2021 Fantasy Football Week 2 Blurbview

by Richard Savill
2021 Fantasy Football Week 2 Blurbview

A bit of a rough ride for some of us getting to the second week of NFL football.

Overall though, not a lot of major Fantasy draft capital spilled out into 2022. Adjustments for the 49ers backfield and the Broncos receiving hierarchy were about the worst of it.

So the rough ride came not from loss of personnel, but from under-achieving players in Fantasy. I need not list the numerous examples from Week 1 - those Fantasy Footballers who fell short don't need to hear that again.

Let's just enter Week 2 with fresh resolve and more football to watch. And by the way, watching football with the crowd in attendance makes a profound difference, don't you think?

Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

Oh, and one other note. Mr. Excitement, Gus Johnson, returns to the NFL booth this week calling the Vikings Cardinals game. See the rest of the booth assignments below.

2021 Fantasy Football Week 2 Blurbview

2021 Fantasy Football Week 1 Blurbview

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Byes: none

Games to Watch 2021 Fantasy Football Week 1 Blurbview

A brief rundown of the games this weekend. You have your fantasy lineups set, now it's time to watch 'em play.

Early Sunday: Saints (1-0) at Panthers (1-0) +3.5 44.5

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Some credit has to go to the offensive line of the Saints against the Packers last week. They allowed zero sacks and zero tackles for loss. This is quite impressive considering they ran the ball 39 times compared to just 21 pass attempts of which 15 were completions.

So for those with Marquez Callaway, you can understand that the Saints just didn't require much of his services for this game.

Different story this week. The Panthers are off a comparatively tough victory over the Jets. In doing so, they sacked Zach Wilson six times and added four tackles for a loss.

As the OU suggests, this game could go quite defensive. That said, the clash of Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara is something you won't want to miss.

With these two beasts wearing out the defenses, the second half could open up the passing for both teams.

Fun Fact: The last time Jameis Winston faced the Panthers as a QB starter was in Week 2 of 2019 with the Bucs. He went 16/25-208-1 with three sacks and zero interceptions. Christian McCaffrey had just 53 total yards.
Sleeper: Juwan Johnson, TE, Saints
Pick Poll: Saints 87%

Other Early Sunday Games in Brief...

Bengals (1-0) at Bears (0-1) -2.5 45.0

The Bears will continue with Andy Dalton against his former team. The gamescript could go either way, but the likely scenario is early attrition and ball control. This means Joe Mixon and David Montgomery may turn out alright - if they score. I would trust only the Bengals top receivers here to at least approach floor expectations.
Pick Poll: Bengals 58%

2020 Fantasy Football Week 4 Preview

Texans (1-0) at Browns (0-1) -12.5 47.5

Mark Ingram interest peaked this week on waivers, but is it too late? The Texans may not get another favorable match-up this year. The Browns will certainly show more teeth than the Jaguars on defense. Odell Beckham is out again and the waiver grab choice is Donovan Peoples-Jones. DPJ is a Fantasy non-starter, but a stash in case OBJ continues to nurse his nagging injury.
Pick Poll: Browns 94%

Rams (1-0) at Colts (0-1)  +3.5 47.5

Frank Reich is fielding a bad football team. There, I said it. Somehow Reich believed Carson Wentz would return to good form (not sure he was ever"good" - but that's an argument for another day). Expect a bashing from the Rams front. Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford is settling right in. So is Van Johnson and Stafford's first pass attempt in a Rams uniform went his way. A breakout remains possible - making Van Johnson a strong Fantasy spec-add in early 2021.
Pick Poll: Rams 94%

Bills (0-1) at Dolphins (1-0) +3.5 47.5

The Bills effectively shut down the Steelers in the first half last Sunday, but managed Tomlin's half-time adjustments terribly and lost. This is the other great game of the early Sunday action and your Fantasy troops on both sides are all playable. A fireworks display between Josh Allen and Tua Tagovailoa is on hand, but both backfields remain with power vacuums yet to fill and definitely much to settle. Grab a spec-add bench fill with Salvon Ahmed.
Pick Poll: Bills 84%
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49ers (1-0) at Eagles (1-0) +3.0 50.0

