2021 Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft 2.0

by Nick Spencer
2021 Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft August

This is it. We are in mid-August, which is essentially fantasy football-eve. With draft season really starting to get underway, we here at Fantasy Six Pack decided to gather 12 of our experts to have our own 2021 Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft 2.0

Throughout this article, I’ll break down some of the most interesting picks, players, and draft strategies to help you be best prepared for your draft!

Without further ado, here’s the draft order and the final draft board. The draft was 12-team, 15-round, 0.5PPR, 1 QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1FLEX. No kickers and defenses (the correct way to play). Critique away!

  1. Nick Spencer - @NickBSpencer
  2. Davis Peng - @PengsPicksFF
  3. Michael Tomlin - @Tomlin3
  4. Keith Lott - @WeTlkFntsySprts
  5. Kevin Huo - @KevinMHuo
  6. Jonathan Chan - @JChan_811
  7. John LaPresto - @TheJohnLaPresto
  8. Kyle Williams - @betonthegame
  9. Jon Witt - @JPW2542
  10. Joe Bond - @F6P_Joe
  11. Bob Van the IDP Man - @BobVan_IDP
  12. Dennis Sosic - @CALL_ME_SOS

Here are the full results: https://sleeper.app/draft/nfl/726580408065548288

2021 Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft 2.0

2021 Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft 1.0

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Round 1

  1. Nick Spencer - Christian McCaffrey, RB1, CAR
  2. Davis Peng - Dalvin Cook, RB2, MIN
  3. Michael Tomlin - Derrick Henry, RB3, TEN
  4. Keith Lott - Alvin Kamara, RB4, NO
  5. Kevin Huo - Saquon Barkley, RB5, NYG
  6. Jonathan Chan - Nick Chubb, RB6, CLE
  7. John LaPresto - Ezekiel Elliott, RB7, DAL
  8. Kyle Williams - Travis Kelce, TE1, KC
  9. Jon Witt - Jonathan Taylor, RB8, IND
  10. Joe Bond - Davante Adams, WR1, GB
  11. Bob Van The IDP Man - Austin Ekeler, RB9, LAC
  12. Dennis Sosic - Tyreek Hill, WR2, KC

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How early is too early to take Travis Kelce is a question I hear asked a lot in the fantasy community. I usually prefer to take running backs in the first so I don't often look his way until around 1.10 or later.

However, I can see the case to be made for him going as early as 1.06 as he is such a difference-maker at the position, so I certainly can’t fault Kyle Williams for grabbing him at the eighth spot.

But as we have seen all off-season running backs dominate the first round. With nine out of twelve picks being RBs, it shows how they are truly the backbone of a good fantasy team. Also, I cannot describe the joy it brings me to see Austin Ekeler finally getting the respect he deserves being taken in the first round.

My pick

There’s not much to say about this one. I was happy to get the first slot in this mock as I haven’t gotten to take Christian McCaffrey very often this season. He is a locked and loaded stud who makes every fantasy team better. The undisputed 1.01.

Round 2

  1. Dennis Sosic - Stefon Diggs, WR3, BUF
  2. Bob Van The IDP Man - Najee Harris, RB10, PIT
  3. Joe Bond - Aaron Jones, RB11, GB
  4. Jon Witt - DeAndre Hopkins, WR4, ARI
  5. Kyle Williams - Antonio Gibson, RB12, WAS
  6. John LaPresto - Darren Waller, TE2, LVR
  7. Jonathan Chan - Calvin Ridley, WR5, ATL
  8. Kevin Huo - Joe Mixon, RB13, CIN
  9. Keith Lott - George Kittle, TE3, SF
  10. Michael Tomlin - A.J. Brown, WR6, TEN
  11. Davis Peng - Justin Jefferson, WR7, MIN
  12. Nick Spencer - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB14, KC

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Round two saw a lot of team RB/WR stacks being formed with Joe taking Adams and Jones, Michael taking Henry and Brown, and Davis taking Cook and Jefferson.

This is an interesting strategy as they are doubling down hard on a single team’s offensive output. And if that team explodes and has a huge outlier offensive scoring season, they have essentially just exceeded expectations on two picks instead of one.

Of course, this is a double-edged sword, if the team has a down year or the starting QB gets injured you are losing out on twice as many fantasy points as you normally would.

But we play fantasy football to win it all, not just make the playoffs, so I like this strategy of betting on a single team’s offense.

