2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 19 Hitting Planner (August 16th-August 22nd)

by Trent Dickeson
2020 Fantasy Baseball Super Sophomores

Welcome to the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 19 Hitting Planner!

We are coming down to the wire in the Fantasy Baseball season. For those in head-to-head formats, the fantasy playoffs are right around the corner and that means the push for the playoffs are coming down to the wire.

For everyone trying to fight for that final spot, every game matters. If anyone is lucky enough to already have clinched the playoffs, then they can start looking at long-term moves to benefit them come playoff time.

Every game and every move makes a difference at this point. We should not delay it any further. Here is the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 19 Hitting Planner.


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2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 19 Hitting Planner

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Offenses to Target

Milwaukee Brewers

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Team wRC+: 91

The Milwaukee Brewers are on a mission to prove they are legitimate championship contenders. They have a phenomenal pitching staff and now their hitting is starting to come around.

It could be a fun week for the Brew Crew, especially offensively. They will take on the St Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals this week for three games each.

The Cardinals are 14th in team ERA (4.18) but have been dealing with a lot of injuries as of late. The Nationals are 20th (4.49 ERA), but their recent fire sale means they are pitching more unproven guys to finish the year.

Notable Players

I have fallen in love with Willy Adames this year, especially because of his breakout campaign for Fantasy Baseball. Overall, he is hitting .264/.339/.495 with twenty-one home runs, sixty-three runs, sixty-three RBIs, four stolen bases, a .356 wOBA, and a 124 wRC+. Adames must love it in Milwaukee though, because he has been playing at an MVP level since May 22nd. Since being traded, he is hitting .300/.383/.565 with sixteen home runs, forty-seven runs, forty-six RBIs, two stolen bases, a .402 wOBA, and a 151 wRC+.

Rowdy Tellez has also fallen in love with Milwaukee. In his brief time with his new team, he is hitting .329/.407/.586 with five home runs, eleven runs, eighteen RBIs, a .413 wOBA, and a 158 wRC+.

Kolten Wong has been solid at second base this year, hitting .283/.338/.445 with eight homers, forty-five runs, twenty-seven RBIs, eight stolen bases, and a 110 OPS+. As the Brewers offense gets better, I would expect Wong to score more runs.

San Diego Padres

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Team wRC+: 102

The San Diego Padres offense has not been as deadly as most would have thought, but they still have a great offense. One that could get hot over the final few weeks as they push for a playoff spot.

In terms of next week's schedule, they start off with a wonderful opportunity in Coors field for a three-game series with the Rockies. The Rockies currently are 24th in team ERA (4.72).

They will then take on the Phillies in a weekend series back in San Diego. The Phillies are currently 18th in team ERA (4.40).

Notable Players

I was lower on Jake Cronenworth than I should have been, and I accept that now. I thought he would be good, but I did not expect him to be this good. For the season, he is hitting .275/.347/.474 with sixteen home runs, seventy-six runs, fifty-four RBIs, four steals, and a 127 OPS+.

Trent Grisham has been great when healthy. His line of .262/.353/.453 twelve home runs, forty-one runs, forty-seven RBIs, nine steals, and a 124 OPS+. The biggest issue with Grisham will be where he hits in the batting order. He has produced no matter where he hits so it may not matter though.

Adam Frazier has not done well since going to San Diego. His line of .294/.333/.333 zero home runs, nine runs, one RBI, one stolen base, a .297 wOBA, and an 87 wRC+. Maybe he can turn it around soon, but hopefully Fantasy Baseball owners sold high on him a few weeks ago.

Offenses to Avoid

New York Mets

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Team wRC+: 94

The New York Mets have hit a rough patch recently. They were leading the division for most of the season, but injuries have slowed them down and they have seen their lead disappear.

They are still a talented roster when healthy, but the issue is when will they be fully healthy again. Despite who plays for them, they have a tough week ahead of them.

They will take on the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers on the road. The Giants are third in team ERA (3.35) and the Dodgers are first (3.13). Good luck Mets.

Notable Players

The big trade deadline acquisition was Javy Baez. Since coming to New York, he is hitting .171/.216/.343 with two home runs, four runs, three RBIs, and a 52 OPS+. The early returns are ugly, but it is a short sample size so maybe Baez turns it around.

Michael Conforto is having a disappointing season. His .202/.330/.337 line with seven home runs, twenty-four runs, twenty-seven RBIs, and an 86 OPS+ is not what people were hoping for when drafting Conforto. I know most people have pointed out his low batting average against the fastball, but he is actually hitting worse against breaking pitches.

  • Fastball: .188 BA, .269 xBA, .331 SLG, .478 xSLG, .305 wOBA, .387 xwOBA
  • Breaking: .197 BA, .196 xBA, .273 SLG, .319 xSLG, .273 wOBA, .291 xwOBA

Dom Smith has not had the season we would have hoped for either. His .254/.318/.387 line including eleven home runs, thirty-seven runs, fifty RBIs, and a 94 OPS+. A lot of people were high on him coming into the year, and he has just not met expectations.

Baltimore Orioles

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Team wRC+: 94

The Orioles do not have a great offense, but I think it has been better than most realize. I know most of their top prospects are getting close, and this could be a fun franchise to keep an eye on in the near future.

However, next week may be a tough week for their offense. They will play the Tampa Bay Rays for four games, and then host the Atlanta Braves for a weekend series.

The Rays are 10th in team ERA (3.74) but have owned the Orioles this season. The Braves are 13th in team ERA (4.01), but that number has been trending down over the past few months.

Notable Players

I am going to focus on the three guys I think could still be fantasy relevant next week rather than guys I would avoid here. Cedric Mullins would get more love for MVP if he were not on the Orioles. His .319/.385/.548 slash includes twenty home runs, sixty-six runs, forty RBIs, twenty-one stolen bases and a 154 OPS+. I hope this is not an outlier year for Mullins.

Trey Mancini should have comeback player of the year locked up even without playing. Fortunately for us, he is also playing well. He is hitting .254/.324/.459 with nineteen home runs, fifty-nine runs, sixty RBIs, and a 114 OPS+. He may not be a superstar, but he has been solid for Fantasy Baseball.

Anthony Santander does not have the best line but that may be attributed to his early season injury. His .250/.298/.433 line with ten home runs, thirty-one runs, thirty-three RBIs, and a 99 wRC+ does not jump off the page. However, since the start of July he is hitting .286/.341/.558 with five home runs, thirteen runs, fifteen RBIs, a .378 wOBA, and a 143 wRC+. If he is available on waivers, he is worth picking up for the stretch run.


Myles Straw, OF, Cleveland Indians

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Now, I know that Myles Straw probably will not provide Fantasy Baseball managers with a lot of power, but I think the move to Cleveland has given him the opportunity to become fantasy relevant. Mainly because of the speed factor that can be so vital to Fantasy Baseball.

In his short stint in Cleveland, Straw is hitting .313/.353/.438 with one home run, nine runs, three RBIs, two stolen bases, a .344 wOBA, and a 117 wRC+. He is not going to win games by himself, but if he can find a way on base, I think we might see the stolen bases start to come in bunches. Adding just a few extra stolen bases a week can be a huge difference maker in Fantasy Baseball.

I would not lock Straw in for the rest of the year, but I think he is deserving of a roster spot for a few weeks. He could be a sneaky pickup to help in the home stretch.

Thanks for reading the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 19 Hitting Planner!

Some of the most important weeks of the fantasy season are coming up. You will not want to miss out on the Fantasy Baseball Content here at Fantasy Six Pack.

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