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2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Drop List


Welcome to the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Drop List.

This week we have five well-known batters that are slumping in 2021 and on the drop list. It is hard for fantasy managers to hold them longer although patience might be the best option for a couple of these players. Also included is Jorge Soler who smashed 48 home runs just two seasons ago.

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2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Drop List

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Eduardo Escobar, 2B/3B, Arizona Diamondbacks

Escobar is batting .213 through 150 at-bats this season. He already has more home runs than his 2020 total but hasn’t hit one since April 25. Strikeouts have been a concern for him over the years and in 2021 his strikeout rate is at a career-high 22.2 percent.

If you need home runs in categories Escobar will get enough to keep, but at a cost in the strikeout and batting average departments. If you have started him in points leagues in May he hasn’t been worth a roster spot and won’t be until he proves otherwise.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. OF, Toronto Blue Jays

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I was high on Gurriel Jr. after batting .308 in 2020. Unfortunately, he has not been the same in 2021, only batting .214 in 131 at-bats. His counting stats have been slow to come around as well and his value has plummeted.

Gurriel Jr. still has plenty of time to turn it around and tap into the power we saw from 2019 and 2020 where he finished in the 82nd and 91st percentile for hard-hit rate. With that said he is a player fantasy managers might want to bench rather than drop and we will check back in on after another week.

Joey Gallo, OF, Texas Rangers

Before the season I predicted Gallo to hit 40-plus home runs and I might have to eat my words. He currently has a career-low hard-hit rate, pull rate, barrel rate, and a career-high groundball rate. All making it harder to hit home runs.

But the question fantasy managers must ask themselves “Is the power worth it?” He is batting .222 with a 35.4 strikeout rate.

Gallo is doing some things right. His 26 bases on balls in 135 at-bats are driving his .360 OBP and 121 wRC+. Still, his strikeouts are piling up, his contact rate is down and he is now aiming for 30 something home runs instead of the 40 fantasy managers were hoping for. Not as much value on his power as we like to see compared to his strikeouts.

As of now, I’m taking the same approach with Gallo and Gurriel Jr. If you are stuck deciding between the two, I prefer Gallo over Gurriel Jr. due to higher home run potential.

Jorge Soler, OF/DH, Kansas City Royals

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Soler is another power bat struggling to hit the ball over the fence. He currently has his best contact rate since 2015 and is hitting roughly 50 percent of his balls for hard contact. So why is he hitting home runs at the second slowest rate of his career?

The issue that could be leading to fewer home runs is Soler’s barrel rate. He has been hitting the barrel only 12 percent of the time in 2021. When compared to his 16.6 percent from 2019 and 18.9 percent from 2020 we see the issue.

Diving into his statistics we see that he is swinging more at pitches outside the zone than the two previous seasons. He is also making more contact on those pitches outside of the zone. I believe it is the contact on pitches outside the zone hurting him most by limiting his barrel rate. Soler is limiting his power by hitting these pitches outside the zone.

It is more likely Soler hits a total of 20-25 homers than the 30-35 that fans and fantasy managers hope he will produce. There could be better options on the waiver wire who can produce 20 home runs with a much better AVG and OBP.

Didi Gregorius, SS, Philadelphia Phillies

Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia reports, “Gregorius is having trouble swinging a bat” and “will undergo testing on his elbow.”

Gregorius was removed from his game on Wednesday, May 12, and has yet to return to action. He also missed five games in April leaving fantasy managers with a below-average shortstop occupying a bench spot. If the Phillies place him on the injured list Gregorius will be a fine IL stash until he is healthy.

However, the injuries are not the only concern. He is batting .229/.266/.364 making his OPS .630. These stats are poor and fantasy managers should be able to easily find a replacement on the waiver wire.

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