2021 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Positional ADP Values

by Preston White
2021 Fantasy Football Best Ball ADP Values

Welcome to the 2021 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Positional ADP Values! There's no better time of the year than Best Ball season. Rather than getting your Fantasy Football fix through joining 20 leagues this off-season, and having to tend to all 20 rosters each week, just join a Best Ball lobby instead!

Best Ball also provides some useful information regarding average draft position (ADP) and draft strategies, that a free mock draft filled with "auto-drafters" simply can't provide. This data can lead you to find real Fantasy Football Best Ball ADP Values in your drafts!

For the sake of this article, I will be focusing on RTSports Best Ball Championship, which is based on PPR scoring and utilizes a 9-player lineup comprised of 1 QB/2 RB/2 WR/1 TE/1 FLEX/1 DEF/1 K.

For those of you unaware of what Best Ball is, I should probably explain before I get much further. Best Ball is similar to typical Fantasy Football in the sense that you draft players, and utilize the same positions and scoring formats. The difference is, once you've drafted your team, you're done.

Rather than manage your team throughout the season with waiver wires and deciding who to start/sit, the system in Best Ball sets your lineup for you. Each week, the highest scoring players for their respected positions on your roster make it into your lineup. The combined score of these starting players becomes your weekly score. From there, your weekly scores are combined across the season, to form a total score for the season. The team with the highest total score on the season wins.

My favorite aspect of Best Ball is simply getting my draft fix in without joining a million leagues. So now that everyone is up to speed on the basics, let dive right into some Best Ball ADP values.

2021 Fantasy Football Best Ball: Positional ADP Values

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Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles - ADP: 89.5 (QB11)
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By no means am I surprised to see Jalen Hurts going at the back of the ninth round, or the QB11 overall. There's been so much confusion surrounding the Eagles quarterback room ever since last season. However, the Eagles traded Carson Wentz and traded back to the No. 12 pick in the draft. It's safe to assume Hurts is the guy (for this year at least). With Hurts in the starting role, we can expect some solid production from him in Fantasy.

In the four weeks Hurts started last year (Weeks 14-to-17), he was the QB7. More importantly, we saw a glimpse of just how high Hurts' ceiling can be when he finished as the QB2 for the week in Week 15, posting 37.82 Fantasy points.

Not only is Hurts a quarterback who can frequently make it into your Best Ball lineups, but he's also got the upside to give you an even higher score on the week, increasing your total points.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Washington Football Team - ADP: 157.6 (QB25)

Once again, Ryan Fitzpatrick has managed to land a new team, and Fantasy Football managers should rejoice. Fitzpatrick and his cannon bring a lot of value to his pass-catchers, but he maintains a solid bit of Fantasy value himself. Clearly, with his current ADP, Fantasy managers are still skeptical on Fitzpatrick's production capabilities. Realistically though, this is one of the most ideal and well-put-together situations Fitzpatrick has walked into in a long time.

Over Fitzpatrick's last seven complete games this past season, he managed to average 20.7 PPG, and more specifically, Fitzpatrick was the QB11 from Weeks 1-to-6. That doesn't sound like someone who should be drafted as the QB24 overall, right? Right.

Fitzpatrick can really bring a new vertical level to this Washington offense, and he's got some great weapons to do so. He's a great option for stacks as well, with both himself and Curtis Samuel available in those double-digit rounds.

With how late Fitzpatrick is going, he's a great pivot stack too. For instance, if a different stack fell through for you, but you picked up Terry McLaurin or Logan Thomas earlier on, you could pivot towards a Fitzpatrick stack.

Running Backs

Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers - ADP: 15.1 (RB10)

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After a hamstring injury caused Austin Ekeler to miss half of the 2020 season, Fantasy Football players still aren't high enough on the PPR machine. There's a lot of positive outlook on Ekeler as he moves into his second year with Justin Herbert at quarterback, including some hopeful upgrades at offensive line.

As for Best Ball, Ekeler is a solid guy to draft with an early-to-mid 2nd round pick, and would make for a great RB1 on your team if you decide to go after Travis Kelce or an elite wide receiver in the 1st round.

Any player that has the potential to catch double-digit passes in a given week is already an excellent thing for Fantasy Football, let alone a running back. Ekeler's typical production style is ideal for Best Ball too, as he can produce in big ways by scoring over 30 points in a single game on his boom weeks.

Additionally, I prefer how Ekeler's ceiling is more based upon his passing game utilization, which can be much more consistent than depending on touchdowns.

Kenyan Drake, Las Vegas Raiders - ADP: 93.9 (RB36)

I get it, if you have high exposure to Josh Jacobs, you probably already hate this one. I'm sorry, but I love it. I can't say I fully understand Las Vegas's motive behind this signing, but I have a feeling it may have to do with catching the football.

