2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Hitting Planner (July 15th-July 25th)

by Trent Dickeson
2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Hitting Planner

Welcome back! It is time for the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Hitting Planner!

We had a break for a few days because of the All-Star break and I am sure everyone needed it, and I do not just mean the players. I am sure that most Fantasy Baseball players needed a few days to clear their heads to get ready for the home stretch.

Maybe one did not need a break but rather used the time to look for trades to make that can help them with that final playoff push. That would not be the worst strategy as the playoffs are right around the corner!

We are all still fighting for those league championships and that means we need to get right to it. Here is the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Hitting Planner!

2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Hitting Planner

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2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Schedule

Reminder that we have a bigger schedule to look at this week because most fantasy matchups/weeks will last a week and a half for this period!

2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Hitting Planner

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Offenses To Target

Chicago Cubs

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Team wRC+: 92

The Chicago Cubs are in an interesting spot coming out of the break. They are eight games back of the Milwaukee Brewers, and there are rumors that they could become sellers at the trade deadline.

However, I see an easy schedule for the Cubs coming over the next week, which could help them climb back in the division standings and, more importantly to us, provide fantasy production. They will take on the Diamondbacks for six games and the Cardinals four times.

It may make the Cubs trade deadline plans more confusing but could help our Fantasy Baseball teams tremendously.

They will travel to Arizona, then to St. Louis, and then finish with a three-game series at home against the Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks are 29th in team ERA (5.40) and the Cardinals are 16th (4.24).

Notable Players

Kris Bryant has an .855 OPS on the season, but he really struggled in June with an OPS of .445. I would not be worried about Bryant as he has turned it around in July with a .932 OPS before the break. I would be more worried about where he is traded to and how it affects his fantasy value.

Willson Contreras is doing fine with a 110 OPS+ but that is a solid number from the catcher position. Contreras has solid counting stats, and his metrics are in line with his season numbers so I believe he keeps up the production.

Anthony Rizzo is not having a Rizzo-like season even though a 112 OPS+ is a solid number. We just wanted a little more. His .247/.342/.429 line with ten home runs, thirty-two runs, and thirty-three RBIs are fine, but I bet most of us were hoping for more. Rizzo has a .265 xBA so maybe his batting average ticks up in the coming weeks.

Los Angeles Angels

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Team wRC+: 108

The Angels offense is nothing to worry about. They can hit, but they have struggled to find pitching in recent years which has hurt their team success. They did throw a no-hitter in the recent draft though, although not a traditional no-hitter. The Angels used all twenty picks to draft pitchers.

I hope a few work out because we need Ohtani and Trout in the playoffs.

Their offense should be in store for a strong week. They will host the Mariners for three games before traveling to Oakland for a two-game set and then heading to Minnesota for four games with the Twins.

The Mariners are 20th in team ERA (4.41) and the Twins are 27th in team ERA (4.98). I know the Athletics have a good pitching staff, 11th in team ERA (3.80), but I am hoping that just two games will not hurt the Angels week for fantasy.

Notable Players

I know that we have heard a lot about Shohei Ohtani during the All-Star festivities, but I think we can talk about him a little longer. Ohtani deserves to be talked about a lot. To be quick, Ohtani is hitting .279/.364/.698 with thirty-three home runs, sixty-five runs, seventy RBIs, and twelve steals. Add in what he does on the mound, and he probably is the favorite to win the AL MVP.

David Fletcher is having an interesting season. He has a .309 batting average, and recently had an extended hitting streak, but his OPS+ is only 95, and his wRC+ sits at 99. This is because out of the one hundred and three hits he has on the year, eighty-four have been singles. He has some value due to the high batting average, but do not expect him to hit for any power.

If one drafted Jared Walsh later in the draft, they probably find themselves near the top of the league. His line on the year is .278/.336/.556 with twenty-two home runs, forty-seven runs, and sixty-five RBIs is pretty solid. I think he gets the second half started on a good note.

Teams to Avoid

Atlanta Braves

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Team wRC+: 100

I hate that Ronald Acuna Jr. is out for the remainder of the year. Without him, this Braves lineup becomes really thin behind Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies.

They start the second half with a brutal schedule, especially for the offense. They will take on the Rays for three games, the Padres for three, and then finish with a four-game road trip in Philadelphia.

