2021 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

by Richard Savill
2022 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

Here we are. The end of the fantasy season is now upon us.

What will you do next year because of this year? You need to walk into 2022 with caution on that.

Never base the future on the past. After week 1, did we once check how things balanced with 2020? Not even once.

This year, in part because of the injuries to several upper-tier players, the middle rounds of your draft were immense.

There is a tendency to over-compensate after a fantasy season. In this off-season, make a point of objectivity. Avoid too much reflection on past statistics. The same goes for future expectations. I myself will likely hop on and off a few hype-trains in the coming off-season. I always do. That's a tougher habit to break than past season stat-hugging.

Bandwagons and hype-trains are good though. As long as you temper emotion with a measure of common sense, your fantasy intuition will turn on.

This is my last commentary of the season. As with every year, I enjoyed bringing you, with the best accuracy I could, the Rest of Season rankings.

Good luck in the playoffs. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just a reminder that the Rest of Season rankings commentary will wrap up around Christmas. I'll continue to update the rankings, but with less regularity as the season comes to a close.

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I hope you find these rankings useful through the 2021 season. Updated every Thursday by 5pm ET with new commentary.

Remember, the RoS table reflects the rankings if you were drafting today.

The ranking momentum brackets in the blurbs here are all subject to on-the-fly changes throughout the week.

2021 Fantasy Football Rest of Season Rankings

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Changes near the top this week in brief...

QBs: Josh Allen (QB1↔) resumes the top spot after a slight blip. For 2022, Allen or Justin Herbert (QB2↔) will be the hot names in the top quarterback draft target conversation. I also think that early drafting of quarterbacks may begin to trend up. Not all will agree, but I'm certain we're in for some crazy custom-made strategies involving elite QBs in the early rounds next season.

RBs: No major changes this week. We lost far too many top-tier running backs in 2021. I spoke about over-compensating above. A premium on valuable handcuffs will come up next season. Several running backs came up solid for short-term injuries and won key weeks for you. Also, just when you thought Zero-RB was in decline, 2022 will gain new afficianados.

WRs: With the high target numbers and reception numbers still within reasonable striking distance of Marvin Harrison's record (143), Cooper Kupp (WR1↔) ends 2022 at the top. Granted, Kupp (113) will likely need the extra game on the new schedule to catch Harrison, but with only 30 receptions and four games to go, he can at least make an assault for the asterisk.

TEs: The new tight end king in fantasy clearly goes to George Kittle (TE1↑). Did you see that catch that led to a field goal late in the game against the Vikings? What a dramatic play! As good as Travis Kelce (TE3↓) is, he does not make catches like Kittle does. Frankly, no one in the NFL does it like that. If Kittle had an injury free season, his 2022 fantasy stock would dwarf his nearest TE rivals.

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Riser and Faller of the Week

Riser: Tom Brady (QB3↑), Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I must admit that I was kinda saving Tom Terrific for this spot as my last "Riser of the Week" for 2021. For what Brady is doing at 40 years of age is completely outside of every NFL norm. George Blanda had a long career into his late 40s, but wasn't the starter for Oakland in 1967 when he turned 40. Blanda's last full-time starting job was with the Houston Oilers in 1965.

Same with Johnny Unitas. Unitas played his last season at the age 40 in San Diego, but his last season as a full-time starter was three years earlier in 1970 with the Baltimore Colts. These are just a couple of examples.

Brady at 40 and he has yet to even hint of entering the sphere of backup roles like the Hall-of-Famers I mentioned. I have strong doubts that Brady will end his career as a backup anyway. Back in the old days, it was okay for rank players to extend their name-quality with the affectations. Those were the days when "washed-up" was more a whisper and not a shout like it is today on social media.

The outlook for Brady in 2022 will resemble that of how we continually put Frank Gore into the fantasy casket in his latter years. Yet, unlike Gore, we can move forward with a much higher level of confidence. Brady is arguably playing the best football of his entire career. Amazing, but true.

Faller: Urban Meyer (HC-NR), Free Agent

I really didn't want to give any player the indignity of being the last "Faller of the Week" of 2021. Football is rough enough for players in bad times without some downlist fantasy writer rage dropping about how awful you were for fantasy this year. So Urban's firing came at the perfect time to spare me the hard choice and spark the idea.

The thing which astonished me so much about the Jaguars this season was how soon after the season began that Meyer became an issue. We talk about questionable coaching all the time. Yet, never like this. Now that Meyer has left, we should begin to hear about the broader picture rather than the puzzle-piece anecdotes which led to this.

One of the enigmatic aspects of this whole affair is that Meyer's pomposity came more through his actions than his words. And as the saying goes...

In such a successful college career, how do these kinds of things instill the better natures and virtues of the young men he took under his wing? It's a real head scratcher. Not only that, consider the younger coaches under him looking for inspiration of their own careers.

In utmost fairness to Urban Meyer, I would really like to hear his side too. I really would. The media can pound a nail quite loudly. But what was the problem in Jacksonville from Meyer's perspective? I think we deserve to know.

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Brent Maynard November 5, 2021 - 10:07 am

I personally think Bateman will finish higher than 70 ROS. The target share is there and this week I think we will see his potential.


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