 130 OPS+.

Gavin Lux started slow, and I know his overall stat line, .241/.294/.389 with five home runs, twenty-two runs, twenty-five RBIs, and a 90 OPS+, is not the best. However, Lux is showing why we need to give some of the young guys some time to figure it out. In May, Lux hit .286/.346/.490 with five home runs, sixteen runs, and nineteen RBIs. It looks like the young second baseman is beginning to figure it out.

San Francisco Giants

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Team wRC+: 103

I stay out west with the San Francisco Giants. The Giants and their merry band of veterans are still surprising all of baseball with one of the best records in the league.

The Giants have a great schedule this week to keep it up offensively, as they will take on the Rangers for two games before traveling to the nation's capital for a four-game series with the Nationals.

The Rangers as mentioned earlier, are 23rd in team ERA of 4.55 and the Nationals are 17th with a 4.18 team ERA.

Notable Players

Buster Posey is having a resurgence of a year with a 175 OPS+ after he opted out of the 2020 season. As mentioned earlier, catcher is a thin position, and Posey is one of the few that is providing any real fantasy value.

Brandon Crawford and Evan Longoria both currently have an OPS+ of 144. Both are providing power, runs, RBIs, and strong OBPs that make them valuable in almost any format, which is beneficial since they were probably drafted as depth options or MI/CI guys.

Austin Slater is having a decent year with a 107 OPS+. His .220/.317/.417 does not look like the best line, but he has added seven home runs, eighteen runs, and seventeen RBIs which gives some fantasy value. I think he could be a cheap option if someone needs a move.

Offenses to Avoid

Minnesota Twins

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Team wRC+: 106

I know that the Twins offense has not been the issue for the Twins in 2021, but I am a little worried about their offense hitting a rough patch this week.

They start off with three against the New York Yankees who have given the Twins issues over previous years and then finishing it with a three-game series with the Houston Astros.

The Yankees are currently 5th in team ERA at 3.25 and the Astros are 11th with a 3.81 ERA.

Notable Players

Nelson Cruz continues to be great with his ten home runs and a 139 OPS+. I will continue to support Cruz in all formats until he just stops doing what he does, which is hit dingers.

The young guys have been solid in Minnesota. Trevor Larnach has shown some promise with his .224/.366/.433 and his 130 OPS+. Alex Kirilloff is at .239/.276/.435 with four home runs, twelve runs, and seventeen RBIs.

Miguel Sano has been a disappointment for those that thought he might turn it around this year. That has not been the case though, as he is hitting .154/.270/.375 with nine home runs, eighteen runs, and twenty-three RBIs. Basically, Sano is either hitting a home run or not doing much at all.

Jorge Polanco has been just average this season. His 103 OPS+ and five home runs have not provided much value. Thankfully, he was not drafted with super high capital, so he has not killed anyone's team.

Pittsburgh Pirates

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Team wRC+: 82

Yes, I know that the Pirates are one of the worst offenses in baseball. However, I need Fantasy Baseball players to understand that this is not the week to get cute.

They play three against the Dodgers and then travel to Milwaukee for three games. That is a tough set of matchups for the glorified AAA team.

The Dodgers are third in team ERA with a 3.18 and the Brewers are 1oth in team ERA at 3.74.

Notable Players

Adam Frazier is not hitting for a lot of power (.144 ISO), but he does have a batting average of .333 and a .393 OBP. He has also added thirty runs, so he is finding a way to score when he does get on.

Bryan Reynolds is having a great year as evident by his 2.0 fWAR. This is because he is hitting .289/.389/.500 with eight home runs. Reynolds was thought of as someone that could help prop up fantasy batting averages but is now showing more power which helps boost his value.

Jacob Stallings has not been anything special with his 107 OPS+. However, as I have mentioned, catchers are thin. So, Stallings' .235/.329/.419 line with four home runs is solid for the position.

Ke'Bryan Hayes has returned! His 245 wRC+ over three games probably is not sustainable, but Hayes should be able to provide some fantasy value.

There is really not much else fantasy value here, and I would avoid the Pirates with the pitching staffs waiting them.

2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner Sleeper/Waiver Option

Pavin Smith, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks

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Remember Pavin Smith? He was on fire to start the year, and then he was not on fire. He had a pretty bad stretch. However, he seems to have turned it around.

He recently went on a thirteen-game hitting streak to give us hope again. I know the lack of home runs can be troubling, but he is still getting a solid amount of extra-base hits. His .460 SLG proves this.

He is available in around 54% of Yahoo leagues and 43% of ESPN leagues so rush to pick him up while he is available! He also provides multi-position eligibility at first base and outfield which helps find ways into the Fantasy Baseball lineup as well.

2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Minor League Stash

Jarren Duran, OF, Boston Red Sox

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Vidal Brujan, Travis Swaggerty, and Jo Adell precede Duran on this list.

Duran is putting pressure on the Red Sox to call him up. Duran is hitting .278/.366/.625 seven home runs, fourteen runs, twelve RBIs, and four stolen bases. This also includes a .421 wOBA and a 159 wRC+. Duran looks ready for the big show.

The only thing that may delay the call-up is he is currently playing in Olympic qualifiers. He is handling himself pretty well as a representative of his country.

Duran may come back from this run and head straight to Boston. It could work one of two ways; he could get a bunch of national exposure and get picked up by plenty of fantasy owners. The other option is people forget about him because he is not putting up minor league numbers, and smart Fantasy Baseball players could take advantage.

Thanks for reading the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 10 Hitting Planner!

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