Over the past two years, the Raiders have targeted their running backs on average 103 times per season. The issue is, Jacobs hasn't commanded a majority of the target share for either of his seasons, with his highest target share coming from last season at 47 percent.

Now enters Kenyan Drake, a player in which they paid nicely with a two-year, $11 million contract. There's been talk that they may look to utilize Drake in some creative ways, like playing receiver. It's always hard to tell with some of this coach speak, but we have two possibilities.

The first is that Drake is actually used in a versatile role, and gets some work out of the slot, which is excellent for RTSports Best Ball where players earn a point per reception.

The other possibility is that Drake primarily plays out of the backfield. This second, "worst-case" option isn't that bad, considering Drake should still receive a hefty load of targets. His role and utilization is perfect for how late he is going in drafts, and I'm a fan of Drake for my modified Zero RB builds - but that's a conversation for a different day.

Wide Receivers

Tyler Lockett, Seattle Seahawks - ADP: 57.1 (WR22)

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The fact that Tyler Lockett finished as the WR8 on the season, yet is being drafted as a WR3, is astonishing to me. You would have to look all the way back to the 2017 season to find the most recent time Lockett has finished outside of the top-17 for his respected position.

Lockett has officially re-signed with the Seahawks, and it doesn't seem like Russell Wilson is going anywhere either. So why is Lockett going so low? My guess is his extreme boom/bust nature has scared off most of the avid season-long Fantasy Football players.

Here's the thing, volatility is a wonderful thing in the world of Best Ball. In season long, there's nothing more frustrating than starting Lockett, only for him to post 5.3 points, or benching Lockett the week he scores 53 points. In Best Ball, however, we don't have to make those nail-biting decisions, as Lockett won't make it into your lineup on his bust weeks, so long as you have some depth on your roster.

At the same time, Lockett's massive boom weeks of 53 points, 37 points, 33 points, and so on, are extremely valuable in Best Ball. This because Lockett won't just make it into your lineup, but he will be contributing a massive chunk to your weekly total, which goes directly into your season-long total.

Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Chargers - ADP: 59.7 (WR25)

Cooper Kupp is another player that doesn't surprise me to see falling lower on the ADP chart. After all, he only finished as the WR26 in Fantasy Football last season, over 15 games. Let's not forget, however, Kupp finished as the WR5 overall, just one season prior.

The interesting thing is, Kupp only caught two fewer passes last season, compared to the year prior. A lot of the difference in those two seasons wasn't Kupp's volume, but rather an old friend called touchdown regression.

The good news is, Kupp should be due for some positive touchdown regression from his three total touchdowns last season. For reference, wide receivers who had over 100 targets last season, averaged 7.1 touchdowns on the season.

Kupp's workload, now paired with Matthew Stafford, should make for great value in Best Ball. Especially for someone who could be your third or fourth wide receiver drafted. On top of that, Kupp is a solid piece for a Stafford stack, and he's set up perfectly to be paired with Robert Woods in those stacks as well.

Tight Ends

Gerald Everett, Seattle Seahawks - ADP: 167.1 (TE24)

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Let's start with this, Gerald Everett finished as the TE24 last year, while in a complete timeshare with Tyler Higbee. He is now being drafted in an identical fashion as the TE24. Previously, Everett finished as the TE25 in 2019 (over 13 games).

Both very identical finishes were matched with identical target loads of 62 targets in 2020, and 60 targets in 2019.

Now that Everett has arrived in Seattle, so long as he is Russell Wilson's main tight end target, good things can happen.

Looking back in 2019, when Jacob Hollister was Seattle's primary tight end, Hollister was on pace to finish as the TE12 on the season, with a projection of 86 targets for the year. And Russell Wilson is willing to trust and feed his tight end, just like he did when he had Jimmy Graham in 2017, who saw 98 targets and finished as the TE6 overall.

Everett should be in for an increased role in his new offense, especially with how much the Seahawks are paying him. With that said, he's a great late-round snag in Best Ball.

Blake Jarwin, Dallas Cowboys - ADP: 186.4 (TE27)

Blake Jarwin was the go-to tight end for the Cowboys until he went down during Week 1. He missed the remainder of the season. Dalton Schultz picked up the work and showed us exactly what Jarwin's season could've looked like - 89 targets and a WR11 finish overall. Not to mention, most of that production came without Dak Prescott at quarterback.

We all know Dak Prescott elevates this Cowboys offense to a whole new level. That's evident for the tight end too, with Schultz's two best weeks coming with Dak Prescott.

If Jarwin returns as the top tight end, he should have no issue reaching TE1 level Fantasy production. Even if Jarwin shares some of the work with Schultz, Jarwin should finish as a top TE2. Either way, Jarwin can finish well beyond his ADP of TE26.

He's a great late-round, third tight end to add to your rosters. Jarwin is also a great stack piece with Prescott. Any Cowboys stack should pay off well for Best Ball.

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