2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 19 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Mike Sollicito
2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 19 Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Stock Up/Stock Down Week 19 article!

As the season goes on, it becomes a bit harder to tell when hot streaks have really impacted a player's overall stats and when it hasn't. However, now is a good time to start investing in the types of players who can consistently hit the ball or have a solid floor for your team.

The three players highlighted below like Abraham Toro, Luis Arraez, and Josh Rojas have all shown this year to different extents that they are capable of being solid fantasy starters with a good floor.

As for the stock downside of things, these are players whose struggles have continued post after the break, and dropping or no longer starting them will not kill your team. These players are ones who, yes, sometimes should be dropped, but other times are just in a funk at the plate or on the mound and should be benched rather than dropped.

We'll go over some of those down below, but don't be afraid to sometimes cut someone loose, odds are if they're insignificant, they won't be added.

And as usual, if you've got any comments, questions, or concerns reach out to me on Twitter @MikeSollicito1! Now, it's time for Week 19!

2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 19 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Abraham Toro, 2B/3B, Seattle Mariners

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Abraham Toro was acquired by the Mariners from the Astros this year in exchange for Kendall Graveman. Since being acquired, Toro has been hitting the ball like no one ever. This under-the-radar trade by the M's reminds me of the one they did last year with the Padres.

Toro is now playing every day between 2B and 3B and with Jarred Kelenic beginning to find his groove at the plate, the Mariners lineup is rather underrated. If you're looking for a bench bat see if Toro is available and grab him now.

He very well could be something next year come draft day, so the upside is there with his bat.

Luis Arraez, 2B/3B/OF, Minnesota Twins

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Luis Arraez has had the injury bug this year. He has seen multiple different IL stints, however, always finds a way to produce when he is healthy. Arraez has supreme bat-to-ball skills, and plays everywhere.

Especially now so with the Twins selling off a few pieces, Arraez not only finds himself playing every day, but also in the heart of the order as well.

While the Twins lineup is not one to write home about, they still have Josh Donaldson, Andrelton Simmons, Max Kepler, Trevor Larnach, and a few others.

Arraez is, simply put, a David Fletcher who can walk more. Both have minimal power, but see the ball like no one else. They provide a great floor for fantasy, as they are someone you should be able to count on day in and day out.

Grab Arraez now while freshly off the IL before the others pick up on him and his wizard-hitting abilities.

Josh Rojas, 2B/SS/OF, Arizona Diamondbacks

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Josh Rojas should come off the IL within the next few days. Prior to his injury, he was beginning to heat up again. Rojas strikes out a bit more than the two above but walks just as much as them.

While the batted ball data is nothing to write home about, he is a contact type of hitter and should see everyday playing time with the Diamondbacks clearly not very good. For me, Rojas is someone who can add adequate power while getting on base a good bit.

While he isn't anything special, he can add some floor to your team while he maintains the hot streak he was on at the plate. He can be prone to going on cold streaks, so it is not out of the question that he could be droppable at a later date.

But for right now, I think Rojas can be solid for your team, especially with his multi-position eligibility. Grab him and let's see how he does off the IL.

Stock Down

Zach Plesac, SP, Cleveland Indians

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Zach Plesac is not what owners thought they were getting when they drafted him. He has not gotten a quality start since July 18th and has allowed 10 earned runs over his last nine innings.

He doesn't walk too many so the WHIP remains low, but he allows louder contact than last year and his xERA is nowhere near what you'd hope it to be. Plesac seems nothing like the pitcher we were hoping he was turning into.

Playing for a not-so-great Cleveland team will limit his wins, and he has only gone six or more innings in two of his last six outings. For me, he is definitely a hold but is getting close to a drop depending on league size.

In 10-team leagues, he is probably a drop, but in 12-teams or more he is a hold for now and I probably will only start him in really favorable matchups going forward. It isn't looking great for him right now, as the only thing that offers even a glimmer of hope is his solid walk rate.

Carlos Santana, 1B, Kansas City Royals

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Carlos Santana has clearly been on the decline for a few years now, and playing for a really mediocre -- if not just plain bad -- Royals team this year has kind of suppressed his name a bit. Over his last 30 days, he is hitting just .159 with two Home Runs, and has no Home Runs his last 15 days.

While the underlying stats are a bit surprising, making a case for positive regression, Santana just has not seen any of that as of late.

For me, he is another bench candidate as his power and walk upside (in OBP leagues) leave me rostering him. He is no longer a starter, and maybe if he was in a bit better of a lineup he would be having some more success.

He does have a .235 BABIP on the season, but as recent years suggest it seems his BABIP has just been trending down which makes sense as age catches up. Santana is a possible drop in shallower leagues depending on what's on waivers.

But for me at least, he's a hold in hopes the underlying stats are portraying some future good luck. Will probably give him another week or so to turn it around.

Hunter Renfroe, OF, Boston Red Sox

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Unfortunately on Tuesday night, Renfroe just hit a 3-run homer. He has immense power which can't be denied. However his batting average is always going to be very low due to his poor approach at the plate.

His strikeout rate this year is a palatable 22.7%, with a mediocre 7.8% walk rate. His .250 xBA would be his best since 2016, but it's his constant hot and cold streaks that I would rather not deal with.

Renfroe was in the midst of one of his cold streaks prior to Tuesday night and wasting a roster spot on him when he gets that cold is just tough to do. For me, I would rather let someone else deal with those cold streaks.

When he is hot, he is HOT, but I'd rather either try my luck grabbing him at waivers at that time.

Renfroe is a drop for me right now *unless he shows he is turning a corner after Tuesday night.*

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