2021 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

2021 Fantasy Football Best Ball PPR Rankings


We’re back for another dose of Best Ball Fantasy Football! Below I’ll be focusing on 2021 Fantasy Football Best Ball Rankings for PPR styled formats, such as RTSports and DraftKings.

When using these rankings, be mindful of ADPs. Just because a player is ranked multiple spots ahead of another, doesn’t mean you should reach one or two rounds for that player. Let the players fall to you, and utilize the rankings to find values while drafting.

There’s one thing to note in regards to my rankings. There’s uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position, and how many games certain players will start.

I can’t see the future, and therefore can’t know for certain who will be the guy in Week 1 or Week 12. For the sake of these rankings, I’ve tried to factor in the risk of a player not being the starter, as well as the reward of reaping their production if they are the starter.

For instance, at this moment, I believe Trey Lance will start more games, and perform better in those games, than Justin Fields, which is why I have the latter ranked lower.

I will update these rankings periodically throughout the off-season. As we gain more insight into these depth charts, I’ll adjust my ranks accordingly.

One last thing, if you’re looking for Half-PPR, Underdog Best Ball rankings, Davis has got you covered with his Underdog rankings.

2021 Fantasy Football Best Ball PPR Rankings

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