2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 20 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Mike Sollicito
2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 20 Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Stock Up/Stock Down Week 20 article!

Sometimes even veterans need time to readjust after spending time on the Injured List. With some players beginning to come back at this point in the season, we take a look at a few of them who have struggled so far.

On the other hand, we also have some surging names who have been great since their return from injury. Also, with the deadline very much in the past, new names have pushed their stock up with every day playing time.

Now is the time to really begin to assess your team and know if you have a chance. If you have a chance at winning the Championship, maybe begin looking into some trades or drop some guys who have not helped you produce.

Some of these options can help put your team over the edge. Now's the time to buckle in and get ready because playoffs are just around the corner.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @MikeSollicito1 if you've got any comments, questions, or concerns. Now I think it's time to get into Week 20!

2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 20 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Travis d'Arnaud, C, Atlanta Braves

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Travis d'Arnaud was recently reinstated from the injured list. During the time since, he has hit .278 with a home run over his first 18 plate appearances.

The Braves lineup is clicking like no other right now, so my advice is to get as much exposure to this lineup as possible. If d'Arnaud is available on waivers and maybe you own Contreras who recently went down, d'Arnaud wouldn't be a bad add.

He has not been striking out much in this small sample size and is continuing his recent trend of 90 mph or better exit velocity.

Catcher isn't always the sexiest thing when it comes to fantasy, but grabbing someone like this whose lineup is on fire right now could put you over the edge for a matchup or two.

Grab d'Arnaud and slot him in at catcher, let the good times roll for the Braves.

Frank Schwindel, 1B, Chicago Cubs

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Frank Schwindel is an interesting case. He was a professional minor leaguer with the Athletics for a bit who was actually having a great season this year. The A's called him up and he just didn't perform.

Put on waivers, the Cubs then claimed him. With Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, and Kris Bryant out of Chicago playing time is up for grabs.

Schwindel has been hitting very well as of recently, having a .310 average with five HRs over his first 70 at bats. He is well worth a grab off waivers, and should continue to see playing time.

He isn't striking out much either, and has an xBA of .273. While he could definitely be a late bloomer as he is already 29, I anticipate this on being just a hot streak. Still, I would take advantage of it and scoop him up sonner rather than later.

Elieser Hernandez, SP, Miami Marlins

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Elieser Hernandez was one of my favorite sleeper pitchers during the offseason. While he spent most time injured last year, I was hoping that would change.

However, he has seen time on the IL two separate times. While he missed a large chunk of the year with injuries yet again, he is healthy and it could not come at a better time for the beat up Marlins.

The Marlins have multiple starting pitchers out at this time, so Elieser will fill a hole in the rotation. He has some really great stuff, and while the strikeouts won't blow you away he should be very useful for ERA and WHIP.

Elieser is still young and has shown success in the past, so while he has only thrown a max of 5.1 innings in a given game, I expect that to change over time.

Because the Marlins are so great when it comes to developing pitching, Elieser is worth the grab for me. He could really bring up his stock for next year with a strong and healthy finish to this one.

Stock Down

Carlos Carrasco, SP, New York Mets

Embed from Getty Images

Carlos Carrasco, wow what a few years this man has had. While I am glad he is back and healthy, I am not happy with his performances.

Part of me thinks it is because or rust after not seeing much MLB action over the course of the past two seasons or so. While the walk rate is in line with career norms, the strikeout rate is down.

That leads me to believe that Carrasco's velocity is either down, or he is still working his way back to 100%. Carrasco is not a drop by any means as both the Mets and any of his fantasy owners are hoping he can be a big arm for the late season run.

However, he is definitely a starter who is dependent on opponent. If his struggles do continue within the next two to three starts, I would think about dropping him if there are solid options on the waiver wire.

Hold Cookie because of who he is and what he can do, but maybe he is done after all.

Mike Moustakas, 1B/2B/3B, Cincinnati Reds

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Much like Carrasco above, Moustakas has spent a decent chunk of the year on the IL. Now finally healthy, he has come back and just not done what those who hung onto him thought he would do.

He is hitting just .182 in 22 at bats with no HRs. While I too think this is rust, Moustakas was not having that great of a season even before his heel injury.

Moustakas is known for his power, and while he is walking a lot he is not hitting the ball nearly as hard as he has in his career.

This could just be a lost season for Moustakas after that heel injury wiped him out, but he could also make for an intriguing by low next year come draft time.

For me, I would drop Moustakas and look for someone like Frank Schwindel or Brandon Belt on the waiver wire. Plenty of options that are performing better than him right now on the waiver wire.

Jeff McNeil, 2B/OF, New York Mets

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Jeff McNeil has also had a disappointing season, both on the injury front and production wise. Known to compete for the NL batting title year in and year out, McNeil is not having an ideal time at the plate.

He has battled leg injuries for a bit of the year, spending time on the IL at one point due to a hamstring injury. Now back and playing every day as the Mets quickly lose grip of their first place spot.

McNeil over the last 15 days has been hitting .163 with just four runs and four RBIs. I think McNeil is just in a weird funk this year, as it seems is the case with most Mets this year.

McNeil is by no means a drop for me, as he has the ability to just turn it on and raise his average multiple points in only a few days, but he is being benched right now.

Until he starts hitting it is hard to count on McNeil who is not producing himself and is on a team who has not been producing as of late either.

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