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2021 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars Preview


The 2021 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars preview is full of potential. The question is if that potential can be realized this season.

Urban Meyer makes the jump to the professional ranks and in true Urban Meyer fashion, he does it with all of the tools to succeed. He inherits the highest-rated quarterback prospect, maybe ever. He also gets an explosive skill position group.

But will these guys in the 2021 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars preview be worth drafting in redraft leagues this year?

All of the information in the 2021 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars preview is up to date as of June 15th.

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2021 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars Preview

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I mean you have to have been living under a rock to not know about this quarterback situation. The Jaguars bring in arguably the best quarterback prospect in the modern era of football. I definitely cannot remember a player being the no-doubt, odds-on number-one pick for over two years.

Lawrence brings in one of the most sterling resumes combined with a near-flawless physical skillset. He can make every throw. He is known as one of the best leaders in the history of college football. You definitely have to call him a winner with his 38-2 record in college.

The under-rated part of Lawrence that truly should matter for the 2021 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars preview is his overall athleticism. Lawrence ran for 563 yards as a sophomore with nine touchdowns. The former Clemson Tiger had one of the best innate abilities at taking off when the coverage, pass rush, and pocket dictated.

This is where we can benefit in his early career for Fantasy Football purposes. I am projecting him for nearly 600 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns. That is almost 100 points just from rushing. Only Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, and Cam Newton did that on the ground as a quarterback last season. I am also projecting Lawrence to outgain those three in passing yards, so you are some passing touchdown luck away from having an elite Fantasy Football quarterback.

I listed Minshew as well because he is a prime candidate to get traded for that one quarterback injury in the preseason. He is a great buy-low candidate in Dynasty Fantasy Football, especially in Superflex leagues.

Running Backs

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The 2021 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars preview has one of the more interesting running back rooms in the entire league. You have the first-round pick reunited with his college quarterback in Etienne. Then there is the Fantasy darling, Robinson, who went from completely undrafted to elite running back last season.

Carlos Hyde is also there reuniting with his college coach, Urban Meyer. Lastly, there is Dare, who has been a deep sleeper for the Dynasty crowd for years.

The obvious aspect here is the draft capital put into Etienne. In 2021, you are not drafting a running back in Round One of the NFL Draft if you do not plan on heavily utilizing him early and often. However, there is also a decent chance Etienne is lining up out wide just as much as in the backfield.

So, if Etienne is basically a wide receiver half the time, that opens up more backfield work for someone else. The obvious beneficiary would be James Robinson who performed quite well last year in a difficult circumstance. But would he be worth a 4th-round pick it is costing right now? Seriously. Robinson is going around pick 40 by ADP.

Etienne has fewer believers at this point, but as we get closer to draft season his ADP will rise as is the case with highly touted rookies. I would say put a pin in this entire backfield until we see exactly how they will rotate during training camp and the preseason.

Wide Receivers

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I have good news and bad news about the Jaguars’ wide receivers. The good news is that I am almost certain there is a Top-20 Fantasy Football wide receiver in this group. The bad news is that I have no idea which of the top few guys will be the one.

The other good news is all of the Jags’ wide-outs are cheaply priced right now, going outside the top thirty in the position in ADP.

Marvin Jones has the most skins on the wall but is on the downswing of his career. Chark has the most recent high-level production combined with a decent upside. Shenault brings all high-level upside to the table and could be used in a variety of ways.

Jones has averaged right around four catches a game for at least 56.4 yards per game each of the past five seasons. Before touchdowns are included, he just keeps giving you double-digit PPR Fantasy Points. He has also scored at least nine touchdowns in three of the past four seasons.

Shenault did not have a spectacular rookie year or anything. He did manage to average over 11 PPR Fantasy Points per game without an offseason, shortened preseason, terrible offensive line play, and below-average quarterbacks. He also came on strong late in the year, recording at least five catches in each of the last four games with three touchdowns.

Chark broke out in 2019 but took a serious step back in 2020. Besides missing more games due to injury, Chark also lost almost a full catch per game along with recording 13 fewer receiving yards per outing. Part of it was due to a seriously high catchable pass/on-target percentage. Could Trevor Lawrence be the answer to his prayers?

Shenault will rise up the ADP as we get closer to August for sure. If not, he will be on plenty of my rosters. Marvin Jones will be the guy I have the highest share percentage with though due to his cheap price.

Tight Ends

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This is a pretty gruesome tight end group. Last season, the Jaguars only targeted tight ends 98 times, and 60 of those left town with Tyler Eifert.

O’Shaugnessy returns off a career-high 28 receptions and 262 yards with zero touchdowns. I can’t say that he exudes confidence for Fantasy Football standards.

Jacksonville drafted Luke Farrell out of Ohio State. The same Luke Farrell that caught just 12 passes over his last two collegiate seasons.

Manhertz is a 5-year veteran in the league. A 5-year veteran with just 12 career catches. Let’s put it this way: Travis Kelce had more catches, yards, and touchdowns last season than this entire group of guys’ careers, combined.

No one is drafting any of these guys in Fantasy Football this year. But what we can take away is that there are even more targets up for grabs for the running backs and receivers.

Final Verdict

The 2021 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars Preview is full of potential Fantasy Football stars. There are high-upside, possible breakout superstars at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver.

The problem is when these breakouts will happen. In redraft leagues, there really is not a safe starter among the entire offense.


In deeper leagues or dynasty formats, almost everyone mentioned needs to be rostered. The Jags could end up being a pre-hype sleeper in that regard. At the end of the day though, there is a chance that Urban Meyer changes the culture overnight and these guys turn into league winners.

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