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2021 Fantasy Football Houston Texans Preview


When selecting teams to write their 2021 Fantasy Football preview for, the Houston Texans were not a popular choice among the staff.

Can’t say I blame them for not wanting to preview a team that has so many question marks heading into the season.

There has been turnover at head coach. Their star quarterback wanted to be traded and is now is dealing with legal issues. The running back position is loaded, if it was 2016. And to top it all off, they let Will Fuller walk one year after trading DeAndre Hopkins.

Needless to say, this team is a mess.

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2021 Fantasy Football Houston Texans Preview

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It is not very often I actually list four quarterbacks on a depth chart, but as I said before this team is a mess. Let’s start at the top.

Deshaun is a bonafide superstar and would be one of the first quarterbacks taken in fantasy leagues this season if it were not for his legal issues, among other things. There is a legit concern that we don’t see Watson take the field this season. Even if he does play, it doesn’t sound like it is going to be for Houston, as he is asking for a trade.

Because of this, we see his ranking on Fantasy Pros be anywhere from the No. 4 quarterback to not ranked at all. I personally have him at 28, but that might be too generous.

So then the question is who is the next man up. I think Tyrod will come in and do what Tyrod does best and bridge to the next quarterback, Davis Mills. How long that will take is unknown as well.

In reality, none of these quarterbacks should be on your radar at all. Maybe in a Superflex or two-QB league, you can take a super late stab at Watson if he is still there with one of your last picks. It is a risk, but if he plays then you got a top-5 QB for free. Personally, I’m staying away from all of them.

Running Backs

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This is a very crowded backfield and I personally have no idea at the moment who is considered the lead-back.

David Johnson is a shell of himself. Long gone are the days of Johnson being a fantasy starter. It is sad cause he was one of the best, but injuries have cost him. He is flex consideration at best and even that is stretching it after he rushed for only 697 yards last season.

Mark Ingram got old, real fast. Last season he only rushed for 299 yards and two touchdowns. We expected a drop-off after the Ravens drafted J.K. Dobbins, but that was a massive disappointment after his 1,000 rushing yards and 10 touchdown season in 2019.

Philip Lindsay, in my opinion, should be the lead back for Houston. He does not get enough credit for what he did in Denver as a UDFA. In his first two seasons, he rushed for over 1,000 yards and that was with split backfield both seasons.

The issue is even if Lindsay gets more of the workload than the other backs, where does that leave us? Maybe at 38 percent of the carries?

Unless we get an injury, I believe it will be hard to trust anyone from this group week to week.

Wide Receivers

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This receiving corps looks very different from two seasons ago when they had DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller. Both are now on other teams, which is just one of the reasons why Watson wants to be traded.

Let’s talk for a minute about the receivers as if Watson is the quarterback. I would say Cooks has a decent value, as he saw 119 targets last season, catching 81 for 1150 yards and six touchdowns. You can get him in half-ppr leagues as WR36. That is a great value.

The rest of the receivers can be ignored for fantasy purposes.

Now let’s play in reality and Watson is not their quarterback. Instead, it is Taylor or Mills. We know what Tyrod is at this point, a solid/safe quarterback, but not one who is going to light it up in the air. Even in his best seasons, he just eclipsed 3,000 passing yards and hit 20 touchdowns once. With him under center, it is going to be a massive hit to all of the receivers. So that WR36 ADP for Cooks, not looking so hot anymore.

Tight Ends

In the last two years, Akins has a game early in the season that makes us all make him a top tight end waiver wire claim. We all think “oh he is the main tight end target in Houston now. Go get him.” Then he basically does nothing the rest of the year. In fact, he has 36 and 37 receptions the last two seasons. Time to stop falling for it.

Much like the rest of this team, you can avoid the tight ends. Even in TE-premium leagues, I’m looking for more upside elsewhere, rather than hoping for one of these to work out in your favor, especially with what looks to be a lackluster offense.

Final Verdict

Really not much to get excited about with the Houston Texans. I don’t recommend avoiding entire teams very often in drafts, but this is one that I’m avoiding.

The main reason is the uncertainty with Deshaun Watson. If we knew he was going to play, that might be different, but we don’t.

The second reason is there is a lack of talent on this team. Brandin Cooks and Phillip Lindsay are sort of interesting, but really only if Watson plays.

The Texans very well could be playing for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft as they currently hold the lowest win total over/under in Vegas at 4.5.

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