My pick

I was happy to grab Clyde Edwards-Helaire here as my 13th ranked running back and the last of a tier for me. I believe CEH is a great early-round value right now, and I named him one of my most underrated players for 2021.

To summarize those thoughts here: CEH is extremely likely to see positive TD regression as he scored on only 2% of his touches last year. The Chiefs offense projects to be top of the league. And perhaps most importantly, Le’Veon Bell is gone. Bell siphoned about half of CEH's workload in his rookie year from the time of his signing.

Round 3

  1. Nick Spencer - D.K. Metcalf, WR8, SEA
  2. Davis Peng - Keenan Allen, WR9, LAC
  3. Michael Tomlin - Terry McLaurin, WR10, WAS
  4. Keith Lott - D'Andre Swift, RB15, DET
  5. Kevin Huo - J.K. Dobbins, RB16, BAL
  6. Jonathan Chan - David Montgomery, RB17, CHI
  7. John LaPresto - Allen Robinson, WR11, CHI
  8. Kyle Williams - CeeDee Lamb, WR12, DAL
  9. Jon Witt - Miles Sanders, RB18, PHI
  10. Joe Bond - Chris Carson, RB19, SEA
  11. Bob Van The IDP Man - Robert Woods, WR13, LAR
  12. Dennis Sosic - Darrell Henderson, RB20, LAR

Embed from Getty Images

Ceedee Lamb has been slowly rising up draft boards, and now with the Hard-Knocks hype and Cooper’s training camp injury, he has surpassed Cooper in draft cost. I still think Cooper is going to be the WR1 here but both receivers should have great seasons.

With Cam Akers' unfortunate injury many fantasy owners are left asking where should they draft Darrell Henderson? Well, the back of the third seems reasonable to me. Henderson is extremely talented, and this offense is primed to score in bunches with Stafford leading the way.

He has an extremely safe floor and the potential to turn into a league winner, just keep an eye out for if they sign anyone else as the season approaches as any added competition would significantly impact his safety.

My pick

When drafting on the turn it is important to build a balanced roster as you have a long wait between picks, and you never know what players are going to fall to you. At this pick, I was looking to get a stud receiver to round out my roster, and I was between D.K. Metcalf and Keenan Allen.

Ultimately, I went with Metcalf as his upside is a bit higher than Allen's. In fact, Metcalf was the WR2 from Week 1 to 9 in 2020. If the Seahawks return to their early season form Metcalf will be absolutely dominant.

In full PPR this decision becomes much tougher and I would likely flip the choice and take Allen for his safe target volume.

Round 4

  1. Dennis Sosic - Mike Davis, RB21, ATL
  2. Bob Van The IDP Man - Josh Jacobs, RB22, LVR
  3. Joe Bond - Mike Evans, WR14, TB
  4. Jon Witt - Julio Jones, WR15, TEN
  5. Kyle Williams - Myles Gaskin, RB23, MIA
  6. John LaPresto - Amari Cooper, WR16, DAL
  7. Jonathan Chan - Chris Godwin, WR17, TB
  8. Kevin Huo - D.J. Moore, WR18, CAR
  9. Keith Lott - Cooper Kupp, WR19, LAR
  10. Michael Tomlin - Adam Thielen, WR20, MIN
  11. Davis Peng - Kenny Golladay, WR21, DET
  12. Nick Spencer - Tyler Lockett, WR22, SEA

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I am always very comfortable going into round four with one or even zero WRs because just look at the pool of talent available to be taken in this round. Nine well-established wide receivers, most of them in elite offenses. I personally find it very difficult to select any of these running backs with big question marks in this range over these wide receiver studs.

The one player I’m fading out of this bunch though has to be Adam Thielen. Thielen is a classic case of analytics versus film.

Of course, we know Thielen is a great player, but he is turning 31, he is the third option in his offense after Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson, and he is due for some serious TD regression.

He finished as the WR8 last year but that was on the back of 14 touchdowns on just 925 yards. If you regress his touchdowns last year down to his career average of 1 per 173 yards, he should have had closer to 5 touchdowns!

The tough part is if you watch the film Thielen looked elite around the goal line, shaking defenders left and right, so you could argue he really did earn those 14 TDs and he could do it again.

I’m not willing to spend a fourth to bet on it though.

My pick

Here I opted to double up on the Seahawks receivers by grabbing Tyler Lockett as well. Lockett finished the season as the WR9, yet he gets no respect from fantasy owners.

