2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Mike Sollicito
2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome to the 2021 Fantasy Baseball Stock Up/Stock Down Week 7 article!

Last year we saw many hitters breakout. However, sometimes players that we want to break out, don't. Well this year, we have some late breakouts, as a few players who we have been waiting to breakout are beginning to show signs.

On the other side, some of those breakouts last year appear as more of a mirage. On top of that, injuries have played a role in some players and their stats, plus players are still underperforming from what we are used to. Let's take a look and see what to make of some of these.

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2021 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Robbie Grossman, OF, Detroit Tigers

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Robbie Grossman has been an offseason favorite for a few years now. However, this year he is finally putting it together. He is currently hitting .245 but has an xBA of .255. He is smoking the ball right now and drawing a bunch of walks.

On top of that, Grossman is also surprisingly stealing bases. He has seven stolen bases already on the year, and with a 67th percentile sprint speed, there's a good chance he continues to steal.

While the lineup is lackluster, this power/speed breakout is one that many have been awaiting. Grab Grossman now for hopes that he not only continues this breakout but also becomes a mainstay in your OF.

Harrison Bader, OF, St. Louis Cardinals

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The breakout for Harrison Bader happened a few years ago. Going into that offseason, many saw Bader as a potential 20/20 threat. However, in the two seasons following that, he was horrendous.

Now, Bader is striking out less than ever, walking more than ever, and making a lot of solid contact. Bader plays premium defense and will continue to see himself slotted into the lineup in CF. He carries an xBA of .299 and possesses 97th percentile speed. The power/speed breakout we have all been waiting for from Bader seems to be in store.

Make sure to grab Bader now, and much like Grossman watch him surprisingly play his way into your starting lineup. With injuries happening what seems like daily, being able to have a few players on waivers who are of interest or can be added is important.

Casey Mize, SP, Detroit Tigers

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Ahh, Casey Mize. The Mize breakout has been ready to happen ever since he was drafted first overall. Now, we finally get to see it. While the strikeouts aren't plentiful, Mize generates weak enough contact and doesn't walk many to help limit the damage.

While the Tigers lineup isn't great, it has a few solid players who can help propel Mize to winning some games. Mize has rattled off three Quality Starts in a row, and look for him to make it four as they play the Royals this week.

Solid SP can always be used, and Mize has pitched himself into fantasy relevance. This is just the beginning folks, he should continue to improve as the year goes on. Don't be surprised if he is a popular offseason sleeper heading into next year based on his current trajectory.

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Stock Down

Dylan Bundy, SP, Los Angeles Angels

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Dylan Bundy was absolutely fantastic last year. He had a 3.29 ERA last year and backed that up with a 3.06 xERA. Bundy is still a good pitcher, but perhaps some of us were too high on him coming into the year.

He is still limiting the hard contact which bodes well for his future outlook, but his changeup and fastball are being hit a bit more than they were last year. While the xERA for Bundy's 6.07 ERA this year is 3.54, I expect him to finish the year with an ERA closer to 4.00 than 3.00.

Bundy is by no means a drop, but his poor start this year has certainly left a sour taste in your mouth. Keep putting him out there, but maybe look to add some depth and maybe flip Bundy if he gets on a roll.

Tommy Pham, OF, San Diego Padres

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Tommy Pham. He has been dropped by various owners in a bunch of my leagues, and while I support the dropping of him, something feels weird about it. I think he is vastly underperforming and simply getting rather unlucky. However, when they are not performing even at a bench level player in fantasy, it gets hard to keep them rostered.

I would keep an eye on Tommy Pham, as his stock is probably at the lowest it will be right now. But take advantage of that, maybe put him on your watch list. I wouldn't add him, and if you need to cut him then by all means do so.

However, the xBA is only .253, and for someone who was a nice power/speed blend, that has been hard to come by with only one HR and three stolen bases.

Brandon Nimmo, OF, New York Mets

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Brandon Nimmo would have made the stock up had he been healthy and playing in his rehab assignment. However, as of Sunday he had a setback with his finger and will not be returning from the IL anytime soon.

Nimmo is a safe drop for me if you do not have the IL room for him, but again much like Pham, he is someone I would monitor. Nimmo was off to a great start before hurting his finger and ending up on the IL.

He should bat leadoff for a Mets lineup who has underperformed thus far in the season, and I expect him to be a good source for OBP leagues due to his high walk rate.

He doesn't hit the ball hard and doesn't steal much so if he is taking up room on your roster or IL feel free to let him go. But once he starts getting healthy, I would begin paying attention to him again.

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