2021 Fantasy Football Week 11 Stock Up/Stock Down

by Mark Strausberg
2021 Fantasy Football Week 11 Stock Up/Stock Down

Welcome Fantasy friends and foes to the Week 11 Stock Up/Stock Down post.

That's how my close associate Dennis Sosic would welcome you, but I'm not Dennis. That could be good news, that could be bad news depending on how you feel about Dennis and/or myself.

I could go all Troy McClure and tell you where you've read my stuff, but does it really make a difference? Probably not, but I will try my best to give you this week's stock report, as well as Dennis, if not better.

However, one thing I will not be doing is reviewing his picks from last week. If you want to let him know how he did, send him your feedback. I'm sure he will be happy to hear it, good or bad.

I will say that Patrick Mahomes' stock rebounded nicely this weekend, but that's more of a hold than a buy or sell this week. He's got some tough match-ups coming up the rest of the season. The Raiders used Cover-3 against the Chiefs and refused to switch to Cover-2, which is what has shown to be the formula to beat Mahomes and the Chiefs this year. I don't blame the Raiders however as switching schemes overnight is not easy. But just be aware the issues that were there a few weeks ago have not gone away.

So which players' problems have gone away or suddenly have new ones? Let's take a look at them in this week's 2021 Fantasy Football Week 11 Stock Up/Stock Down.

2021 Fantasy Football Week 11 Stock Up/Stock Down

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Stock Up

Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers

We start with the "no duh" of the week. A little over a week ago you probably could have sold shares of Enron for more than you could get for Newton. If you've been holding onto him however your patience is being well rewarded.

We were told Newton wouldn't be the starter for this past Sunday's game and he wasn't. Didn't matter.

In addition to rushing one in, Newton also threw a two-yard touchdown pass to Robby Anderson. Newton's arrow is way, way up. You can try to acquire him if some owner already has him, but be ready to overpay for him. Maybe his owner is not aware that Newton's opponent this week is Washington, who happens to have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks this year. But I wouldn't count on it.

D'Andre Swift, RB, Detroit Lions

When an NFL RB has just one game rushing over the century mark and only carried it into the end zone three times this season, that does not exactly sound like a blue-chip stock you want to buy. But add 50 catches and three receiving TDs, and suddenly the needle starts to move. The amazing part is that Swift's price has been steadily climbing, but this might be your last chance to buy him at a reasonable price. Because the issue with Swift has always been the volume. Well, the times they are a-changing....

Yes, that change was because of injuries as Jamal Williams was out already and then Jermar Jefferson got injured as well. With no clear picture of when Williams might return, Swift should have the Detroit backfield all to himself. He was on the field for 93% of the snaps this past week (66 out of 71 snaps). Of Detroit's 29 dropbacks, he ran routes on nearly 90% of them! That is the kind of usage you want. Buy NOW!

And the beauty is that if you are able to buy Swift still, you will see instant dividends with the Lions taking on Cleveland this weekend. Only seven teams have allowed more rushing TDs than Cleveland. Expect Swift to have a huge day this weekend and help his owners make a major playoff push.

Deebo Samuel, WR, San Francisco 49ers

The amusing part of Deebo's now soaring stock is that Monday night wasn't even his best game this season. It wasn't even his second-best game in PPR leagues. He had more points back in week 1 and week 4. Yes, Deebo hauled a pass in for a touchdown, but he still saw only five targets. Many would point to the fact that it happened on Monday Night Football as it helped the 49ers shock the Rams.

But that's only part of the story. It's also the fact that Samuel scored his second rushing TD of the year as well. The 49ers often give Samuel a running play or two. He did have seven carries already this season. But he nearly equaled that this week alone when he toted the rock five times. Could we be seeing a Cordarelle Patterson clone in San Francisco?

Personally, I don't think so. But his stock is extremely high right now. If you can sell him for say a top 20 WR in return, I'd make that deal immediately.

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Stock Down

Jared Goff, QB, Detroit Lions

Perhaps if Swift's ascendency continues, it might lead to even lighter coverage in the secondary for Jared Goff. If he's still the starting quarterback when that happens. The drumbeat for David Blough is getting louder. To be clear, that's not good and neither is Blough. When you've already been waived once by Detroit, that does not bode well for your future NFL success. And Goff might be closing in that territory.

Goff has not passed for 300 yards since week 1, and that seems like eons ago. He has one passing touchdown over the last five games. And it's not like he's bootlegged or any kind of run a single one into the endzone either. Goff looks bad and its getting worse.

If all that wasn't enough, he suffered an oblique injury in the first quarter. That might help explain his measly 114 yards on 25 attempts, but it certainly is not going to help his stock. The good news for Goff is that the Lions go to Cleveland this weekend. The Browns have given up the fifth-most fantasy points per game to opposing quarterbacks this season.

But I got this feeling Goff's stock will continue to fall.

J.D. McKissic, RB, Washington

Embed from Getty Images

Did you know that McKissic is actually still a top 25 fantasy RB this season? But the sands in that hourglass are flowing faster than water. McKissic saw his lowest snap count percentage (38%) this season since week 1.

This is not so much about McKissic's stock going down as it is about Antonio Gibson's stock going up. Antonio Gibson saw 24 carries this past week. Not only did he see the most carries this past week than any other week this season, but he also converted them into two touchdowns. That does not bode well for McKissic.

McKissic is still a hold in PPR leagues. It was a positive game script for Washington, so the need for McKissic was minimized on Sunday. You can expect better days from McKissic when the match-up is less desirable for the burgundy-and-gold. But if you were hoping to try and sell McKissic, now is not the time to do so.

Mecole Hardman, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

This one chaps my tuchus. For years I was the one ringing the bell on Hardman. Finally this preseason I stopped. In fact, I went the other way telling people NOT to draft Hardman. And even when the Chiefs were flying to start the season, Hardman was doing squat. But then suddenly his targets took off. He had 35 targets from week 5 through week 9. One idiot writer even suggested taking Hardman's OVER reception prop on Sunday night.

Let's just say Hardman's two receptions for 27 yards were underwhelming. The past few weeks we could blame that on maybe the Chiefs stunted passing game. But I wouldn't call Mahomes 400+ passing yards and five touchdowns on Sunday night stunted. Byron Pringle out-routed Hardman 34-17. Even DeMarcus Robinson zipped past Hardman with 23 routes. But wait, we're not done. Even Josh Gordon got three more than Hardman. As prolific as the offense can be, the fifth most utilized WR is not going to be very useful.

With less than 40 yards per game this season, I don't see Hardman's stock returning to acceptable levels anytime soon.

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