The reason for this is two-fold, first Lockett burned you with his inconsistency. He had three multiple-TD games where he gave you week-winning performances. But he also had 10 single-digit fantasy point games where he burned you badly.

The second half of this problem is that five of those single-digit point games came down the stretch during your fantasy playoffs from Week 12 to 16.

But consistency is not a sticky metric year over year. Just because the points came in bunches last year doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again that way this year. So, I am more than happy to take the WR15/WR14/WR9 over the past three years in the back of the fourth round.

Round 5

  1. Nick Spencer - Diontae Johnson, WR23, PIT
  2. Davis Peng - T.J. Hockenson, TE4, DET
  3. Michael Tomlin - Patrick Mahomes, QB1, KC
  4. Keith Lott - Kareem Hunt, RB24, CLE
  5. Kevin Huo - Mark Andrews, TE5, BAL
  6. Jonathan Chan - Brandon Aiyuk, WR24, SF
  7. John LaPresto - Travis Etienne, RB25, JAX
  8. Kyle Williams - Ja'Marr Chase, WR25, CIN
  9. Jon Witt - Odell Beckham Jr, WR26, CLE
  10. Joe Bond - Josh Allen, QB2, BUF
  11. Bob Van The IDP Man - Tee Higgins, WR27, CIN
  12. Dennis Sosic - Javonte Williams, RB26, DEN

Embed from Getty Images

We finally see our first quarterbacks go off the board with Mahomes and Allen. In regular leagues these QBs typically go off the board about two and a half rounds earlier, but experts know better than anyone, it pays to wait on QB.

If you want to learn more about the thought process behind waiting on a quarterback, check out this article on the strategy.

My pick

At this pick I was torn between Diontae Johnson and T.J. Hockenson. I love both players and think they will both be very safe options due to the high amount of volume I project them to receive.

When in a dilemma like this it is important to look at your league’s roster format. This draft is for a 3WR/2Flex league, which means I may be starting as many as five wide receivers at points throughout the year.

This large starting lineup removes a lot of importance from the onesie positions of QB and TE, as the demand at those positions is not as intense.

Round 6

  1. Dennis Sosic - Kyle Pitts, TE6, ATL
  2. Bob Van The IDP Man - Lamar Jackson, QB3, BAL
  3. Joe Bond - Chase Claypool, WR28, PIT
  4. Jon Witt - Justin Herbert, QB4, LAC
  5. Kyle Williams - Kyler Murray, QB5, ARI
  6. John LaPresto - Jerry Jeudy, WR29, DEN
  7. Jonathan Chan - James Robinson, RB27, JAX
  8. Kevin Huo - Courtland Sutton, WR30, DEN
  9. Keith Lott - D.J. Chark, WR31, JAX
  10. Michael Tomlin - Robby Anderson, WR32, CAR
  11. Davis Peng - Juju-Smith Schuster, WR33, PIT
  12. Nick Spencer - Chase Edmonds, RB28, ARI

Embed from Getty Images

I mentioned it briefly in round four, but it is even clearer now how few RBs go in mid rounds of expert mocks. Between rounds four and six only eight of the 36 picks (22%) were running backs, compared to 20/36 in the first three rounds (56%).

This is likely because most experts are aware that the area has historically been a bit of a dead zone for the position. The talent begins to dry up and players with more red flags are forced up in ADP due to the high demand for the position. Causing running backs that should be drafted later to be pushed up and ultimately disappoint.

I touch a bit more on this supply and demand issue in my RB Heavy Draft Strategy article.

My pick

In the back of the sixth round Chase Edmonds is simply a value pick. I am not especially high on him, but he is the projected starter in a top-five offense. The Cardinals' pace of play was one of the highest in the league last year giving Edmonds more opportunities to rack up fantasy points.

He was the RB28 last year with Kenyan Drake taking most of the work, so as the RB28 off the board I feel comfortable drafting him at his floor with the chance at the upside to be much more.