The Rays are 7th in team ERA (3.50), the Padres are 3rd (3.41), and the Phillies are 19th (4.39). If they can find a way to survive the first six games, maybe they can salvage the fantasy week in a hitter-friendly park in Philadelphia but be careful streaming some of the Braves players this upcoming week.

Notable Players

Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albies are the only Braves players that should be locked into lineups. The rest are matchup dependent.

Austin Riley is having a solid season, .276/.359/.468 with fourteen home runs, forty-two runs, and forty-two RBIs. However, he is notoriously streaky and is currently in a downturn. Check out his numbers over the last two months.

  • June: .238/.281/.362 three home runs, eleven runs, and fifteen RBIs
  • July: .250/.372/.472 one home run, three runs, and five RBIs

Coming off a strong 2020, there were several, myself included, who thought Dansby Swanson had finally turned a corner. However, I think we may have been wrong. Swanson is hitting .243/.302/.453 fifteen home runs, forty runs, forty RBIs, six stolen bases and a 95 OPS+. I know that Swanson has been frustrating to own, and I do not see it get any easier anytime soon.

Orlando Arcia is hitting .333/.360/.500 since getting the call up to Atlanta. He could be worth a pickup in deep leagues for a few weeks.

Colorado Rockies

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Team wRC+: 77

I know this is low-hanging fruit, but they take on the Dodgers six times in this matchup window. The Dodgers have the best team ERA (3.14) in baseball, so it may hurt the few Rockies' fantasy performers. They squeeze in two games against the 20th ranked (4.41) Seattle Mariners, but that may not be enough to salvage the week.

Add in that Trevor Story is rumored to be traded soon, and the Rockies' offense may take a bigger drop this week. I know Story is not having his best season, but he would still be a huge loss for this lineup.

Notable Players

Trevor Story, as mentioned in the previous section, is not having a Trevor Story season. He is hitting .249/.323/.442 with eleven home runs, forty-two runs, forty-two RBIs, and seventeen stolen bases. I am not worried about Story, but there is some concern that he is having a down year, and it could be because of all the rumors floating around. There is a chance he is on a new team by the time the next hitting planner is released.

Ryan McMahon is having a strong year, .255/.316/.474 sixteen home runs, fifty runs, forty-seven RBIs, four steals, and a 104 OPS+. The OPS+ is lower because of the park adjustment of playing at Coors Field, but one cannot deny that McMahon is having a great year for Fantasy Baseball. I would worry about this tough week, and how much Story potentially being traded could affect McMahon's value though.

I think C.J. Cron has a shot to be one of the more popular league-winning sleepers this year. Cron has a .254/.364/.470 SLG twelve home runs, thirty-five runs, and thirty-five RBIs and I know that does not look like a lot, but it is phenomenal for the price Cron cost at the beginning of the year. I think Cron keeps up a solid fantasy year, but do not be shocked if this is a down week thanks to the matchup.

2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Hitting Waiver Wire Pickup

Orlando Arcia, SS/OF, Atlanta Braves

Embed from Getty Images

I know that I mentioned Arcia in the Braves section earlier, but I think there could be something here. He is still widely available in a large number of leagues, but I think it would be smart to give him a shot.

Yes, the Braves have tough pitching matchups coming out of the break. Yes, Arcia was in AAA a few weeks ago and has been disappointing for the majority of his career. However, I think he could be valuable over the next few weeks and could potentially help Fantasy Baseball owners win a few weeks.

We mentioned his .333/.360/.500 start with the Braves in his first seven games with his new teams. I do recognize that he has a career 73 wRC+ and was given up on by the Brewers at the beginning of this year.

The reason I think he could be valuable over the next few weeks is that he knows he has to prove himself. If not, he may not get another opportunity at regular playing time. So, there is a motivation factor. He is coming out of AAA with a strong line of .308/.380/.552 thirteen home runs, forty-one runs, twenty-eight RBIs, five stolen bases, and a 146 wRC+ in fifty-one games.

I know that history is not on his side, but maybe he figured something out in AAA. There is also the shot that he is riding the confidence of hitting well in Gwinnett and is playing above his head. Combine that with him knowing he is lucky to get another shot at a regular lineup spot, and maybe he can be a solid fantasy asset for the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Hitting Planner!

Don't miss out on the Fantasy Baseball Content here at Fantasy Six Pack as we head-on into the second half!

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