Jalen Hurts and DeVonta Smith are the hottest stack in Fantasy out of the gate in 2021. The defense of the 49ers allowed the Lions a surprisingly effective late rally, literally out of nothing, which Jared Goff nearly pulled off. The Eagles know that the 49ers D will press hard like that early - spending their energy. Look for another wild fourth quarter. Fantasy interest continues to surround the 49ers doghouse. Will Brandon Aiyuk and Trey Sermon get out?
Pick Poll: 49ers 73%

Broncos (1-0) at Jaguars (0-1) +6.0 45.0

We didn't see coherence on offense with Urban Meyer's Jaguars last Sunday. It started with Carlos Hyde inexplicably out-touching James Robinson, for what little the backfield had. Jerry Jeudy of the Broncos went down while introducing his breakout season, so you can press Courtland Sutton, KJ Hamler, Tim Patrick and Noah Fant into Flex Fantasy service with reasonable confidence.
Pick Poll: Broncos 83%

Patriots (0-1) at Jets (0-1) +5.5 42.0

There's always that college atmosphere when two rookie quarterbacks face each other in the early season. Mac Jones has the better weaponry and a defense capable of giving him a short field in timely fashion. But this game is no lock for the Pats. Expect the Jets press to hard to find a running game, but starting with Tevin Coleman, all their three backs remain unstartable in Fantasy.
Pick Poll: Patriots 90%

Raiders (1-0) at Steelers (1-0) -5.5 47.0

Both teams escaped with wins in Week 1, but the Raiders had more spectacle. How many targets for Darren Waller in this game? Derek Carr went his way 19 times last Monday. Predicting regression is rarely this easy. Fantasy focus will no doubt scrutinize the production of Najee Harris and if true RB1/2 production is in the cards in the Pittsburgh offense. Josh Jacobs - out.
Pick Poll: Steelers 76%

Late Sunday: Cowboys (0-1) at Chargers (1-0) -3.5 54.5

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Fantasy Football loves a game like this. Two defenses stronger at the front than they are at the back. Which potentially means you get air yards and plenty of it.

Not only that, but the Cowboys and Chargers are packed with Fantasy options. The best side are the Cowboys with CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper. However, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams for the Chargers will make strong Fantasy noise in their own right.

The running game could be difficult for both teams between the 20s, but the RBs also specializing in pass-catching will definitely flourish. So, in the context of this game, I would prefer Austin Ekeler over Ezekiel Elliott.

Fun Fact: The last time these teams met in Week 12 of 2017 at AT&T Stadium, Keenan Allen set a career high 172 yards receiving. It still stands as his second highest yardage game after breaking it in 2019 with 183 yards versus the Texans.
Sleeper:  Cedric Wilson, WR, Cowboys
Pick Poll: Cowboys 54%

Other Late Sunday Games in Brief...

2021 Fantasy Football Week 1 Blurbview

Falcons (0-1) at Buccaneers (1-0) -12.5 55.0

Tom Brady seems to thrive on dishing pain on his older contemporaries. This time it's poor old Matt Ryan again - the humiliated victim of Brady's 5th Super Bowl. The Bucs have everything rolling already out of the starting blocks. Antonio Brown has the right helmet, Leonard Fournette is playing harder, Chris Godwin gobbles up targets, Rob Gronkowski is Gronk again, and the team defense is beaming. Mike Evans should get his share of the fun this week.
Pick Poll: Buccaneers 99%

Vikings (0-1) at Cardinals (1-0) -4.0 50.5

Kyler Murray is rocking. The Cardinals have a strangely chaotic offensive system which seems controlled, but extremely effective. The Titans could not dictate gameflow against the Cardinals with Derrick Henry, but the Vikings will attempt it with Dalvin Cook. I doubt this will work either. So, the Vikings really need to go toe-to-toe and this just gives Fantasy boosts to Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen.
Pick Poll: Cardinals 92%