Round 7

  1. Nick Spencer - Raheem Mostert, RB29, SF
  2. Davis Peng - Melvin Gordon, RB30, DEN
  3. Michael Tomlin - Dallas Goedert, TE7, PHI
  4. Keith Lott - Deebo Samuel, WR34, SF
  5. Kevin Huo - Dak Prescott, QB6, DAL
  6. Jonathan Chan - Ronald Jones, RB31, TB
  7. John LaPresto - Russel Wilson, QB7, SEA
  8. Kyle Williams - Michael Thomas, WR35, NO
  9. Jon Witt - Noah Fant, TE8, DEN
  10. Joe Bond - Robert Tonyan, TE9, GB
  11. Bob Van The IDP Man - Laviska Shenault, WR36, JAX
  12. Dennis Sosic - Aaron Rodgers, QB8, GB

Embed from Getty Images

The seventh-round saw a good mix of players drafted as exactly three from each position came off the board. At this point in the draft, opportunity cost has dropped substantially and managers can feel comfortable reaching down the board a bit more to grab their guys.

Michael Thomas is a very polarizing selection now with his injury concerns. The timeline is murky, but he is expected to miss anywhere from one to two months of the season. The Saints have their bye in Week 6 so maybe a Week 7 return is in the cards.

Thomas is a dominant player when he is on the field, and I believe he will succeed again once he is healthy, even without Drew Brees. But where you draft him depends on your confidence in your fantasy abilities. If you think you can weather the storm for the first half of the fantasy season with Thomas clogging up a roster spot, then you will earn a stacked roster for the playoffs.

Personally, I’d still want to wait at least one more round before dealing with the headache of Thomas. But I don’t blame anyone for taking the risk on him earlier, the upside is enormous, and we play the game to win it all.

My pick

Similar to Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert is the projected starting running back in a very friendly offense. Like Edmonds, Mostert hasn’t shown that he can take a heavy workload, as he has often been injured. But when has been on the field he is electric, averaging over 5.6 yards per carry through his career.

Trey Sermon will certainly steal some work but there is room for both in a Shanahan-led offense. It never hurts to load up on RB depth, especially in a deep league like this.

Rounds 8-15

These last few rounds are not quite as interesting as the earlier ones, so rather than go through every round individually I’ve hand-picked a couple of selections that caught my eye.

Embed from Getty Images

Round 8, Pick 11: Davis Peng - Jalen Hurts, QB10, PHI

Is Jalen Hurts a good quarterback? I haven’t seen enough to say definitively yes or no, but more importantly, I don’t care. When drafting a QB late the one thing that matters most is his rushing ability, and Hurts has that in spades. In his three full starts, he averaged almost 80 rushing yards per game, that’s Lamar Jackson's level upside.

Round 9, Pick 2: Davis Peng - Mike Williams, WR44, LAC

He’s put up 1000 yards before. He’s put up 11 touchdowns before. If he can put it all together in year two with Herbert, then Williams could be a league winner- just don’t count on a ton of receptions.

Round 9, Pick 5: Kevin Huo - Jaylen Waddle, WR45, MIA

I am not a huge proponent of taking rookie WRs, but Waddle has the explosiveness to make an impact from day one. If you are not willing to pay a fifth-round pick for Ja’Marr Chase but still want a chance at a rookie breakout, Waddle is your guy.

Round 10, Pick 3: Joe Bond - Russell Gage, WR50, ATL

Russell Gage’s stretch to the end the year: 13 points, 16 points, 15 points, 4 points, 21 points. Gage could give you some great early-season production while rookie TE Kyle Pitts is still finding his footing, and possibly even beyond that too.

Round 13, Pick 1: Nick Spencer - Adam Trautman, TE15, NO

Yes, I am pointing out my own pick here. With Michael Thomas’ injury, and Cook and Sanders gone, someone needs to catch the ball other than Kamara. It's far from a guarantee but if I am grabbing a tight end late I want a guy who has the potential to be a top-two target on his team.

Round 13, Pick 7: John Lapresto - Bryan Edwards, WR70, LVR

Post-hype sleeper? Derek Carr has compared him to his old college teammate Davante Adams. He has the physical tools of an alpha wide receiver, and this team desperately needs a consistent pass-catcher behind Waller. Worth a gamble at the end of your draft because you will likely know what you have after Week 1.

Round 15, Pick 12: Dennis Sosic - Trey Lance, QB18, SF

With the last pick in the draft, Dennis slyly steals Trey Lance. It's the same idea as Jalen Hurts here, the man can simply move. He rushed for 1100 yards and 14 TDs in his 2019 collegiate season at North Dakota State. He may not start right away but when he gets his chance fantasy owners better pay close attention because he has the potential to be a world-beater.

And that concludes our 2021 Fantasy Football Experts Mock Draft 2.0. Thank you for reading! You can see our full rosters in the link at the top, and feel free to vote for who you think drafted the best team

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