Titans (0-1) at Seahawks (1-0) -6.5 54.0

This is the first meeting of A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf - both from Ole Miss and fans of each other's respective NFL teams. Both receivers, as everyone knows, are bulked up Klingonoids and should feature prominently in the game. Before all that gets rolling however, the Seahawks and Titans play the run-first scheme, so expect Derrick Henry and Chris Carson as the opening act.
Pick Poll: Seahawks 83%

Featured Games

Sunday Night: Chiefs (1-0) at Ravens (0-1) +4.0 54.5

Embed from Getty Images
Crazy loss by the Ravens on Monday, wasn't it? Now they face the somewhat downgraded Chiefs; who struggled at home to defeat the Browns last week.

The backfield of the Ravens remains uncertain, but it appears Ty'Son Williams remains the best choice. However, the Fantasy Point expectations have no reasonable floor or ceiling in the Ravens' backfield because the real number one running back is the quarterback.

For the Ravens to defeat the Chiefs, it calls for imagination by John Harbaugh and his staff. The Chiefs will seek to contain Lamar Jackson and hope their secondary can do the rest. The heavy commitment to the run last week by the Browns helped to keep them in the game.

Start everyone Fantasy relevant in this game. The only exception, as mentioned, should be Ty'Son Williams and the Ravens backfield where they are at best in the category of sleeper.

Fun Fact: The Chiefs have won their last four against the Ravens - including on a Monday night last season 34-20.
Sleeper: Demarcus Robinson, WR, Chiefs
Pick Poll: Chiefs 91%

Monday Night: Lions (0-1) at Packers (0-1) -11.0 48.5

Embed from Getty Images
Occam's Razor simply tells us that Aaron Rodgers had one of his worst games at the wrong time.

I have to admit, in discussing Aaron Rodgers with others in the post-mortem, I began to overthink this as well. The optics for where his attitude is and all the rest of it was up for discussion.

As calm descended, the reality is Aaron Rodgers will play football hard this season. Remember the commercial where the little girl says to him, "that's not a job..." and Aaron replies ,"well..." with a certain admonition that football is fun.

In all his time in the NFL, Rodgers is the one elite quarterback where he puts practice ahead of everthing.

Therefore, expect a bounce-back in the extreme for every player on the Packers this week. Unfortunately, the Lions, as usual have to bear the brunt.

And if you are starting any Lions player in Fantasy - the best of luck to you.

Fun Fact: Aaron Rodgers has three passer rating games in the 30s in his career. Last week versus the Saints, last year versus the Buccaneers and in 2014 against the Bills. The Lions and Packers last played in Lambeau on Monday night in Week 6 of 2019 - Packers winning 23-22.
Sleeper: Allen Lazard, WR, Packers
Pick Poll: Packers 90%

In the Booth on Sunday

Embed from Getty Images
Gus Johnson

CBS Early

Raiders at Steelers: Ian Eagle, Charles Davis
Patriots at Jets: Kevin Harlan, Trent Green
Texans at Browns: Greg Gumbel, Adam Archuleta
Broncos at Jaguars: Spero Dedes, Jay Feely

FOX Early

49ers at Eagles: Adam Amin, Mark Schlereth
Rams at Colts: Kenny Albert, Jonathan Vilma
Bengals at Bears: Kevin Kugler, Mark Sanchez
Saints at Panthers: Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston
Bills at Dolphins: Brandon Gaudin, Matt Millen

CBS Late

Cowboys at Chargers: Jim Nantz, Tony Romo
Titans at Seahawks: Andrew Catalon, James Lofton

FOX Late

Falcons at Buccaneers: Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen
Vikings at Cardinals: Gus Johnson, Aqib Talib

Check out the rest of our 2021 Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers.

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